The New-York Clarion was an American No-Maj daily newspaper published in New York in the 1920s. It cost 3 cents in 1926 and its slogan was "News you can trust".[1]

A theatre critic with the Clarion hailed the musical play Oh, Rosana! as "one of the great works of the American musical theatre" and declared it "exciting up to the final curtain!"[2] This quote was featured on a poster advertising a production of the play slated to open at New York's Brockman Theatre on 4 January 1927.[2]

Slightly later that year, following the rampage of an obscurus in New York, the paper carried headlines reading "DESTRUCTION IN TIMES SQUARE MAGICAL CREATURE WREAKS HAVOC" and "STILL AT LARGE WANTED FOR BANK ROBBERY," the latter featuring portraits of Jacob Kowalski and Newton Scamander, who were actually involved in the hunt for Scamander's niffler. After Newt's thunderbird released the venom of the Swooping Evil to obliviate the town, wizards altered the paper to instead carry a headline referencing the heavy rain caused by this: "UNUSUAL WEATHER PATTERN STRIKES NEW YORK WETTEST NOVEMBER IN LIVING MEMORY."[3]


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