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This Mooncalf lived in the Magical Creatures Reserve in the 1980s.[1]


In the 1980s, Rubeus Hagrid overheard a Muggle farmer talking about strange patterns in their field. When Hagrid investigated, he discovered this Mooncalf that had been ostracised from its herd. And so he brought it to Hogwarts to take care of it and prevent the farmer from spotting it.[1]

The Mooncalf's unusual dancing pattern

At some point before or during the 1987–1988 school year, Jacob's sibling met this Mooncalf, and would often bond with and feed it. During this school year, As part of an effort to bolster its confidence and increase its chances of being accepted into a herd in the Forbidden Forest, Jacob's sibling and Barnaby Lee encouraged it to dance with them one night and discovered that it danced in a square pattern. This was different from most of its species who usually danced in circular formations.[1]

Hagrid and the students theorised that this unusual behaviour may have been why it was rejected in the first place. Jacob's sibling decided to dance with it again, teaching it to dance in a circle so the others would accept it. After it had learned the basic pattern, Hagrid suggested asking Professor McGonagall for help.[1]

McGonagall teaching the Mooncalf and Jacob's sibling dancing

She had wanted to try teaching students ballroom dancing, which included circular formations. With her experience, she could more easily teach the Mooncalf more complex patterns in the limited time before the next full moon, when they planned to try to introduce it to the herd. Despite the unusual nature of the request, the Professor agreed and taught both the student and the Mooncalf to dance.[1]

The Mooncalf and Jacob's sibling dancing in front of the Forbidden Forest Mooncalves

That night, the group brought the Mooncalf to the Forest Grove. Soon, the Mooncalves which lived in the forest appeared, and when Jacob's sibling started dancing, the Mooncalf followed suit. They had an impressive dance in front of the whole herd, and when they finished, the herd accepted the Mooncalf and welcomed it as one of their own. The Mooncalves danced together, and before departing, Jacob's sibling petted and shared a hug with it.[1]


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