The research wing[1] was a section in the British Ministry of Magic


The research wing was a grouping of departments within the Ministry of Magic dedicated to magical research. In addition, they also handled the assessment and evaluation of applicants for positions in the Ministry of Magic that deal with 'more academic problem solving' than those that are more hands-on. Candidates would then be assigned to a given department depending on their skills and merits, meaning that various Ministry authorities had the opportunity to call upon the assistance of such learned experts as Herbologists, Potioneers, historians and so on if necessary in dealing with the execution of their daily duties.


After Grim Fawley graduated from Hogwarts in 2003, his Headmistress wrote a "glowing recommendation"[1] for him to attach to his application to the Ministry's research wing. Once evaluated, he was assigned to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, where he became a research assistant in the Auror Office. There, he compiled and fact-checked evidence for the Investigation Department, a job that few Aurors wanted to take due to the amount of difficult paperwork, but at which Harry Potter described him as "brilliant" and "meticulous".[1]

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