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"Mrs Weasley had sent Harry a scarlet jumper with the Gryffindor lion knitted on the front, also a dozen home-baked mince pies, some Christmas cake, and a box of nut brittle."
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Mince pie is a British festive sweet pastry, traditionally consumed during the Christmas and New Year period.


Molly Weasley gave Harry Potter a dozen home-baked mince pies for Christmas in 1993.[1] She also sent him what was described as being a "large quantity" of these as part of her Christmas gift in 1994.[2]

Mince pies were served during the Slug Club Christmas party in December 1996. At one point during the party, Horace Slughorn was holding a glass of mead in one hand and an enormous mince pie in the other.[3]


Mince pies are so called because they are filled with a spiced fruit mixture called "mincemeat", the latter itself being so-called because it traditionally included minced or shredded meat as well as the fruit. The mix nowadays usually consists of raisins or sultanas, and similar spices to those used in Christmas puddings or cakes, often with candied orange peel as well, and in the case of luxury versions sometimes nuts or brandy.


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