One of the Merpeople of Hogwarts Lake (Concept Artwork)

One of the Merpeople

Mermish is the native language of the Merpeople.[1]


Mermish is a curious language that is specifically adapted for use underwater. When underwater it sounds much like English, or perhaps even like any other language;[2] however, out of water the language changes to a screeching, harsh and raspy sound.[3]

Mermish also has a written form, as it was one of the seventy-two languages that Miranda Goshawk's Book of Spells was published in.[4]


It is unknown whether non-Merpeople who can speak Mermish sound the same as Merpeople underwater i.e. whether or not they retain an accent (though they probably do) though it is known that non-Merpeople can speak it. Dylan Marwood and Albus Dumbledore were known non-Merperson speakers,[5] and Percy Weasley claimed that Bartemius Crouch Senior could also speak it.[6]


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