"I wouldn't bother telling you what's in there. You wouldn't believe me if I did."
—Barty Crouch Jr imitating Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody speaking to Harry Potter[src]
Severus spell

Snape casting a spell to open the trunk

Moody's Trunk[1] was a heavily bewitched magical trunk owned by Alastor Moody. It has seven locks on it, and the trunk opens to a different assortment of objects for each lock. The first compartment contained a mass of spellbooks. The second contained an assortment of broken Sneakoscopes, parchments, quills, and a silvery Invisibility cloak. Most notably, though, the seventh compartment is about 10 feet (3.0 m) deep (possibly because of the use of an Undetectable Extension Charm), and is where Barty Crouch Jr imprisoned the real Moody in 1994.[2] It's presumably in this last compartment that Moody kept captured Dark Wizards and Death Eaters for transport during his days as an Auror.


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