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"Mistletoe. Good thinking, it's often infested with Nargles."
— Luna Lovegood to Harry Potter, after he jumped out from under Dobby's mistletoe Christmas decoration in the Room of Requirement[src]

The Nargle was a magical creature that Luna Lovegood and Xenophilius Lovegood believe existed,[2] though many others believed them to be nonexistant or to be extinct. It is unknown as to whether Luna ever did discover their existence or not in her years of globetrotting.


Nargles were known to infest mistletoe,[2] and to be mischievous thieves.[3] Luna Lovegood claimed that her Butterbeer cork necklace kept the Nargles away and that her papers and shoes were taken by Nargles.[3]


Cho Chang: "Mistletoe."
Harry Potter: "Yeah, it's probably full of Nargles though."
Cho Chang: "What are Nargles?"
Harry Potter: "No idea, you'd have to ask Loony. Luna, I mean."
— Cho and Harry discussing the Nargles[src]

For the last Dumbledore's Army meeting of 1995, Dobby decorated the Room of Requirement with some Mistletoe. Luna Lovegood said that the plant might be infested with Nargles. Later, when Harry Potter and Cho Chang were about to kiss under the mistletoe just prior to Christmas 1995, Harry joked that Nargles may be infesting it. Cho, who had never heard Luna discuss her belief in this creature, was confused, so Harry let the topic drop.[2]

"Fairy Nargles spotted on pensioner's wig."
— The Daily Prophet[src]

However the Daily Prophet wrote a short column about a Fairy Nargle that was found on a pensioner's wig, possibly implying these creatures could indeed exist in the wizarding world.[4]

Narglecide was reputedly a potion that could be used to kill Nargles. The eccentric British wizard Philbert Chivers desired to purchase some of this potion from Slug & Jiggers Apothecary in Diagon Alley, however the shop assistant Humphrey Balsamo instead gave him several poor quality mixtures free of charge.[1]


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