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"I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle."
— Newton Scamander's foreword in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them[src]

Newton Artemis Fido "Newt" Scamander,[2] O.M. (Second Class), (b. 24 February[1] 1897)[2] was an English wizard, famed Magizoologist and the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Early in life, Scamander developed an interest in magical creatures, influenced by his mother's breeding of Hippogriffs.

He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Hufflepuff House. While at Hogwarts he was sentenced to expulsion, though Albus Dumbledore, who had been his Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor, recognised his innocence, and objected strongly.

Scamander joined the Ministry of Magic, spending two years in the Office for House-Elf Relocation before joining the Beast Division. In 1918 he was commissioned by Augustus Worme of Obscurus Books to write Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The book became a best-seller, making Scamander a respected expert in the field of Magizoology.

He became heavily involved in the Global Wizarding War, where he bonded with Porpentina Goldstein and defied Gellert Grindelwald on three different occasions. He married Goldstein and they had at least one child.[8] By the beginning of the 1990s, he was retired and living in Dorset.


Early life (1897–1908)

Newton Artemis Fido "Newt" Scamander was born on 24 February[1] 1897[2] somewhere in England.[3] He had at least one sibling, an older brother, Theseus Scamander.[7] He developed an interest in magical creatures at an early age, as his mother was a breeder of Hippogriffs. Scamander would regularly dismember Horklumps in his bedroom at age seven.[2]

Hogwarts years (1908–1913?)

Before beginning education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Newt purchased his first wand, likely from Ollivanders, and was sorted into Hufflepuff on 1 September 1908.[14] During his time at Hogwarts, he enjoyed studying magical creatures.[15] He developed a friendship with Leta Lestrange, a fellow student who shared both his interest in magical beasts, as well as his feelings of being an outsider.[15][16]

Newt and Leta caring raven

Newt and Leta caring for a raven chick

Their close friendship began in the 1910–1911 school year when, at age 13, Leta ran away from bullies and Professor McGonagall and hid in a cupboard. Newt was also in the cupboard nursing a raven chick. He said he was staying over the school holidays to look after the raven, and Leta (who already knew him, being in the same year as Newt), saw him plainly for the first time.[17]


Newt being taught the Boggart-Banishing Spell by Professor Albus Dumbledore

Newt attended Professor Albus Dumbledore's teaching of Boggarts. Newt's Boggart took the form of an office desk, as Newt feared the idea of being forced to work in an office job for his future career. By casting the Boggart-Banishing Spell, he changed the desk into a mechanical dragon, for which Professor Dumbledore praised him.

Newt showing Leta the Bowtruckles

Newt showing Leta a Bowtruckle at Bowtruckle Island

He later comforted Leta when she was upset by her own Boggart, which was of her dead half-brother Corvus Lestrange. By then, he had befriended the Bowtruckles on the school grounds at Bowtruckle Island and gained their trust. He was the only one they would not hide from, and he studied their social lives.

Newt was once given a month's detention for telling a Hogwarts employee by the name of Prendergast that "there are no strange creatures, only blinkered people", when the latter critically questioned his interest in magical creatures. Leta then let off a Dungbomb under the desk of the teacher to join him.

In the 1912–1913 school year, one of Leta's experiments involving a Jarvey went too far, endangering the life of another student.[15][18] It also violated laws prohibiting the possession of this creature.[18] Rather than seeing his good friend expelled, Newt took the blame for Leta's actions, and was thus sentenced to be expelled from Hogwarts in her place.[15][19][20] This left Newt bitter, but still very much in love with Leta.[21] However, Albus Dumbledore, Newt's teacher at the time, argued strongly on his behalf.[18][22] It is unclear whether the expulsion was enforced or not, or if it was temporary or permanent.[23] However, he was allowed to keep his wand.[24]

Ministry employee (1914–1918)

Sometime during the First World War from 1914 to 1918, Scamander served on the Eastern Front in a confidential Ministry of Magic programme to wrangle Ukrainian Ironbellys. The programme was ultimately cancelled as the dragons only responded to Scamander and tried to eat everyone else.[25][26][27]

Scamander joined the Ministry of Magic's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. He spent two years in the Office for House-Elf Relocation before transferring to the Beast Division, where his extensive knowledge of magical creatures led to a rapid series of promotions,[2] propelling him forward as a Magizoologist, a career choice with which the Scamander family were not very impressed.[3]

Global Wizarding War (1918–1945)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"It would take months to contradict every other wild assertion in Ms Skeeter's book... it is true that I was the first person ever to capture Gellert Grindelwald, and also true that Albus Dumbledore was something more than a schoolteacher to me. More than this, I cannot say, without fear of breaching the Official Magical Secrets Act or, more importantly, the confidences that Dumbledore, most private of men, placed in me."
— Newt Scamander describing his trip to America[src]

In 1918, Augustus Worme of Obscurus Books commissioned Scamander to write the first edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As a lowly Ministry employee earning only two Sickles a week at the time, Scamander jumped at the chance for extra money and the opportunity to spend his summers travelling the world.[2]

Scamander travelled to a hundred countries across five continents while researching his book, observing many magical creatures. He learned about their abilities, gained their trust, and occasionally beat them with his travelling kettle if they got too dangerous.[2] Newt began a year-long trip to document magical creatures and their natural habitats in 1925.[28] At one point, he met a young Obscurial witch in Sudan, and although the host died, he managed to contain her Obscurus within his magically-expanded suitcase. He also visited Egypt, where, thanks to a tip-off from Albus Dumbledore, he saved an illegally imprisoned Thunderbird which he later named Frank. His last stop before travelling to the United States was Equatorial Guinea.

Visit to New York

"They're currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet, humans."
— Newt Scamander[src]

Newt after arriving in New York

Newt Scamander was sent to New York by Albus Dumbledore aboard the HMS Temeresi on 6 December, 1926, for what was supposed to be a brief stopover, to send a trafficked thunderbird back to its home.[29] After being searched by a customs officer and leaving the port, Newt head towards the Steen National Bank, where Mary Lou Barebone, along with her children, was preaching to the public in a rally supporting the New Salem Philanthropic Society. Intrigued, Newton pushed his way closer to the woman, accidentally brushing against an ex-Auror named Tina Goldstein as he did so. Moments later Jacob Kowalski, a No-Maj with a case full of confectionery, bumped into him, falling over Scamander's magical suitcase.

Newt helped him up, and Jacob went to the bank. The confusion around Scamander caught Mary Lou's attention. Unaware that Newt was a wizard, Mary Lou spoke directly to him, asking if he was a seeker of truth, to which Newt replied that he was a more of a chaser. When she asked him if he was ready to follow her and her organisation, Newt noticed that Teddy, the Niffler escaped from his suitcase, so he moved to the bank, with Tina following him out of curiosity.


Newt and Jacob watching the hatching Occamy

While searching the creature, Scamander exchanged a few sentences with Kowalski, learning about his aim to get a loan so he could start a bakery. When he noticed Teddy robbing people and moved toward it, he unintentionally left behind an occamy egg. Kowalski picked it up, intending to give it back to the wizard. However before he could do this, he was called to talk about a loan with Gilbert Bingley. While Jacob discussed his loan, Newt was still chasing the Niffler, which jumped onto the cart to the elevator. When Jacob left the office, showing Newt the cracking egg, Scamander attracted Kowalski to himself using the Summoning Charm, after which he Disapparated with him to the entrance of the bank's vault.

Newt then put the newly-hatched Occamy into a suitcase, calming down the other animals as he did so. When Newt used the Unlocking Charm to get to the vault in which Teddy had hidden, both men were discovered by Mr Bingley, who inferred that they were going to rob the bank, and activated the alarm. In response, Newt quickly immobilised him with the Full Body-Bind Curse and shook Teddy, emptying it of the stolen money and gold. Before the armed guards entered the room, Newt Disapparated himself with the shocked Jacob to the street near the bank.


Newt with Tina and Graves

After throwing the Niffler into the suitcase, Newt apologised to Jacob for his antics, and took out his wand with the intention of removing his unwanted memories. However, before he could do this, Kowalski knocked the wizard to the ground with his case and fled. Newt tried to follow Jacob, but Tina came round the corner at the same time and, grabbing his elbow, she disapparated them to a narrow street in front of the bank. Unnerved by what she had witnessed, Tina showed Newt her old MACUSA ID card, letting him think she was "some kind of investigator", and after questioning him on why he let the creature run free, and why he did not obliviate the No-Maj, she grabbed Newt again and apparated with him near the Woolworth Building. When they entered, the building magically transformed into the headquarters of MACUSA. Newt told Tina that the reason for his visit to the United States was the purchase of an Appaloosa Puffskein, and Tina explained in response that there was a Ban on Experimental Breeding in New York and they had shut down the Appaloosa Puffskein breeder some time before.

When they took the elevator to the Major Investigation Department, Goldstein tried to present Newt as a suspicious character in the middle of a meeting about the attack of an unidentified beast in the city, but Seraphina Picquery, President of MACUSA, firmly dismissed the two. Later in the Wand Permit Office where Tina was working, she asked Newt whether he has permission for a wand, but he only said that he applied for it by letter. When Percival Graves, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, entered the cabinet, Tina told him about the events in the bank, then opened the suitcase, which supposedly belonged to Scamander - but after seeing that it contained cakes belonging to Kowalski, it became clear that Newt had accidentally taken Jacob's case instead of his own. MACUSA no longer took them seriously, but Newt and Tina realised that in the ensuing chaos of trying catch a Niffler, Kowalski must have taken the case containing the creature. Newt immediately decided to find Kowalski.

While looking for Kowalski, Newt and Tina saw a Billywig flying over their heads and a crowd of people in front of the destroyed building. Newt realised that Jacob had accidentally opened the suitcase and several creatures must have escaped, turning a small mix-up into an incident of major proportions (as magical and non-magical relations in the United States were already frail, due in part to the presence of a Muggle fanatical extremist group, containing the incident would require the intervention of MACUSA). When a drunken tramp said to a police officer that the reason of the disaster was not gas, but the huge hippopotamus-like animal, Scamander obliviated him. While the tramp joined the people insisting there had been a gas explosion, Newt ran into the damaged building.

