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Minister Maximilian Crowdy was Minister for Magic from 1770 to 1781, elected by the British and Irish Wizarding population at least twice. A father of nine, Crowdy was a charismatic leader who routed out several extremist pure-blood groups planning Muggle attacks. His mysterious death in office has been the subject of numerous books and conspiracy theories.[2]


Maximilian Crowdy was the sitting Minister for Magic in 1777, when American wizards argued for and against interventionism in the Revolutionary War. When President Elizabeth McGilliguddy sought the advice of the Ministry of Magic to find out whether they intended to intervene on their side, Minister Crowdy replied with only a four-word message — "Sitting this one out". McGilliguddy replied back with an even shorter message — "Mind you do". Neither MACUSA or the Ministry of Magic intervened in the war.[3]

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Notes and references

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