Merula Snyde's mother was a Dark witch. She was imprisoned in Azkaban along with her husband for their allegiance to Lord Voldemort.[2] She had at least one daughter, Merula, born circa 1973.


Early life

In her youth, she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and was sorted into Slytherin.[3] At some point, she owned a Unicorn for a short period of time.[4]

First Wizarding War

At the start of the war, she was pregnant with her daughter, Merula, who was born around 1973. After that, she and her husband, as Death Eaters, started fighting in the First Wizarding War. She was very powerful witch and defeated many Aurors.[citation needed] Once she used Incarcerous Spell on some Auror.[5]


She was sentenced to Azkaban following the war.

Personality and traits

Mrs Snyde was a very cruel and powerful witch.[citation needed] She was a pure-blood supremacist, and strongly believed in the importance of blood purity. It was the reason why she, along her husband, joined Death Eaters. She was very loyal to Lord Voldemort, and very good in duelling.[citation needed] She was very important in the First Wizarding War, and most likely in the Second.[citation needed]

Although her cruel nature, she was nice towards her family. She cared about her husband and her daughter, Merula.[citation needed] After the war she was in Azkaban for years, what certainly changed her personality and her skills.[citation needed]

Magical abilites and skills



Mrs Snyde was nice towards her family. She cared about her husband and her daughter Merula a lot.[citation needed] She was sad when going to Azkaban because she will be far away from Merula, but with her husband.

Lord Voldemort

Mrs Snyde was very loyal to Lord Voldemort. She became a Death Eater and fought in First Wizarding War. She was a pure-blood supremacist and strongly believed in importance of pure-blood families.


She hated Aurors and wizards who fought on the side of Ministry of Magic and Order of the Phoenix.[citation needed] She defeated and captured many Aurors.[citation needed]


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