In one of the rooms, he saw the effects of his beasts: there were traces of paws, broken furniture, broken glass, a hole in the wall, an opened suitcase and Kowalski himself having been bitten by one of the creatures. Newt quickly repaired Jacob's apartment. When Tina entered the room, Newt found a Murtlap and put him into the suitcase, and tried again to erase Jacob's memory. Tina did not let this happen, explaining that they now needed him as a witness, but as Jacob showed signs of injury, Tina grabbed both men and disapparated, unaware that a Niffler was still there.

Extension charm

Newt climbing into his case

Newt with Jacob were brought by Tina to her apartment and introduced them to her sister, Queenie Goldstein, who eagerly cooked a meal for them. After dinner, when Tina showed them to a room they could sleep in and left them alone, Newt went inside his suitcase and took Jacob with him, where he prepared him an antidote for the Murtlap's bite and showed him rest of his creatures. Due too Newt's need to retrieve all the escaped creatures, they left the suitcase and decided to head to Central Park and find Newt's missing Erumpent.

Glass to jelly spell

Newt catching Niffler

However, after leaving the Goldsteins' apartment, Newt spotted his Niffler behind a window of the jewellery store. He used the Finestra spell to shatter the glass and get inside. Newt furiously attempted to capture the Niffler, falling through the other window in the process. Subsequently, they were confronted by a squad of policemen, who were puzzled by the sight of the Niffler. Jacob then directed their attention to a lion wandering right by them, giving him and Newt the opportunity to disapparate from the street.

Newt catching Erumpent

Newt and Jacob catching Erumpent

While in Central Park they passed an ostrich. After Scamander's predictions of Erumpent current location, they headed to the Central Park Zoo. When Newt saw a hippopotamus backed up into a corner by the Erumpent, he provided Jacob with a helmet and vest to protect himself from the Erumpent and left him to hold a vial of Erumpent musk while he performed a mating dance to lure the creature back into his suitcase. Unfortunately, Jacob accidentally spilled musk on himself when he was hit by a fish thrown by an escaped seal, prompting the Erumpent to chase him out of the zoo and onto the frozen park pond before Newt managed to force it back into the suitcase.

Evading MACUSA

Newt Tina Jacob arrested

Newt was arrested and his case was confiscated

However, when they climbed back into the suitcase under a bridge in the park, Tina, who had followed them, locked them in and took them to the MACUSA headquarters. Before she interrupted a delegation of the International Confederation of Wizards to inform them about the creatures and the wizard who smuggled them into the country, Senator Henry Shaw Jnr has been killed. Newt was immediately blamed for allowing one of his creatures to murder a No-Maj. Newt, observing the scars and markings on Shaw's body projection, stated that only an Obscurus could have left the distinct markings upon his body, which caused unrest in the room, during which President Picquery denied the existence of any Obscurial in America. Newt, Tina and Jacob were soon taken under arrest by Percival Graves and Newt's case was impounded. In the jail cell, Newt and Tina explained to Jacob the meaning of an Obscurus and how no record existed at the time of an Obscurial having existed past the age of ten.


Newt being interrogated by Percival Graves

After discovering by Graves the harmless Obscurus that Newt brought to New York in the suitcase, during an interrogation, Newt was blamed by him for the actions of an particularly powerful Obscurus which killed Senator. Scamander was also accused by him for letting the animals For the Greater Good, in an attempt to begin a war. Newt's protests have done nothing and he was sentenced to death, as well as Tina.

When they were brought to the Death cell and Tina was strapped into a chair with her memories extracted and casted into death potion under the chair, Newt freed himself with the help of his Bowtruckle, Pickett, which picked the lock on his handcuffs. Newt released then a Swooping Evil to attack executioners and rescue Tina. During their escape from MACUSA they were pursued by several Aurors defeated by Newt's Swooping Evil. They bumped into Jacob and Queenie, who managed to free the No-Maj from Obliviator and get Newt's suitcase from Graves' office. Newt and others climbed into it, and Queenie walked out of MACUSA headquarters with it.

Newt and Tina at Blind Pig

Newt with Tina in The Blind Pig

Having two more beasts to catch, Newt had a problem with locating one, which most of the time was invisible. Tina came up with an idea to take everyone to The Blind Pig to meet Gnarlak, the Goblin who secretly traded magical creatures. Newton offered him some galleons, a lunascope and a frozen Ashwinder egg, but Pickett caught the goblin's attention. Newt was reluctant to hand over the Bowtruckle, but agreed, and as a result he received the information that he was looking for, that he should look around Macy's department store. After Gnarlak's betrayal and MACUSA Aurors' arrival, Jacob punched the goblin. This allowed Newt to take Pickett back and Disapparate with Jacob and the Goldstein sisters away from the pub.

Newt catching Occamy

Newt and Tina catching Occamy

Heading to the selected destination, Scamander and others found at Ginzberg Delaunay Newt's Demiguise, Dougal stealing things for an immensely sized Occamy. After some complications, like accidentally kicking a Christmas ornament by Queenie, Newt entrapped the Occamy with the help of Tina holding a teapot held and Jacob throwing a cockroach inside the dish.

Obscurial attack on New York City

Finally packing Demiguise and Occamy to the suitcase and bringing an end to the search for creatures, Newt and friends headed to the rooftop of the building, where they saw an Obscurus flying across Manhattan. Newt gave Tina his suitcase and Disapparated to save the Obscurial, but Tina handed the suitcase to Queenie and Jacob so she could join Newt.


Newt Apparating to save Credence

When Newt saw Graves hunting Obscurus on the destroyed street, he deduced that the Obscurial was actually Credence Barebone. Even though Newt was not to blame Credence, Newt's hunt for magical beasts led him on a course to collide with Graves and Credence, and MACUSA was not far behind. Apparating from time to time on one of the rooftops and running in a line with flying Credence, Newt tried to protect him from the Aurors on the roofs trying to kill the Obscurial.

Newt with Grindelwald

Newt after capturing Gellert Grindelwald

After going by Credence to a subway station, Scamander followed him. After being told the story of the Sudanese girl, Credence let Newt approach him. However, the sudden arrival of Graves failed the whole attempt of calming down Credence. Graves tried to kill Newton with lightning bolts, which provoked Credence to resume his Obscurus form. After Tina appeared in the subway and she tried to call him down again, the arrival of President Picquery and the MACUSA Aurors agitated him. They attacked him with many spells, only stopping when they believed he was killed.

When shreds of Credence's Obscurus form fled the scene, Graves went on a rant in which Newt deduced who he really was. With the help of the Swooping Evil and Tina, Newt captured Graves and revealed that he was none other than famous Dark wizard and international criminal, Gellert Grindelwald, using Human Transfiguration to assume the identity of MACUSA's employee.[30] While being apprehended by Aurors, Grindelwald met Newt's gaze and mysteriously asked him: "Will we die, just a little?".

After the Aurors took Grindelwald to prison, Scamander helped prevent a wide-scale exposure of the wizarding world by employing the help of Frank from his case to create a rain laced with Swooping Evil venom, whose obliviating properties erased the bad memories of the Muggle citizens of New York, including his friend Jacob Kowalski.[31]

Assisting MACUSA

"This is in danger of becoming a Dorcus Twelvetrees level disaster... I will not be left holding the bag for this one..."
Seraphina Picquery to a couple of MACUSA Aurors[src]

Shortly after the capture of Grindelwald, Newt was traversing the city when he happened upon President Piquery and two agents from the MACUSA Department of Aurors. Upon seeing Newt, she solicited his assistance in resolving a matter of magical security, as there were several No-Maj citizens that had actually witnessed him use magic when he retrieved his Niffler at Steen National Bank. And that not only had some of them escaped MACUSA custody, but the Obliviators that had been charged with erasing their memory of the incident had also been unsuccessful at modifying their memories properly. While they did not know how far they had gotten, she was confident that their confused state would make them easy to identify. As Newt was the reason for this predicament, she tasked him with finding the escapees, which he accepted. Upon completing the task and bringing the No-Majs to her, the President thanked him and voiced her decision of obliviating them herself to make sure they forgot everything, and paid him for his services.[32]

Infestation at The Blind Pig

"One of my filthy patrons musta brought Billywigs into The Blind Pig. The whole place is riddled. I'm talking full blown infistation! That stuff is bad for business... Everyone's getting bit and too giddy to spend any dough."
Gnarlak complaining to Newt[src]

Sometime after this, Newt found himself outside the notorious speakeasy once more, where he encountered Gnarlak. Despite their less than cordial parting of the ways during their initial meeting, the goblin gangster instigated a conversation: His establishment was threatened by a Billywig infistation. and asked him to sort it out for him. Newt, presumably out of concern for what would happen to the creatures if the gangster decided to handle it himself, agreed to take care of it for him despite the goblin's previous betrayal. In addition to fixing the infestation, Newt also took the trouble of mending some of the instruments that had been damaged during the incident, and bewitched them to play jazz music on their own accord, much to the delight of Gnarlak, as he had only ever known a single individual with the lung capacity to play on a large, red trumpet-like instrument that Newt had charmed, and to whom it had never occurred to charm it himself. Following this, Gnarlak began to seriously consider making a habit of bewitching them in order to save some "serious jack" on hiring musicians, before making sure that Scamander was properly compensated for his services.[32]

Charitable donations

Around the same time, Newt encountered a witch that had been hired to raise the funds needed for the expansion of Beauvais Wand Shop to include a "pop up store" in New York, a cause to which Newt heartily contributed.[32]

Helping Queenie

Within a few days of Grindelwald's capture, Queenie asked Newt for help to tidy up and clean the apartment, seen as how, with everything that had happened since he arrived in New York, including the Obscirual attack and their reluctant goodbye to Jacob, she had not gotten around to clean it and was concerned about what any other "surprise visitors" would think if Tina decided to bring them. Newt agreed.[32]

Returning to Europe

Newt and Tina's goodbye FBF

Newt temporarily saying goodbye to his future wife, Tina

One week after Grindelwald's capture, on 15 December, Scamander bumped into Kowalski while he was on his way to his job at the Moreton Dale Canning Factory and switched suitcases with him, leaving him a collection of silver Occamy eggshells and a letter instructing him to use the shells as collateral for a bank loan to start his bakery.[33] Grateful for his help but still feeling that Newt was overstaying his welcome in New York, around the same time, Picquery ordered him, in no uncertain terms, to leave New York.[34] The next day, on 16 December 1926, Tina thanked Newt for saying good things about her to Madam Picquery, which resulted in being restored as an Auror. Scamander, in turn, promised to deliver a copy of his book to Tina in person, said goodbye to her and boarded a ship.[35]

Choosing a side

Following his return to London, Newt was reprimanded by the Ministry for his role in the Obscurus incident and his right to travel internationally was revoked, meaning he couldn't deliver Tina the book as he had promised her. Newt had corresponded with her by letter, but he had soured the relationship by his missteps.

