"A motherly-looking Healer wearing a tinsel wreath in her hair came bustling up the corridor, smiling warmly at Harry and the others."
— Description[src]

Miriam Strout was a British witch and Healer on the Janus Thickey Ward at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. She was described to be a motherly-looking healer.[1]



"Look, Broderick, you've been sent a potted plant and a lovely calendar with a different fancy Hippogriff for each month."
— Miriam Strout's fatal mistake[src]

Strout was responsible for looking after long-term patients such as Agnes, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Alice and Frank Longbottom. When Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley came up to the Janus Thickey Ward by accident, she led them in, mistaking them wanting to visit Lockhart, who had managed to sneak out of his room for a while.[1]

She was also looking after Broderick Bode when he was killed by a Devil's Snare plant sent to him by the Death Eater Walden Macnair, disguised at the time as an elderly wizard. Although St Mungo's has very strict regulations of the gifts allowed into the hospital, Strout mistook the Devil Snare to be a harmless Flitterbloom and thought the improving Bode could take care of it, a dreadful mistake which cost him his life. She was suspended on full pay whilst the matter was investigated and was unavailable for comments for the Daily Prophet. It is unknown if Strout was eventually fired or reinstated in her position.[2]

Personality and traits

"Oh Gilderoy, you’ve got visitors! How lovely, and on Christmas Day too! Do you know, he never gets visitors, poor lamb, and I can’t think why, he’s such a sweetie, aren’t you?"
— Strout's compassion for Gilderoy Lockhart[src]

Strout was evidently a very caring and kind-hearted witch, given her job as a Healer, meaning she specialised in tending to the both the physically and mentally unwell, in the Janus Thickey Ward. She was very mothering and protective of her vulnerable patients, such as Gilderoy Lockhart, who she even seemed to feel much compassion for, since he received no visitors.[1] However, she was somewhat naive and inattentive in her professional duties, as she foolishly failed to identify a lethal Devil's Snare plant that had been brought into her hospital ward (mistaking it for a harmless Flitterbloom), a thoughtless mistake which resulted in her patient Broderick Bode being killed by the plant, and her being suspended from her position.[2]

Magical abilities and skills


Notes and references

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