Melusine was a French witch who lived in the 1920s. She worked in the French Ministry of Magic Records Room.[1]


In 1927, Newton Scamander and Porpentina Goldstein encountered Melusine when they looked to access the French Ministry of Magic Records Room, and were allowed entrance. Leta Lestrange later met her for the same reason. This caused Melusine obvious suspicion, given how Goldstein had in fact claimed to have been Lestrange beforehand.[1]

Leta attempting to stun Melusine's Matagots

By the time the three were to leave, they were faced with Melusine and a handful of Matagots, beastly black felines who guarded the Ministry. When Leta attempted to stun one, it multiplied and began to attack them in larger numbers. Thankfully, Newt managed to have them all escape with the help of his Zouwu in his suitcase[1]

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