Newt Theseus Leta and Bunty at Flourish and Blotts

Newt with Leta, Theseus and Bunty during launch in Flourish and Blotts

Shortly after the events in New York, between January and March 1927, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was published and became a bestseller. It became an approved textbook at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and, by the mid-1990s, was in its fifty-second edition.[2] This made Newt famous throughout the wizarding world.[36] A launch party was held on 19 March at Flourish and Blotts on Diagon Alley, in which magizoologist was accompanied by his childhood friend Leta Lestrange, his older brother Theseus Scamander and his assistant, Bunty Broadacre. He happily signed his fans' personal copies of his book.[37] After the party, Spellbound wrongly declared that Leta was Newt's fiancée, when in fact she and Theseus were getting married on 6 June 1928; Newt was supposed to be their best man.

Newt at the Ministry

Newt in the Ministry of Magic

On 30 May 1927, Gellert Grindelwald escaped while he was being transferred from America to face trial in Europe by Head of Incarceration, Rudolph Spielman and Aurors. Three months later, Newt head to the Ministry to appeal to have his travel ban revoked for the fifth time. While waiting for his turn he started play with Pickett, until he met Leta, who was there because Theseus had found her a job working as assistant to the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Torquil Travers. She went to Newt to take him to a meeting with commission, and they spoke about their friendship. Leta revealed that she and Theseus were always inviting Newt to dinner, but Newt always declined. When Theseus came along, he told his brother that he would be more open this time.

During commission including, Theseus, Travers, Spielman and Arnold Guzman, US Emissary, they revealed to Newt that Credence Barebone survived and had been sighted in Europe. They offered to restore Newt's travel rights if he will join the Ministry as an Auror and will kill the Obscurial. Newt refused and walked out of the meeting, his task was assigned to Gunnar Grimmson. Approached by Theseus as he was leaving the meeting, his brother told him that eventually he would be forced to choose a side, something Newt refused to do. As Theseus embraced him to say goodbye, he whispered that the Ministry were watching him.[36]

Newt with Dumbledore in London

Dumbledore asking Newt for help in London

After leaving the Ministry and fending off Stebbins, one of the Ministry's agents in Whitehall with the Windy Spell, Newt was accosted by a levitating gloved hand which points to a figure standing atop a high building nearby. Seizing the glove, Newt apparated besides the figure, who turned out to be his old Hogwarts teacher, Albus Dumbledore. Albus, after creating a fog around the city with his wand and using the deluminator on the lamps to avoid being tracked by the Ministry, apparated them near the bus stop. Albus mentioned the rumour that has been circling in pure-blood circles, that Credence may be the long-lost last member of the Lestrange family, a rumour, which Newt knew was connected to the half-brother of his childhood friend, Leta. Dumbledore, fearless that he can not face Grindelwald himself, asked Newt to go to Paris to find Credence, giving him the card with address of a safe-house where he can go if he needs to hide for a time. Newt was reluctant to go because of the Ministry's travel ban, the breaking of which would lead him to imprisonment in Azkaban, but still accepted the address, ever ready to do the right thing if the need arose.

Newt riding Kelpie0

Newt riding a Kelpie in the basement of his house

When Newt back to his town house, he found out that baby Nifflers run away from cage. He went downstairs to enlarged basement, where he set up his creatures, to help his assistant Bunty Broadacre catch them and fed the large kelpie living in a large pool based on the appearance of a Scottish loch.[36] When they heard the noise Newt ordered Bunty to go home and he went upstairs.


Newt lifting the love charm from Jacob

To his surprise he got a visit from Queenie Goldstein and Jacob Kowalski, whose memory has not been completely erased, because the venom of the Swooping Evil removes only bad memories. Queenie informed Newt that Tina was heartbroken, because she read the wrong account in Spellbound of the upcoming marriage between Theseus and Leta, becoming convinced that Newt had patched up his relation with Leta and was ready to marry her, so she had started seeing a fellow Auror named Achilles Tolliver.

When Queenie announced that she and Jacob were engaged and planned to be married, Newt noticed Jacob's odd behaviour and realised he had been enchanted by her, using a powerful love enchantment. After a brief argument Queenie agreed, and Newt lifted the spell. In cause Jacob, fearing that she would be punished for marrying a no-Maj, refused to marry her, so Queenie, feeling betrayed, disapparated to find Tina. Newt fixed the postcard Queenie lost and discovered that Tina was in Paris looking for Credence. It was only after learning where Tina was that Newt made the decision to go after Credence himself.

Visit to Paris

Portkey Dartmoor

Newt and Jacob using a Portkey

After preparation for the journey, Newt, alongside with Jacob, headed to Dartmoor, where Newt gave fifty galleons to a Portkey tout, and then he illegally left England for France via a Portkey, hoping to patch up their respective relationships with the Goldstein sisters.

Niffler finding Tina's footprints

Newt searching for Tina with Teddy in Paris

On one of the Paris streets Newt confunded a guard to allow himself and Jacob to sneak under a Magical Statue and move to the Place Cachée. Newt cast a Tracking Spell to locate Tina and then used a Summoning Charm on his magical suitcase to take out Teddy, which looked for some traces. Using the Revelio Charm, Newt detected the presence of a Japanese Kappa and a Chinese Zouwu which had managed to escape from Circus Arcanus. He also detected Tina with a mysterious man, with whom she went to an unknown location. When Teddy found a feather from the man's hat, Newt took the creature inside the suitcase, and charmed the feather allowing him and Jacob to track the man.


Newt and Jacob talking with Yusuf

Following the feather, the two ended up in a café. There, the French wizard introduced himself to both men as Yusuf Kama. Newt questioned him about Tina, so Yusuf took them to his hideout in one of the Parisian sewers, where he had in fact imprisoned Tina. Kama did the same with Newt and Jacob and said to Newt that he will not release them until he hunts down Credence Barebone. However, Kama then unexpectedly fainted, so Newt released Pickett to unlock the lock in the gate freeing himself, Tina, and Jacob. They then approached the unconscious Yusuf Kama and heard a powerful roar coming from above.

Newt catching Zouwu

Newt catching the Zouwu

After pulling Kama out from the sewer they headed to the Alexander III Bridge, where Newt confronted the Zouwu. Conjuring up a toy, he caught the beast and returned him into his suitcase. Newt then seized Tina, Jacob and sick Yusuf and apparated them to Rue de Montmorency, where they went to Nicolas Flamel's house, the "safe house" address which Dumbledore had given Newt. At the alchemist's home, Newt used tweezers to pull out a water dragon parasite from Yusuf's eye which had been weakening him. Newt and Tina then both deduced that traces on Kama's hands showed that he made an Unbreakable Vow.

Infiltration of the French Ministry of Magic

Newt disguised as Theseus

Newt disguised as Theseus entering the French Ministry of Magic with Tina

After a brief and rushed "goodbye", Tina left Flamel's house to find Credence, but Newt was told by Jacob Kowalski to chase after her. Newt tried to apologise for what he said about Aurors but Tina remained unimpressed. While on a street, Tina and Newt saw Gellert Grindelwald calling his followers to get ready for his Paris rally. Then Newt came to the conclusion that he should go with Tina to the French Ministry of Magic to find a box, which would tell them who Credence really was. Soon after, to get into the Ministry without being recognised, he drank polyjuice potion containing Theseus's hair, allowing him to temporarily take his brother's form. When the potion ceased to work and Newt was reverted to his true form, they were discovered by Theseus, who happened to actually be in Paris in a delegation, including Leta and Travers, due to the rumours of Newt's potential trip to Paris. He chased them, but Tina stunned him and tied him up to a chair - to Newt's joy, who said that might have been the best moment of his life.

Newt Leta and Tina escaping Matagots

Newt with Leta and Tina escaping from the Matagots

Later, Newt and Tina introduced themselves to Melusine, the Ministry of Magic employee, as Theseus and Leta. Newt then revealed that his engagement was false and an error on the magazine. He then tried to profess how he feels to Tina but stuttered as he tried to describe the fire in her eyes. Tina realised what he was trying to say about her eyes and expressed that she really loved that description of her eyes. When they went to the Records Room to find the Lestrange family box, they were covered by Leta searching for the box too. They found out that the box was taken to the Lestrange Mausoleum, but Melusine knew Newt and Tina had lied about their identity and sent the Matagots, creatures responsible for defending the French ministry, after them and Leta. Newt told them that if they did not fight the Matagots they wouldn't hurt them, but Leta had already attempted to stun one, which caused it to multiply. When a hoard of angry Matagots began to chase them, Newt sent Leta and Tina into the suitcase and with the help of the Zouwu, that he had saved earlier he fled to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

COG HQ still Yusuf Tina Leta Newt

Newt with Yusuf, Leta and Tina in the Lestrange Mausoleum

When Tina and Leta came out and Newt packed Zouwu inside the suitcase, they all head to the Lestrange tomb and Leta found the Lestrange box which was taken, but they were not alone. They crossed paths with Jacob, Yusuf, Credence and Nagini. Leta stopped Yusuf, her half-brother, from killing Credence, who thought he was her other half-brother, Corvus Lestrange. Showing a box with her family tree she finally confessed to accidentally causing the death of Corvus, proving he and Credence were not the same person and that she had no idea who Credence actually was. Newt told her that it was not her fault that Corvus died, to which she responded that he had "never met a monster [he] couldn't love".

