Manchester was a large city located in northwestern England.[1]

The headquarters of Thunderbolt, a broomstick manufacturer that made the Thunderbolt VII, were located in Manchester.[2]

The Manchester Evening News was a Muggle newspaper published in this city. Once, someone advertised volumes one, two and three of Wizard's Spells in its classified section.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • In 2017, in response to a tweet from the QI Elves saying that "Quidditch, digestive biscuits and overdrafts were all invented in Edinburgh", J. K. Rowling remarked that Quidditch was in actuality invented in Manchester.[4] This is not, however, a reference to the location of Queerditch Marsh, where Quidditch originated in-universe, but the actual place in which Rowling came up with the idea of Quidditch — in a hand-signed, annotated first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone that was auctioned for charity in 2013, Rowling remarked that she had invented Quidditch while staying in a small hotel in Manchester after a row with her then-boyfriend, adding rules that she was sure would infuriate men, which she found satisfying given her state of mind at the time.[5]


Notes and references

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