Metro was a British newspaper. On 12 August, 1995, it published an article about twin boys named Jack and Tom Monk, who lived despite being born prematurely. Their father, Dave Monk, was a reporter for the paper.

Behind the scenes

  • The newspaper's appearance in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is anachronistic as the real-life newspaper was not founded until 1999.[1] Even so, the date featured in the masthead is wrong for the scene in which the newspaper prop appears: while the prop bears "Friday, December 1, 2006", the scene is set in the London Underground on the day of Harry Potter's disciplinary hearing at the Ministry of Magic, Saturday, 12 August, 1995.[2]
  • David Monk, the real-life deputy editor of Metro, wrote a blog post revealing that newspapers are sometimes asked to create mock front pages for use in film and television productions, and that he tweaked a preliminary mock-up given to his paper by the Harry Potter production team to make it look more authentic. He added his own name to the byline of the fake article in the mock-up because the original author did not include one.[3][4]


Notes and references

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