"Mary Lou turns back toward Credence and slowly, her face full of loathing, snaps the wand in two."
Mary Lou Barebone snaps Modesty's toy wand in two[src]

This toy wand belonged to Modesty Barebone in 1926, although she stated to her adoptive brother and adoptive mother that it was just a toy.[1] It was made of wood and had carvings on the handle including the initials "TSM". After its discovery, Mary Lou confiscated it and broke it in half.


December 1926

Credence Barebone: "Where’d you get this?"
Modesty Barebone: "Give it back, Credence. It’s just a toy!"
— Credence discovers about Modesty's toy wand and ask her about it[src]

Credence Barebone finds Modesty's toy wand under her bed

At some point by 1926 or earlier, Modesty Barebone hid a toy Wand under her bed at the Second Salem Church to play with it in secret.

Mary Lou Barebone breaks the wand

At the night of 7 December 1926, her secret was discovered by Credence Barebone when he was looking in Modesty's room and found the toy wand under her bed. He was unable to draw his eyes away from it.[1] Modesty entered the room, because she had registered a small clunk from upstairs.[2] Modesty was terrified when she saw the wand that Credence was holding in his hands. As Credence asked her where she got it, Modesty whispered and told him that it was hers and it was just a toy. She also asked him to give it back. Mary Lou Barebone entered the room and was shocked to see what Credence was holding.[1] She did not hesitate in asking Credence to remove his belt to administer a beating, as she believed that this wand belonged to him.[3]

As they stood on the upstairs landing, Mary Lou turned back towards Credence, raised the wand before her and brutally snapped it in two before tossing the shards to the floor. When Mary Lou was ready to punish Credence with his belt, Modesty forced her way between them and admitted it was hers. Despite this, Mary Lou refused to believe her.[4]

Behind the scenes

  • In LEGO Dimensions, Modesty tells both Credence and Mary Lou that Betty Burgess lent her the wand and there is no discussion of it being a toy.[5]
  • It seems that Modesty Barebone isn't the owner of this toy wand, as it was marked with the letters T.S.M on it. Which seems very similar to the meaning R.A.B. That means that T.S.M is the name of the real owner of this toy wand. He or she might be able to carve his or her name on it.
  • The narrator's view of the screenplay also identifies it as a toy wand.
  • The wand, like many other things in the film, was meant to insinuate that Modesty was the Obscurus child, the better to conceal who it really was - Credence Barebone.


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