Grindelwald's Paris rally

Newt in the mausoleum

Newt fighting against Grindelwald

When the door to next chamber opened, Newt and others joined Grindelwald's rally. He figured out that the departure of Queenie and moving the box were a bait to drag them to the mausoleum. During dark wizard's speech, Teddy escaped from magizoologist suitcase. When the Aurors under Theseus' leadership infiltrated the rally and a witch was killed by one of the them, a very angry Grindelwald knelt to her dead body, not knowing that Teddy lurked near him. Grindelwald sent his followers away to spread the word and he began the fight, creating a circle of black flame to divide followers from enemies. Newt and Nagini unsuccessfully tried to pull Credence away from flames, same as Jacob want to do with Queenie, which was also at the rally.

When they crossed unharmed and disapparated, Grindelwald then commanded his flames to kill Newt and Theseus, asking Newt did he think that Dumbledore will mourn after him, who both only managed to hold them back with the Shield Charm. Leta in response attacked Grindelwald and blasted his skull-hookah into pieces, sacrificing herself in an effort to give Newt, Theseus and the others time to get away. Before being killed by the dark wizard's flames she said to Newt and Theseus that she loved one of them, leaving Scamander brothers devastated. Newt seized Theseus and apparated with him outside the mausoleum, same as Tina did with Jacob and Yusuf with Nagini.


Newt and Theseus both using the General Counter-Spell to extinguish Grindelwald's fire

Furious Grindelwald unleashed the fire in order to kill them and destroy the whole city before Disapparating. Fortunately, Nicolas Flamel had arrived at the cemetery. He instructed Newt, Theseus, Tina and Yusuf to form a ring around the cemetery, planting their wands in the ground and using the general counter-spell. The effect was the creation of a counter-spell so great that it forced the fire back into the mausoleum where it ended its effects. After hugging a tearful Theseus and saying that he had chosen his side, Newt found Teddy with stolen pendant protecting Grindelwald from Dumbledore's direct interference and realised that his teacher made a Blood Pact with the dark wizard.

Newt with Dumbledore at Hogwarts2

Newt giving Dumbledore the pendant at Hogwarts

Despite managing to reconcile with Tina, Newt was powerless to stop Grindelwald from delivering a rousing speech, sharing a vision, threatening Paris with cursed fire and collecting Queenie, Credence and his followers to strike against Hogwarts (thus ridding himself of Albus Dumbledore) and the whole Wizarding and Muggle Worlds. During the battle that took place between Newt and Grindelwald, Scamander tragically lost his beloved Leta Lestrange, which finally compelled him to openly join the fight against the most dangerous dark wizard of his age.

Albus newt Niffler walking on viaduct

Newt and Albus going to Hogwarts to talk

After the events in the mausoleum, Newt, along with the group from Paris, picked up Travers and Spielman and travelled to Hogwarts to meet with Dumbledore at Hogwarts. Albus expressed his sadness over Leta's death at Grindelwald's hands. Then, the magizoologist gave him an object stolen by Teddy. It was the pendant of his former teacher's blood pact with Grindelwald, leaving Albus to ponder if he could destroy it, which would allow him to finally participate in the war and defeat the Dark wizard once and for all. Dumbledore asked Newt if his Niffler Teddy would like a cup of tea and they went off to talk about what must be done.[36]

Dumbledore's first army (1932)

In the Winter of 1932, Albus Dumbledore enlisted Newt to start a army to help him in moving against Gellert Grindelwald and his Alliance. He also told him that Newt has to go find a magical Beast, called a Qilin that originated in China, in a mountaineous area called Kweilin, in the Tianzi Mountains. Knowing at the same time, Gellert Grindelwald was searching for this creature.[38]

Visit to Kweilin

Newton Scamander together with Pickett in China

Newt in the Tianzi Mountains

Newt arrived in Kweilin and took a wooden raft to the Tianzi Mountains. There he came across a female Qilin who was in labour but was interrupted by the appearance of Grindelwald's acolytes: Aurelius Dumbledore, Vinda Rosier, and Carrow. They attacked the female and fatally wounded her with spells. Newt took the calf with him and started running away through the forest. Scamander, however, was hit and had fallen into the river. As a result, the acolytes took the calf from him and Disapparated themself. Newt woke up and went back to the female Qilin, where he found the second calf. It turned out that the female gave birth to twins. The younger calf reflected in its mother's eyes as she shed a tear and died. Newt with the Qilin in his case felt asleep from exhaustion, Teddy managed to signal help Newt. His Wyvern flew up and puffed up to a big enough size to pick up Newt and his suitcase, and they flew away back to safety.[38]

Back in London

Newt in his house

Newt in his house

Back at 9 Sherringford Square, Newt woke up and heard moving in his house and creeped to his living room, and sighted his brother, Theseus, craddling and humming to his Qilin. They discussed their brothership, how he got the Qilin to stay calm with their dad's old drinking song, and what was the reason why Newt had a Qilin.[38]

Hog's Head

The Secrets of Dumbledore - Scamander Brothers

Newt and Theseus in Hogsmeade

Later Newt and Theseus head to the Hog's Head Inn at Hogsmeade to meet Albus Dumbledore. There they met Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus' younger brother and inn's owner, who directed them to the room where Albus was waiting. There, Dumbledore demonstrated Scamander brothers that he could not destroy the Blood Pact's pendant, nor could he even think of attacking Grindelwald.[38]

Visit to Berlin

Newt's group on a train - SOD

Newt's group on a train

Newt, Theseus, Yusuf Kama and Newt's assistant Bunty Broadacre took the Great Wizarding Express to Berlin, where Lally Hicks and Jacob Kowalski joined them on the way. Newt gave away to everyone the items entrusted to them by Dumbledore: Theseus got a tie with a large gold hairpin, Jacob got a wand from snakewood, but without a core, so it had no power; Bunty was given a list of instructions that only she could saw, she was ordered to make some copies of Newt's suitcase; Newt had gotten nothing, Yusuf had been ordered to go to Nurmengard, and Lally had gotten the Portkey book before.[38]

Newton Scamander sends a message to Anton Vogel

Newt sends a message to Vogel

After arriving in Berlin, Bunty took Newt's suitcase and together with Yusuf they went in different directions. Newt, Theseus, Jacob and Lally went to an event organised by the International Confederation of Wizards at German Ministry of Magic. Newt stopped Anton Vogel, the German Minister for Magic and current Supreme Mugwump, and gave him a message from Dumbledore: "Now is the time to do what's right - not what's easy". Vogel reacted angrily and pointed out that Dumbledore is hiding himself at Hogwarts while people are dying. During the event, Vogel announced that Grindelwald will not be held responsible for his actions due to lack of evidence. Theseus spotted Rosier and other Grindelwald's acolytes in the crowd and threatened to arrest them. However, he was alone, and there were many of them. They quickly stunned him and kidnapped him before Newt could stop them.[38]

Eulalie Hicks Newton Scamander and Jacob Kobselki talk to a German Ministry of Magic official

Eulalie Newt and Jacob talk to a German Ministry of Magic official

Newt, Jacob and Lally went to the German Ministry of Magic to look for information about Theseus. Newt spotted Helmut, one of the people who abducted Theseus. The man disappeared - it turned out he was one of the local Aurors.[38]

Shortly after, Newt, Jacob and Lally met Dumbledore, who arrived in Berlin. Albus ordered Lally and Jacob to go to the candidates dinner, as he suspected that there will be some kind of assassination attempt. Dumbledore also gave Newt the location of Erkstag, the secret German wizarding prison where Theseus was being held.[38]

Infiltrating the Erkstag prison

Erkstag warder SOD

The Erkstag warder checks Newt over

Later Newt arrived at a prison, guarded by a single warder with golden tooth, to rescue Theseus. The caretaker told Newt to leave Pickett and Teddy for him, which he placed in tiny cells. Newt told them he'll be back soon, but the caretaker expresses his doubts. He gave Newt a light and told him to walk down the dark corridor.

Newt Scamander and Theseus Scamander in Erkstag-

Newt and Theseus in the Erkstag

On the way to the cell, Newt encountered small Manticores. Newt imitated their way of moving so that they did not feel threatened by it. He finally reached Theseus, who was suspended upside down over several Manticores. Newt freed his brother and the two tried to get out of prison by imitating the gait of the animals. There were lights opposite the target. One of the lights went out and the sting of a much larger Manticore, invisible in its entirety, pierced one of the prisoners and dragged him into the darkness to its lair located below the prison. Later, Manticore queen vomited his remains, and the smaller Manticores gathered to savour the feast she returned. Newt and Theseus tried to get out of this prison without losing light or attracting the attention of the Manticore queen. When their light went out, Newt and Theseus began to run away. In the same time Pickett and Teddy managed to escape from the cell. Teddy stolen from caretaker his gold tooth and Theseus' tie with a gold clasp, which was confiscated from him before being placed in his cell. The Manticore queen wrapped her sting around Theseus and began to drag him down, almost to her lair. Newt saw Pickett and Teddy coming with Theseus' tie. Newt jumped down after his brother and ordered him to grab his tie. Teddy and Pickett dived after them, the brothers grabbed the tie and escaped from the prison.[38]

Return to Hogwarts

The tie turned out to be a Portkey, and the Scamander brothers landed at Hogwarts. Newt and Theseus entered the Great Hall, where they saw Jacob and Lally, who returned from Berlin. Dumbledore told his team that they will eat at the Hog's Head tonight.

