Hermione (reading a pamphlet): "You don't seem to need many qualifications to liaise with Muggles; all they want is an OWL in Muggle Studies: 'Much more important is your enthusiasm, patience, and a good sense of fun!'"
Harry: "You'd need more than a good sense of fun to liaise with my uncle. Good sense of when to duck, more like."
— Hermione reads a pamphlet on Muggle Relations[src]

Muggle Relations is a job within the wizarding world. The exact duties of the job are uncertain, but those involved in it presumably work with the Muggle Liaison Office of the Ministry of Magic.


In 1996, Hermione Granger read about this job while studying a pamphlet titled "So You Think You'd Like to Work In Muggle Relations?" The only required educational qualification for the job is a passing grade on an Ordinary Wizarding Level in Muggle Studies.[1]


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 29 (Careers Advice)

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