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Nagini, a Maledictus

A Maledictus (plural Maledictuses)[1] was a female individual who carried a blood curse that eventually turned her into a beast permanently.[2] The curse was carried from birth and passed down from mother to daughter.[1] A female werewolf was not considered a Maledictus.[1]

Difference from Animagi

Maledictuses could transform into animals like Animagi, but were very different:[3] unlike Animagi, they lost the ability to think like a human over time,[4] and they transformed due to a curse. Unlike Animagi, they were only female.

However, there were some similarities between Maledictuses and Animagi. For example, a Maledictus's lifespan, once they fully became an animal, was not limited by the lifespan of the normal animal, similar to Animagi.[5]


They were not in any way destined to become evil,[6] despite their beast sides being often aggressive. Also, the beast that a Maledictus transformed into varied based on the curse.[7] Before their permanent transformation, they had the ability to change shape at will, which would gradually become uncontrollable.

Known Maledictuses


  • Maledictus is a Latin word meaning "accursed [one]", from maledicere ("to speak ill of, slander, curse"). This is a masculine word; as all Maledictuses are female, it should logically be the female form, Maledicta.[9]

Behind the scenes

  • Nagini's human form was the first time a Maledictus was mentioned in the wizarding world franchise, though blood-related curses were mentioned before with the case of Astoria Malfoy.
  • It's unknown if a Muggle can carry the Maledictus curse. As yet we do not know if Nagini is magical or not, as it has not been revealed, it is possible that Muggle women, as well as witches, may be afflicted.
    • Nagini is stated to not have a wand, however according to the script she did manage to use Parseltongue to cast a spell when transformed. It has also been stated in interviews that she has magic "unlike that of wizards" suggesting that she may be a non-magical human able to use limited magic due to the curse she is under.


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