The Secrets of Dumbledore - Heroes

Dumbledore's first army gathers in the Great Hall

At Hog's Head they met Aberforth and Bunty, who returned from Berlin. Dumbledore later told Newt that Credence was actually his nephew Aurelius Dumbledore, the long-lost son of Aberforth from a relationship that he had with a girl from Godric's Hollow the same summer that Albus had fallen in love with Grindelwald. Albus confided in Newt the truth about Credence, along with the fact that Credence's Obscurial nature was slowly killing him, stating that they both knew that Credence couldn't be saved. Albus opened up to Newt about his sister Ariana - who was also an Obscurial - and her death. However, Newt's attempts to comfort his friend failed.[38]

The team consisting of Newt, Albus, Jacob, Theseus, Lally and Bunty met in the Room of Requirement, where five identical suitcases were waiting for them. In one of the suitcases Qilin was placed.. Newt was asked by Dumbledore if he knows which one is real, to which Newt replies that he doesn't. Dumbledore acknowledges it by saying, "Good, because if you knew, it wouldn't work!" Each of them took a suitcase and sets off for The walk of the Qilin in the Himalayas. The plan was this: if they are attacked by Grindelwald's men, they have to drop the suitcases and run. In the centre of the Room there was Qilin Ceremony Portkey that will allow the heroes to be transferred to the Magisterial Chamber of Ancient Wizardry in Bhutan.[38]

Visit to Bhutan

Newt Scamander and Henrietta Fischer SOD

Newt argues with Henrietta Fischer

Shortly thereafter, Newt, Theseus, Aberforth, Jacob, Lally and Bunty joined Albus in infiltrating the walk of the Qilin where Grindelwald intended to use the dead Qilin, reanimated using necromancy, to win the title of Supreme Mugwump. Each member of the team took a copy of Newt's suitcase with the Qilin that Newt had rescued in the real suitcase and various traps for Grindelwald's followers in the fakes. Newt's suitcase was taken from him by Henrietta Fischer, Grindelwald's acolyte, in the process, but when he tried to get it back, he discovered it was a fake.[38]

Bunty Broadacre together with Newt Scamander and the Qilin

Bunty together with Newt and the Qilin

With the help of Credence, Newt confronted Grindelwald and attempted to expose his lies, but he initially failed as Newt had no proof. At that moment, the disguised Bunty brought Newt his real suitcase and he released the real Qilin while the reanimated one died once again. The Qilin bowed first to Albus, but he refused the Supreme Mugwump title, to which the Qilin then bowed to Vicência Santos, who thus won the election. Enraged, Grindelwald cast a spell at Credence, but the Dumbledore brothers blocked it together, unexpectedly breaking the blood pact preventing Albus and Grindelwald from fighting. After fighting to a stalemate with Albus and overwhelmed by all of the gathered wizards and witches present, Grindelwald was forced to retreat. In the aftermath, Albus showed Newt the broken blood pact, suggesting that because he had cast to protect while Grindelwald had cast to kill, it broke.[38]

Jacob and Queenie's wedding

Eulalie Hicks- Newton Scamander Theseus Scamander and Porpentina Goldstein at a wedding in New York

Newt with brother, Theseus, Tina Goldstein and Eulalie Hicks attending the wedding in New York

Newt attended the Wedding of Jacob Kowalski and Queenie Goldstein as Jacob's best man. While he was rehearsing his speech outside, Tina arrived, and they talked until more guests arrived.[39]

Later life (1945–2017)

"Regarded as the world authority on magical creatures, Newt Scamander is the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which has been an approved textbook at Hogwarts since its publication in 1927 and can be found in most wizarding households."
— Scamander's Chocolate Frog Card[src]
Newton Scamander-1

Newt in his later years

Scamander married Tina Goldstein, and together they had at least one child[8] who produced at least one grandson named Rolf.[9]

In 1947, Scamander was responsible for the inception of the Werewolf Register, and, in 1965, created the Ban on Experimental Breeding, which he considered his proudest moment. Scamander also worked extensively with the Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau, which led him on expeditions all over the world, allowing him to collect information for new editions of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.[2]

In 1979, he was awarded the Order of Merlin, Second Class, for his services to Magizoology. He was also honoured with a Chocolate Frog Card named after him.

At some point during the 1980s, Newt befriended Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures professor Silvanus Kettleburn. Newt would later send one of his Leucrottas to Kettleburn after he was unable to convince the beast to open his mouth to allow either him or Bunty to clean his teeth, hoping that Kettleburn could help him figure out what was wrong with the beast. After the Leucrotta's teeth were successfully cleaned, Newt was made aware of the bond that had formed between it and the student who had helped it, deciding to allow the beast to remain at Hogwarts.[40] Newt would later visit Hogwarts once again, with several of his creatures managing to escape his suitcase, which itself later went missing, allowing them to wander around the school. The same student that bonded with the Leucrotta managed to rescue the creatures from Dumbledore's office, Hagrid's Hut, and the Hufflepuff common room, in addition to finding Newt's case in the Hufflepuff Common Room as well, to Newt's great relief.[41]

By the beginning of the 1990s, he was retired and living in Dorset with Tina and their three pet Kneazles, Hoppy, Milly, and Mauler,[2] but was known to study Fire Slugs in the Brazilian rainforest.[42]

At some point before 1992, Scamander authored A Children's Anthology of Monsters for younger readers.[43]

During the 1993–1994 school year, he visited Hogwarts,[44] possibly to discuss the printing of a version of Fantastic Beasts for Muggle audiences.[2] Following his grandson's marriage to Luna Lovegood, Scamander became the great-grandfather of twin boys, Lorcan and Lysander.[45]

During the 2010s, there was a portrait of a young Newt placed inside a Magizoology suitcase given by Luna to Rubeus Hagrid and an unidentified student. When the student came into the suitcase and started caring for creatures, they consulted Newt's portrait, and he guided them and gave them advice.[46]

Newt Scamander USA Card

Scamander studying a Hippogriff

In 2017, Newt denied the rumours that he was sent to New York by his former teacher Professor Dumbledore to spy on the government there and find out any new information about Grindelwald's whereabouts. Newt said he thought it was absurd as he would have posed as a Magizoologist to achieve that, but admitted it was a bad idea to take a suitcase of creatures to New York.[47]

That year, Newt was also writing a foreword for a new edition of his book, in which he confirmed the public belief that he was indeed the first wizard ever to capture Gellert Grindelwald during his trip to New York in 1926. He played an active part in defeating Grindelwald over the next two decades. Newt was prevented from sharing any information between then and now, but the declassified documents were now beginning to be released, and he would be free to talk about them when they were.

However, Newt added he would in fact become involved in the hunt for Grindelwald later, and that he played an actual part in that hunt over the next two decades.[47]

By the 2010s, his portrait had been hung at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; he was painted with his briefcase and some creatures. In one occasion, a Niffler escaped from his briefcase and got into Cecil Shetland's portrait, and hid inside a treasure chest. A student helped make the Niffler return to Newt's portrait.[48]

Physical description

Newton Scamander was a tall wizard (6'1"), with brown hair and hazel eyes.[5] At age 29, even though he gave off the appearance of a slight, awkward man, he was actually rather muscular.[49] As a result of his Magizoological pursuits, he was left with several scars across his torso.[49]

His usual attire included a blue coat, brown vest, white shirt, bow tie, dark brown trousers with a wand holster, and brown boots. He also owned a Hufflepuff scarf that he occasionally wore.

During his travels in Paris, in 1927, he was shown with a grey woollen coat, and his usually unkempt looks became scruffier and more haggard, as his international travel ban and the attempts of the Minister for Magic to recruit him against Credence Barebone and Gellert Grindelwald were weighing on him heavily.

Personality and traits

"There are no strange creatures, only blinkered people."
— Newt Scamander[src]

Newton Scamander was a dedicated individual who tirelessly researched new information for his book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,[2] even when he was supposedly retired.[42] Considered an authority in the field of Magizoology, his works were respected throughout the wizarding community.[2] Newton was described as eccentric and felt more comfortable around creatures than he did around humans.[50] Eye contact and being close to another person usually made him very uncomfortable. He admitted that most people found him annoying.[51] Newton was particularly shy around women he had feelings for, as he deeply struggled to openly admit his feelings for his future wife, Tina Goldstein.[52] However, despite this, Newt understood that love must never be forced upon others and must instead be earned through effort, as shown by how he disapproved of Queenie's enchantment of Jacob and lifted it.

"If you ever had the pleasure of teaching him, you'd know that Newt is not a great follower of orders."
— Albus Dumbledore[src]

When communicating with other people, Newt was often an extremely awkward man, uncompromising and eccentric in the opinions of his peers. He preferred the company of his magical beasts, whom he expressed terror at the thought of them coming to harm. Unlike his confident older brother who was respected by his superiors, those in the Ministry (except for his brother and Leta Lestrange) didn't hold him in that high a regard. Newt was also uncomfortable with affection between himself and another human, struggling to come up with an explanation for Tina about his "engagement" to Leta, and disliking being hugged by his older brother. Newt himself admitted that he showed poor judgement in his youth; he was also outspoken in his opinion of Aurors, despite Tina Goldstein herself being an Auror. Another example is when he brought his Thunderbird to the United States to set him free, let alone an entire suitcase full of magical creatures, given MACUSA's curse-to-kill policy at the time on such creatures.[47]

That said, beneath his awkwardness and social problems, Newt, in true Hufflepuff fashion, was a man of great principles and deep compassion, never discriminating against people based on their heritage or beliefs, not once abandoning his moral code for self-serving purposes, and being courteous with non-magical individuals, showing none of the typical prejudice towards Muggles that were common amongst most wizardkind, along with being willing to forgive those who have initially offended or wronged him in the past and able to sympathise with and comfort others who have suffered a great tragedy as well as selflessly overcome his misgivings when it came to the people he loved. As Albus Dumbledore himself noted, Newt was actually acutely aware of the price of his actions, yet his morality meant he would always strive to do the right thing, without any regard for safety, personal gain or even his own well being, having no desire to seek power or fame at all, traits which earned him Dumbledore's respect and admiration. Dumbledore respected and admired Newt enough to speak out fervently against his expulsion from Hogwarts.[52]

This was shown when Newt developed a strong and consistent friendship with the No-Maj Jacob Kowalski, whom he admitted to really like and to really appreciate for his qualities and his helpfulness during their adventures, and to whom he even went out of his way to anonymously give Occamy eggs so that Jacob could open his own bakery. Despite being bitter towards Theseus and Leta's engagement, Newt still loved them, and remained friendly and cordial towards them, tolerating their attempts to show him affection to an extent and even accepting to be the best man at the wedding, along with going as far as to defend Leta when she showed her self-hatred for her part in Corvus V's death, when she lamented that Newt "had never met a monster he couldn't love" and repair his relationship with Theseus after Leta's death by embracing him despite being uncomfortable with doing so in the past. He also stated that he would be willing to let Tina go if she no longer had feelings for him and was outraged with Queenie for enchanting Jacob so he would consent to marriage, not hesitating to lift the spell so his friend could decide for himself, showing his astute moral code and selflessness held firm even when it came to his closest companions.

