Hagrid: "Mokeskin. Hide anythin' in there an' no one but the owner can get it out. They're rare, them."
Harry Potter: "Hagrid, thanks!"
Rubeus Hagrid gave his present on Harry's seventeenth birthday.[src]

Mokeskin pouch is a kind of small bag made of Mokeskin that is used for storing items, which no one but the owner can get out. It appears small on the outside, but an enchantment allows it to have much greater carrying capacity than any Muggle pouch of comparable size.


Harry Potter received a Mokeskin pouch from Rubeus Hagrid as a birthday present.[1] Harry placed inside the pouch several possessions that initially appeared worthless and solely sentimental, but each turned out to be vitally important during the events of the following year.

Contents of Harry Potter's mokeskin pouch


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