Madam Modesty Rabnott was a witch who lived in Kent, and attended the game of Cuaditch (Quidditch) in 1269 where Chief of the Wizards' Council, Barberus Bragge, released a Golden Snidget onto the pitch. Appalled at the treatment of the bird, Madam Rabnott protested to Chief Bragge, but he laughed at her. Using a Summoning Charm to call the bird to her, Madam Rabnott stuffed the Snidget down the front of her robes and ran. Although she was caught, she managed to release the Snidget into the wild. While she feared that Chief Bragge would turn her into a horned toad, she was fined only ten Galleons instead. Not having ten Galleons, she lost her house. Luckily, though, they did not take her hippogriff, allowing her to fly to Aberdeen to stay with her sister, Prudence.

The Modesty Rabnott Snidget Reservation was named in her honour by Elfrida Clagg when she banned the use of the Golden Snidget in Quidditch in the following century.[1]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Summoning Charm: According to herself, Madam Rabnott was very good at aiming for Summoning Charms, and during the 1269 Quidditch match, she was able to successfully Summon the Snidget used in the match.


The name "Modesty" comes from the English word modesty, ultimately from Latin modestus "moderate", a derivative of modus "measure".[citation needed]

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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