Newt's morality also meant that he utterly disapproved ideas of morbidity, cruelty, and fanatical self-purpose, as displayed by how despite not supporting the world's act against Grindelwald and his troubled past, he still utterly refused to even consider joining Grindelwald's fanatics, being disgusted at the mere idea and holding their fanatical belief of mass-slaughters as being tolerable for the Greater Good as being reprehensive. He was never swayed by Grindelwald on either of their encounters, even in the face of the undeniably far more powerful dark wizard, and strove valiantly to thwart and defeat him at all costs, eventually joining the war against him after the death of Leta as he simply could not remain on the side lines after seeing the full extent of Grindelwald's supremacy plans. He also found the idea of using an Obscurus that killed a child for personal gain as utterly disgusting and spoke reasonably with Credence Barebone despite him being in a volatile and dangerous Obscurus form and refused to hunt him down even when offered the restoration of his right to internationally travel, being supportive of Tina's approach to redeem and rescue him first when he finally involved himself into the hunt for Credence.

Beneath Newt's meek and awkward attitude, however, he could also display anger and coldness when the situation called for it, though he would express it in a way that was quite calm yet serious, maintaining his composure while letting his actions speak more, in a way that was eerily similar to his mentor Dumbledore's own fury. This was displayed when Newt was disgusted enough by Grindelwald (disguised as Graves) pointing out that Newt had the potential to serve his revolution that he completely forsaken the amiability he had been keeping to give him a cold glare as he angrily declared he would never be one of Grindelwald's fanatics, the rage being enough to even impress Grindelwald somewhat. Later on, Newt would abruptly leave his meeting with the international committee when he learned they would send Grimmson after Credence if he refused and later on coldly confront his brother over the idea of sending such a vicious man. The two times he displayed outrage towards Queenie was also enough to intimidate her, despite her experience with people being frustrated with her, making her quickly apologise when he called her out for reading his mind for his past with Leta and later on displaying enough anger upon learning that she had brought Jacob against his will and forced him to marry her that she decided to back down rather than challenging him.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Magical mastery: Newt, despite his awkward behaviour and initial lack of recognition, proved himself to be an exceptionally skilled and powerful wizard, worthy of being deemed the favourite student of Albus Dumbledore, with a considerable amount of magical knowledge and variety of proficient skills that afforded him a highly versatile skillset and allowed him to handle numerous dangerous situations effectively. In addition to being a famous Magizoologist who was capable of facing and handling some of the most dangerous beasts in the world and contributed deeply to the advancement of the magical field, Newt's magical abilities were secretly acknowledged by the Ministry of Magic and deemed surpassing enough that they repeatedly offered to make him an Auror out of a true belief that he would make an exceptional one, and even his war hero brother and the international wizarding committee that included even the abrasive Torquil Travers along with Rudolph Spielman and Arnold Guzman deemed him as being magically competent and strong enough to function as an efficient one, despite Newt's personality and repeated refusal, the committee going as far as to use his international travel rights as leverage to try to convince him to participate in the Global Wizarding War and help hunt down Gellert Grindelwald, even being the first candidate to the mission of hunting down the extremely powerful Credence Barebone, and as an active participant, was able to offer remarkable contributions to the end of the Global Wizarding War, including even surviving at least two encounters with Gellert Grindelwald, once managing to hold him at bay just enough for Credence to save him and also being the only reason why he was captured when he was fighting an entire squad of aurors and easily winning in said encounter and later aiding his brother, future wife, and Leta in holding up against the Dark wizard, at which point he also effectively aided Theseus, Tina, Yusuf and Nicolas Flamel in saving Paris.
  • Care of Magical Creatures: From a young age, Newt was already quite interested in Magizoology and highly talented, known for having excelled in his studies on the field as a Hogwarts student and acquired extensive knowledge of magical creatures which secured him a position in the Ministry of Magic's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures before being transferred to the Beast Division merely two years after being inside the Office for House-Elf Relocation and advancing at a meteoric rate, quickly achieving a series of prestigious promotions and becoming so well-regarded as to be tasked to write the first edition of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Augustus Worme. His travels around the world allowed him to expand his knowledge and skill to phenomenal levels as he acquired complete understanding of many magical creatures through the world, earning a famous reputation for being one of the greatest Magizoologists in the world as he contributed so much to the advancement of Magizoology that he was awarded an Order of Merlin Second Class and honoured with a Chocolate Frog Card named after him, his book displaying thorough knowledge of many of the beasts and creatures in the wizarding world, both dangerous and non-dangerous. Newt's exceeding talents in Magizoology and knowledge gave him a natural way to handle animals in a manner most wizards do not, having an innate ability to communicate and bond with beasts of all shapes, such as Thunderbirds and Bowtruckles — treating the latter much like a parent would a child. This was also displayed by how he was the only one capable of reasoning with the Ukrainian Ironbelly out of all the squad members sent to recruit the dragons. Newt's skill in Magizoology was such that he was even capable of using such beasts for numerous purposes and could fully control even dangerous beasts, such as using the Swooping Evil to aid him in combat by either pinning enemies or catching them off-guard, a Zouwu to easily dispatch the Matagots of the French Ministry of Magic and teleport to the Lestrange Mausoleum in an instant in time to intercept Credence, and even using his Niffler to steal from Gellert Grindelwald the blood pact vial of him and Dumbledore. His knowledge was also noteworthy and could effortlessly and swiftly come up with methods to restrain or tame such dangerous beasts on his own, as shown with his ability to readily retrieve the creatures who escaped from his case, his taming of the highly dangerous Zouwu by using a toy, his quick solving of Yusuf Kama's problems with a water dragon parasite, and his instant recognition of the Matagots and knowledge of how to deal with them.
  • Charms: Newt was shown to be very accomplished in charm-work. Highly adept in the use of simple and moderate charms, he repeatedly successfully performed the Summoning Charm at rather complicated and difficult situations, able to summon an egg from across a room with a man still holding onto it, simultaneously pull his Niffler and the jewellery he was stealing to him, effortlessly summon in an instant Jacob's jacket from the upper levels of his house while Newt himself was far below on his secret dungeon of creatures, instantly summon his Niffler from his suitcase and easily cast it while also riding on the Zouwu to summon his suitcase. He also easily repaired the entire upper half of Jacob Kowalski's apartment in mere seconds. Newt used the Wand-Lighting Charm to illuminate Yusuf's infected eye to clearly see the water parasite inside it. Newt's mastery of the Shield Charm was incredible, able to instantly manifest powerful magical shields with ease and was powerful enough to even counter spells cast by Gellert Grindelwald himself, as shown by how he fended off Grindelwald's fierce lightning attacks and even later on his black fire both by himself and alongside Theseus, and his proficiency with the General Counter-Spell also allowed him to aid Nicolas Flamel, Tina Goldstein, Yusuf Kama and Theseus in containing said black fire. He easily cast such a powerful Windy Spell on Stebbins that it not only stopped him in his tracks but also blew him backwards in the opposite direction, and later cast a charm that released a stream of wind to dry Jacob's clothes. Newt's skill with charms was displayed fully by how he thoroughly enchanted his suitcase, performing the Undetectable Extension Charm on the interior of his suitcase to expansive levels, creating enough space to hold many magical creatures in replicas of their native habitats, and displaying sufficient command of Atmospheric Charms to create weather conditions such as hot desserts and frozen snowcaps for certain creatures, leaving the likes of Tina and Queenie quite impressed with the magic of his suitcase. His abilities even made him capable of creating a magical bubble to contain and sustain an Obscurus, even after the death of its host.[53] Newt was capable of performing the advanced Memory Charm to alter the memories of Muggles who witnessed magic, which he used to erase the memory of an unidentified hobo in 1926. He even used the advanced Confundus Charm effortlessly on a muggle guard strong enough to affect his behaviour and last for minutes. He also effortlessly and swiftly removed a powerful love enchantment that Queenie placed on Jacob with a simple wave of his wand. Newt also displayed excellent skill in the usage of revealing and tracking charms, making use of the Revelio Charm to bypass Grindelwald's Human Transfiguration and later flawlessly making use of several spells in his efforts to find clues on Tina, successfully using a Tracking spell to display magical traces of activities related to his future wife, performing Revelio to reveal the footsteps of a Zouwu, and then performing Avenseguim to track the origins of the feather possessed by Yusuf Kama back at him.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: As one would expect for being a favourite student of Albus Dumbledore back when he held the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, Newt was outstandingly skilful and knowledgeable at defending himself against the Dark Forces. Acknowledged by both his war hero and Head Auror brother Theseus and even the abrasive Travers, Spielman, and Guzman, Newt was often sought and offered the position of an Auror, despite his repeated refusals, believing he would have been an excellent Auror. It should be noted that Newt had not even graduated, which could be a further testament to his mastery. His mastery of such practices were put to good use during his participation in the Global Wizarding War, having survived many years involved in the hunt for Gellert Grindelwald, presumably having fought and defeated many of Grindelwald's followers, and he was even capable of surviving at least two subsequent duels with the arguably greatest dark wizard of all time himself. In the first duel, he was able to, even if barely, successfully repel Grindelwald's lightning curses long enough for Credence to transform. During his second altercation with the fearsome Dark wizard, Newt alone protected himself Grindelwald's tremendously powerful black fire while many Aurors proved to be easily killed by it, although he was not able to bypass it and prevent Credence from joining Grindelwald, and later alongside Theseus fought the Dark wizard's devastating spell off long enough to be saved by Leta as well as successfully forcing off wild outbursts of it on his own when Grindelwald was not focusing the flames on him. He also was easily able to swiftly follow Nicolas Flamel's instructions on how to overcome said dark magic fire, by collectively casting the General Counter Spell with his brother, Yusuf, his future wife and also Nicolas, allowing them to contain and extinguish the fire and therefore prevented it from the destroying the whole city of Paris. Newt's competence in this field was even enough to handle the extremely powerful dark force of Obscuruses, as he had the ability to extract an Obscurus from its Obscurial and keep it from causing any harm by isolating it inside a bubble, a feat that even Grindelwald himself found to be impressive. Newt was also confident in his ability to handle even Credence Barebone's Obscurial abilities, and Dumbledore himself believed Newt would be capable of saving Credence from his Obscurus, while Theseus and the international committee believed he would have the ability to overcome Credence.
  • Nonverbal magic: Newt was shown to be fully capable of using magic non-verbally, a testament to his actually considerable magical skills. He was able to summon an Occamy egg held in Jacob Kowalski's hand without saying the incantation, ending up sending Jacob flying towards him at great speed, turn a window opening into a jelly-like substance to trap his Niffler, use a mind-altering spell on muggles that saw his creatures break out of Jacob Kowalski's apartment, and also aid Yusuf, Nicolas, Theseus and Tina in containing the blue fire left by Grindelwald without speaking a word. He also proved quite capable of wordlessly using offensive and defensive magic spells, such as when he deflected Grindelwald's attacks and countered with his own as well as conjured a lasso of a gelatinous substance to restrain Grindelwald after distracting him with his Swooping Evil and later held off Grindelwald's blue fire alongside Theseus without speaking a word.
  • Transfiguration: Newt appeared to be fairly competent with transfiguration, given how he was able to swiftly transform glass into a sticky jelly-like substance to trap one of his Nifflers.[25]
  • Apparition: Newt proved to be quite skilled in Apparition, as he was able to successfully Apparate in many different situations, including on the air, and even made use of it to avoid the violent attacks from an Obscurus as well as Gellert Grindelwald.
  • Herbology: Newt was also proficient in looking after magical flora and was familiar with their properties, keeping several potted plants on a shelf in his shed in the magically expanded suitcase. After Jacob Kowalski suffered a "slightly more severe reaction" than Newt had known anyone else to have after he was was bitten by a Murtlap that escaped Newt's case, Newt used plants and the contents of various bottles to create a poultice, and successfully stopped the No-Maj's fever-like sweating.
