The Ministry of Magic Archives is a British Ministry of Magic office encharged with preserving and documenting historical records, and with increasing public access to those documents.

The Archives keep secret records detailing a mass operation involving 167 Memory Charms and the largest ever mass Concealment Charm performed in Britain (the morning after these alleged crimes, the villagers of Hogsmeade found that they had a railway station with a gleaming scarlet steam engine, and the Muggle railway workers in Crewe spent the rest of the year with the uncomfortable feeling they had mislaid something important).[1] The Archives also had information on the accidents throughout the history of the Triwizard Tournament, and published a book on the subject, titled Triwizard Tragedies.[2]

According to Sage Bragnam, the Ministry keeps records of all the issues of the Daily Prophet.[3]

It presumably also keep records of various other projects the Ministry has undertaken over the centuries, such as turning the abandoned fortress of Azkaban into a wizarding prison and the introduction of the Knight Bus.


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