Mary Buchanan (née Proctor)[1] (28 May, 1814 - 27 December, 1876)[2] was a Scottish witch who lived in the 19th century. She was the wife of Mr Buchanan and the mother of eleven children, including Hamish, Flora, and Angus.


Mrs Buchanan married into the Buchanan family, an old wizarding clan who lived in a village in the Scottish Borders and had a reputation for being large, aggressive, and alcoholic. She and her husband had eleven children. As a result, their home was noisy and chaotic, and Mrs Buchanan often had her hands full trying to keep things in order.

Despite the fact that her husband held strong anti-Squib views, neither Mrs Buchanan nor her husband noticed when their third-born son, Angus, failed to show evidence of magical ability like all of his brothers and sisters. Angus, being the kindest and largest of the Buchanan children, was beloved by his siblings. The children thus conspired to hide the fact that Angus was a Squib from their parents. Flora forged a Hogwarts acceptance letter for her younger brother, and, on 1 September, 1858, the day that eleven-year-old Angus was due to begin his first year at Hogwarts, his older brother Hamish flew him to Hogwarts Castle on his broomstick.

The deception was revealed when the Sorting Hat politely declined to sort Angus. News soon reached Mrs Buchanan and her husband by owl. Humiliated, Mr Buchanan disowned the boy, chasing him away with curses.[3]

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