is a Harry Potter fan website founded by Emerson Spartz in 1999, that includes information about the Harry Potter books and most things related with them.

Mugglenet is composed of news, editorials and synopses of the Harry Potter books and films, an encyclopedia of the books, an IRC network, in which the fans of Harry Potter can discuss predictions and share thoughts, a discussion forum, and media such as screenshots, theatrical trailers and book covers. There is also a fan fiction section where fans of the series can write their own stories, a weekly caption contest, and other occasional contests and polls. On August 9 2005, it launched a podcast, named as "MuggleCast", as well as its own line of clothing, toy wands, other merchandise. In 2006, MuggleNet released a best-selling reference book on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series. On December 24, 2008, MuggleNet launched the social network for Harry Potter fans based on and they called it as "MuggleSpace"[1]

In April 01, 2009, MuggleNet participated in the April Fools' Day, telling that Global Financial Crisis affected their site. Some drastic changes are implemented including the removal of lay-out choices and link to several cool sub-pages that are too costly to host, that includes links to informations on Harry Potter 1-6 movies, Job openings, Awesome quotes and The Little Things in the Books section, Orlando HP Theme Park, Flashgames in the Fun section, Video Games in the Media section and the Fan Art page. Also the site's header is changed, featuring a graffiti of the word MUGGLENET with a cool money-saving light bulb. In the next day they revealed that it was only a joke.[2]

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