New Zealand is a country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising of two main landmasses. Its capital is Wellington.

Wizarding world


The Wizarding New Zealand is governed by a Ministry of Magic in Wellington.[1]

Magical creatures

Native to New Zealand


The following creatures are all found worldwide:

Games and sports


A 1994 Quidditch World Cup attendee waving a New Zealand flag

Quidditch was introduced to New Zealand some time in the seventeenth century by a group of European herbologists. After a long day collecting samples, the wizards would relax by playing Quidditch. The New Zealand Ministry of Magic has spent a lot of effort in trying to keep early Maori art depicting white wizards playing the game away from Muggles.[1]

The Moutohora Macaws are a Quidditch team from New Zealand, with the team mascot being a Phoenix named Sparky.[1]

The New Zealand National Quidditch team competed in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. They lost to the Bulgarian National Quidditch team 410 to 170 during the sixth match on 20 May 2014.[2][3]

Known locations

Flag of New Zealand.svg

The flag of New Zealand

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