Andre Egwu: "A dancing charm just for student dances would likely help a lot of us. Why not teach it in class?"
Filius Flitwick: "Because Maximus Confidencia doesn't exist! All Mr Copper needed was to believe in himself. Don't tell him I said so, of course."
Andre Egwu and Filius Flitwick, after having supposedly cast this spell on Ben Copper[src]

Maximus Confidencia[1] was allegedly the incantation of a rare and powerful charm, which, not unlike Cheering Charms, was supposedly meant to instil a strong, emotional sensation in those subjected to it, in this case, an everlasting effect aimed at boosting one's confidence and self-assurance. 


At some point during the 1980s, Professor Filius Flitwick was approached in the Charms Classroom by three of his students, Jacob's sibling, Andre Egwu and Ben Copper, shortly before the much anticipated Celestial Ball, asking for his help to make the latter of those three more confident about himself before the ball. After a moment's consideration, Professor Flitwick declared that he would teach them a spell intended for just such an occasion, and taught them about the Maximum Confidencia charm. After his lesson, claiming himself to be confident they could now cast it successfully, he instructed the the former of those three to cast it on Ben, who almost immediately declared himself ready to attend the ball and left to practise his dance moves.

Once gone, it was revealed by Professor Flitwick that the spell in question was one he had simply made up on the spot to trick Ben and to provide him a shortcut to finding the desired courage within himself on his own, claiming to his two classmates that it was his opinion that all Ben lacked was confidence. He did, however, ask them not to reveal to Ben that the 'spell' had had no effect whatsoever as not to put a dent in his newfound enthusiasm and excited anticipation for the ball.


Notes and references

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