"Bite marks! Venom! There's no doubt now that we're dealing with a dangerous beast! This is… This is EXCITING! And serious, of course. This is my serious face."
—Mathilda Grimblehawk[src]

Mathilda Grimblehawk (fl. 1999) was a British witch employed at the British Ministry of Magic as an investigator of creature-related incidents. During her years at the Ministry, she dealt competently with wizards, Muggles and even Centaurs alike.


Early life

Mathilda Grimblehawk was born somewhere in the British Isles, into the wizarding Grimblehawk family. During her formative years, she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she was known to have taken Potions.[3] She presumably also took and excelled in Care of Magical Creatures, given her future career as a Magizoologist.[4]


After she left school, she eventually joined the Ministry of Magic, where she became an investigator for the Beast Division.

Along with her partner (the new intern) she helped investigate several cases involving magical beasts. Their first case together involved an attack on Gordon Horton, Quidditch keeper for the Chudley Cannons.[5] She believed the Cannons to be the best Quidditch team in the league, despite their performance last season.[6]

Other cases on which she worked included the disruption at the Leaky Cauldron,[7] the attack on Don Harrison's construction crew,[8] the story from the Siren's Rest's landlord of a Welsh lake monster,[9] the disappearance of Bilius Finbok,[10] the investigation in the sewers of London,[11] and the fire at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[12]

According to Gethsemane Prickle, she once, during the course of her duties, decided she would taste a Draught of Living Death before administering it to a magical creature. Mathilda begrudgingly admitted to it, saying that it had "only happened once".[13]

By 2018, Mathilda was working with the newly-created Statute of Secrecy Task Force to aid them in dealing with the results of the Calamity. As a Magizoologist, she ministered the several courses for its members interested in pursuing a career as Magizoologists, including an intensive, week-long one centred on how to ride on a Kelpie.[4] As a bat-expert, she also helped to improve members' insight into the Bat-Bogey Hex.[14]

Personality and traits

Mathilda Grimblehawk possessed a great enthusiasm for the subject of Magizoology and great fondness for magical creatures of all kinds. She was also very friendly and sociable, as she delighted in the chance to travel and meet new people as part of her work, and apparently greatly enjoyed her partner's company.

Magical abilities and skills


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