  • Healing magic: Newt was quite adept and knowledgeable in Healing Magic, as he could easily recognise and identify the nature of and prepare medicinal remedies to cure the symptoms of creature-induced injuries, such as he did when he treated Jacob Kowalski's bite from a Murtlap and the subsequent symptoms. He also had various pills for the same purpose available and knew which ones had what effects upon consumption.
  • Potions: Newt was quite knowledgeable and accomplished in potions, particularly those that used parts of magical creatures as ingredients, writing down notes about it in his books and also successfully experimenting with novel potions such as uses for Swooping Evil venom, diluting its poisonous properties to create a brew that could erase memories. He was also capable of successfully brewing the complex Polyjuice Potion in order to disguise himself as his brother, a particularly complex and advanced brew, showing his impressive abilities in this field.
  • Duelling: Beguiling his peaceful disposition, Newt was an exceptional duellist, being considerably proficient with both offensive and defensive spells. His skills in duelling were acknowledged by even duellists on the level of his war hero brother Theseus and the abrasive members of the international committee, including the likes of Torquil Travers, being regularly offered the chance to become an Auror, going as far as to resort to holding his right to international travel as leverage in order to recruit him as an active participant of the Global Wizarding War, even being tasked to slay the extremely powerful Credence, and surviving in such a conflict for years hunting down Grindelwald and the Alliance. He seamlessly used the Full Body-Bind Curse on No-Maj Gilbert Bingley upon nearly being arrested and easily overpowered a Ministry agent watching him. Newt was also confident that he would be fully capable of handling Queenie Goldstein if it came to it when they were arguing over the enchantment she placed on Jacob, and Queenie, indeed having seen Newt's memories and his duelling feats, was intimidated enough to back down rather than duel Newt. Newt was even skilled enough in magical combat to be capable of temporarily holding his ground against the extraordinarily powerful Gellert Grindelwald himself and surviving encounters with him, putting up a better fight than Tina did when he was disguised as Percival Graves, avoiding an oncoming spell after being knocked down and firing a white offensive spell at him in return, although it was easily deflected, for a time repelling Grindelwald's attacks, before being swiftly knocked down by a particularly powerful shock wave of electricity but still able to hold off Grindelwald's attempts to torture him by blue lightning bolts, lasting long enough for Credence to distract Grindelwald and having not suffered any noteworthy injury, Newt managed to blind-side and subdue the aforementioned Dark wizard from behind when he was preoccupied fighting against a small army of MACUSA Aurors, and later duelling Grindelwald once again in Paris alongside Theseus, Leta, and Tina and fending him off enough to escape without any injuries. Newt also displayed some noteworthy skill in physical combat, as deprived of his wand, Newt was able to overpower the guards who were about to execute him and Tina, easily punching down a male guard and turning a female executioner's wand against another one.
  • History of Magic: Newt also had knowledge of magical history, especially of Magizoology. A whole chapter of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was devoted to the definitions of beasts, beings, and spirits and how the definitions have evolved in past centuries.
  • Knowledge of the Muggle world: Newt displayed a considerable amount of knowledge on Muggles that allowed him to effectively and flawlessly interact with Muggles of many countries while on his adventures and keep his magical abilities a secret, able to conduct his usually dangerous activities without earning the suspicion or attention of Muggles most of the time. He had particular expertise on Muggle topics related to Beasts, displaying complete knowledge on history of Muggles related to Beasts as well as how Muggles reacted to magical creatures and how beasts included in muggle fairy tales, like fairies, differed from real ones, knowing about Muggles' awareness of Diricawl and that they believed that they hunted it to extinction, writing a whole chapter in his book about Muggle awareness of beasts, and even displayed knowledge on the physiology of Muggles when faced with magic, stating how differently the bodies of Muggles react to magic and giving Jacob some armour when dealing with a Erumpent for protection.
  • Wandlore: Newt had some knowledge of the properties of wand cores, including Thunderbird tail feathers.
  • Love: Despite all of Newt's complicated past and his preference of the company of magical creatures more than fellow human beings, he proved to be capable of remarkably strong love. Newt's love for his magical creatures lead to him occasionally tending to and keeping them as good pets rather than dangerous and he refused to put them down even when faced with the possibility of MACUSA's retaliation. Newt was also fully capable of feeling genuine love and attachment to others: He clearly cared deeply for his friends, family, and the whole wizarding world. It was his ability to love that gave him the willingness to take the blame for Leta's actions despite the fact that he would be expelled for it and even with their complicated past and his bitterness towards her and Theseus's relationship, Newt still loved them and was willing to accept their marriage and even be their best man to support their happiness, comfort Leta over her self-loathing and guilt of accidentally killing her brother, fight alongside Theseus and Leta against Grindelwald, and repair his relationship with Theseus after Leta's sacrifice, ultimately leading to him siding against Grindelwald despite his previous refusal. Newt's love for Tina also allowed him to muster the determination to break the rules and travel to Paris despite the international travel ban placed on him and the strength of his feelings for her allowed him to put up with her bitterness and ultimately confess to her, eventually leading to their marriage. Newt was even successful in sympathising with and comforting Credence Barebone out of his Obscurus form, though tragically ended up failing due to Grindelwald's intervention and MACUSA's subsequent attack on him, and Dumbledore specifically sent Newt after Credence believing he would be capable of giving Credence the love needed to cure him of the Obscurus inside him.
  • Indomitable willpower: Newt, despite his awkwardness, wielded immense willpower and bravery. He proved himself to be fully capable of standing up to others when needed, even if they were of high authority, and firmly maintaining his morality, as shown by how he adamantly refused to hunt down Credence Barebone when asked to by Torquil Travers, Arnold Guzman, and Rudolph Spielman despite their offer to restore his right to travel, and despite being bound, was quick to stand up to Gellert Grindelwald in his Percival Graves disguise when he insinuated that Newt was working For the Greater Good, something that actually impressed the Dark wizard. Indeed, he was admired by Albus Dumbledore himself for his uncanny willingness to do what is right no matter the cost, as displayed by his willingness to accept Dumbledore's safe-house address and then go on to ultimately travel to Paris illegally to not only seek Tina out but also save Credence, and despite seeing horrific visions of a future Second World War, Newt demonstrated his incorruptible spirit and morals by resisting Grindelwald's persuasive speech, maintaining a brave face whereas all other participants of the rally and even Jacob, a veteran of the World War I, were all genuinely terrified, instead valiantly fighting against the Dark wizard's black fire, and, inspired by Leta's sacrifice, officially joining the Global Wizarding War efforts against him.
  • Physical aptitude: Newt was in excellent physical condition, supporting a surprisingly muscular built despite his awkward appearances. He was physically strong and fast enough to be able to overtake several executioners of MACUSA without a wand, knocking one out with a single punch and moving faster than a female executioner can point her wand at him to turn the spell against another executioner. Newt also had astonishing levels of physical resilience and durability, having survived tangling with some of the most dangerous creatures in the wizarding world with only a few scars and he even quickly rebounded from being a hit by a spell from Gellert Grindelwald with no injuries and then withstood some lightning curses from Grindelwald and being knocked to the ground by Credence's attacks with only minor pain and no lasting harm and injury.
  • Detective skills: Despite his socially awkward personality, from his experiences with many of the most dangerous and obscure beasts, having successfully discovered and solved their problems, Newt had shown himself to possess formidably sharp and intuitive deduction skills. He was able to quickly make an accurate deduction of where his creatures would go after they escaped his case and see through their attempts to hide themselves with ease. From his interactions with Grindelwald while he was disguised as Percival Graves, Newt was able to correctly deduce the true identity of the man as being the greatest Dark wizard himself in disguise. With just a few clues provided by Graves and seeing Credence's power, despite never interacting with Credence before, he was able to figure out right away that Credence was the Obscurial, along with also coming up with the correct calculation that Credence was able to survive far longer than normal because he possessed immense amounts of magical raw power. Newt even figured out Dumbledore's subtle manipulations that sent him to New York and was perceptive enough to even pick up on Dumbledore's reasons of not fighting Grindelwald from how he spoke of it, deducing that something was preventing Dumbledore, and instantly figured out that it was because of the Blood Pact between them the moment he lay his eyes on the vial Grindelwald had. Newt was also able to swiftly deduce from Jacob's abnormal behaviour and Queenie's frustration with the illegality of her relationship with Jacob that she had enchanted her boyfriend so he would accept to be married.
  • Resourcefulness and strategical aptitude: Despite his principals of not worrying or planning too much, when pushed, Newt proved to be a considerably talented and resourceful strategist. With only a minimum amount of resources at hand, he has proven able to repeatedly come up with numerous plans on the fly quite quickly that has successfully saved the day, making maximum use of anything he had in his disposal to great effect, and his calmness in the face of danger and tactical genius allows him to swiftly adapt or shift his plans to match situations where the condition has changed. While wandless, Newt swiftly managed to use his creatures to turn the tides against the executioners and save both himself and Tina, quickly breaking Tina out of the euphoria stupor she was induced to by breaking the illusion of her happy memory and then coming up with a plan accurately timed to rescue her from the Death potion using the Swooping Evil before using it to swiftly escape from MACUSA. During his hunt to recapture the creatures that escaped from his suitcase, Newt came up with numerous plans and adapted them to fit the situation when faced with unexpected setbacks, successfully retrieving them without causing major damage. Knowing he could not possibly defeat Grindelwald in a fair fight, Newt opted to wait until Grindelwald had started fighting the Aurors until he used his Swooping Evil to catch him off-guard and restrain him, becoming subsequently the first person to capture the infamous Dark wizard. Newt also came up with a successful plan to leave Britain and go against his international ban by hiring an illegal Portkey provider, knowing it's the only way to leave without the Ministry's watchful eyes preventing him and upon arriving on his destination, quickly came up with a plan in order to find a clue to Credence's location and his identity and infiltrate the French Ministry of Magic by disguising himself as Theseus and avoiding attention from all but Theseus himself, only being caught by Leta and subsequently Mesuline in the end and swiftly coming up with a plan to escape by using the Zouwu he had acquired previously. Newt even swiftly came up with a plan to outsmart Grindelwald once more by taking the blood pact from him using his Niffler when Grindelwald was kneeling down and focused on martyring a girl, a success that would ultimately prove most crucial in the end of the Global Wizarding War.
  • Leadership skills: As acknowledged by Dumbledore himself, Newt's desire to only do the right thing no matter what and lack of lust for power meant he was naturally suited to be a leader and had the potential to excel more than Dumbledore did, as while Dumbledore had sought power in his youth and only realised the mistakes of his approach to leadership after a great tragedy, subsequently avoiding anything too demanding, Newt always never sought power but would accept the burden of command and take responsibility for those who "followed" him no matter how uncomfortable he was in the prospect while subsequently proving effective. Indeed, while not often employing this trait due to working alone, he quickly displayed an innate talent for leadership and charisma when it came to himself, Tina, Jacob, and Queenie until her defection to Grindelwald's side, inspiring them to follow his instructions and showing decent skills as a leader during their hunt for the magical creatures that escaped from his suitcase and taking the lead between himself and Jacob or himself and Tina during their escapades in Paris, succeeding in both times. Newt was also trusted by Dumbledore to found an army of skilled wizards and witches and lead the group against Grindelwald's Alliance.
  • Author skills: Newt was an exceptional author when it came to writing books related to magical creatures, with tireless passion, famous particularly for having been the one who wrote the top-quality creatures book of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which contained detailed information regarding many magical creatures in existence, and continuing to develop special editions that were greatly desired and used by thousands of wizards and witches. He also authorised A Children's Anthology of Monsters for readers of young age.


Newt Scamander wand

Newt's wand

  • Wand: Newt's wand was an of an unknown length, wood and core. Newt wielded his wand throughout his life and career, and was able to perform very powerful magic indeed with it.
Scamander's suitcase

Newt's enchanted suitcase

  • Suitcase: A magical suitcase enchanted with an Undetectable Extension Charm in which he held a number of beasts while he travelled. He could hide the contents from Muggles by flipping a switch on the case. In 1926, whilst visiting the United States of America, the beasts in Newt's suitcase escaped, whereupon he was accosted by Percival Graves, a powerful MACUSA Auror and right-hand man of the American wizarding community's leader, Seraphina Picquery. The suitcase contains its own world with many different habitats for each creature. It also contains a place for Newt himself. Tina takes the suitcase with Newt inside it to MACUSA headquarters where she tells them about the creatures that have escaped.
  • Passport: Newt possessed a Muggle passport during his worldwide travels, which he used to disguise himself as one to the Muggle authorities when passing international border controls.



Theseus Scamander

"The time is coming when you're gonna have to pick a side."
— Theseus to Newt in the British Ministry of Magic[src]
Theseus Scamander SODM

Theseus Scamander, Newt's older brother

Newt's confident, successful and worldly older brother was, in so many ways, the polar opposite to Newt himself. The relationship between the two of them as children is unknown, but the fact that they chose woefully different career paths is a hint that their differences went back as far as childhood.

By adulthood, Newt's relationship with Theseus seemed to be very complex: Theseus openly confided in Newt about the dangers of Grindelwald and Newt in return seemed to tolerate his brother enough to accept letters from him and also heed his advice, which helped in his dealings with Grindelwald disguised as Graves. Theseus earning the love of his life, Leta Lestrange, left Newt even more distant towards his brother. His attitude towards his brother seemed to be a mixture of annoyance and politeness, being not openly hostile towards him but at the same time making it bluntly clear he had no inclination to follow around him and Leta nor live up to Theseus's expectations, along with being quite uncomfortable with Theseus's shows of affection and frequent hugs.

He also did not hesitate to use a polyjuice potion to take on Theseus's form despite the possible repercussions it would have on his brother and when Tina overpowered Theseus in Paris, Newt remarked that witnessing it might be the greatest moment of his life, showing there was a part of Newt that resented Theseus. Despite this, however, Newt proved capable of putting aside their differences when push came to shove and he had to work with his brother, fighting side-by-side very effectively in Paris when battling against Grindelwald. The relationship finally got mended after the battle, as Newt actually comforted Theseus after Leta's death (as Leta was someone they both cared immensely about) and revealed that he had finally chosen a side to fight on. Later, Theseus persuaded the other Aurors to allow Newt and Dumbledore to speak alone.

Newton Scamander and Theseus Scamander before Jacob and Queenie's wedding

Newt and Theseus before Jacob and Queenie's wedding

Newt took Theseus with him to meet Dumbledore at the Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade, where Albus presented a plan to defeat Grindelwald. On the way to Berlin, Newt presented Theseus with a tie from Dumbledore. While at the German Ministry of Magic, Theseus was kidnapped by Grindelwald's acolytes and imprisoned in the Erkstag prison. Newt head to Erkstag and saved his brother before they were both eaten by the giant manticore. The brothers grabbed a tie that turned out to be a portkey for Hogwarts. Theseus also accompanied Newt on his trip to Bhutan during The walk of the Qilin, where Newt discovered Grindelwald's lie. During Jacob and Queenie's wedding in New York, Theseus reassured Newt that he was unnecessarily worried about the speech after he saved the world.

Porpentina Goldstein

"What I'm trying to say is, I want you to be happy, but don't be happy that I'm happy, because I'm not... happy."
— Newt to Tina in the Records Room in the French Ministry of Magic[src]
Porpentina Goldstein

Porpentina Goldstein, Newt's love interest and wife

Porpentina Goldstein was arguably the love of Newt's life. The two got off to a bad start after she followed Newt around while he caused trouble in a bank, and she kept having to demand that he take action since he clearly didn't want to. Eventually, not knowing his suitcase had been accidentally swapped with Jacob's, she turned him in to MACUSA for the threat he was unintentionally posing to New York. When Percival Graves saw confectionery instead of magical beasts while checking the suitcase, they left the MACUSA building together to find Newt's suitcase. When they did it, Tina offered Newt accommodation in her and her sister's apartment, but it didn't improve their relationship much, especially since Goldstein did it only because of the sick Jacob Kowalski, who had been bitten by one of the beasts which escaped from the suitcase, and also to be able to keep an eye on Newt.

However, after they were both arrested and Newt saved her life, their relationship began to improve, as Tina began to understand why a man could depend on magical beasts. With time, Newt became more and more conscious of Tina's virtues, seeing that she was a good-hearted person and that her previous desire to report his misdeeds to the superiors might have resulted from ignorance and willingness to prove that she could return to an Auror position.


Newt and Tina part ways in New York

Quests to search for the lost magical beasts, as well as their joint efforts while trying to defeat the Obscurus and even the capture of Gellert Grindelwald (while disguised Percival Graves), brought the two closer together. After the capture of Grindelwald, Newt told Seraphina Picquery about Tina's actions, which resulted in her being restored as an Auror, for which Tina was extremely grateful to him. At the time of his departure, Newt said he was going to publish a book and Tina briefly asked him if Leta Lestrange, the girl he once loved, liked to read. Newt only answered that he didn't really know what Leta liked these days, because people changed - and he had probably changed too. Tina promised to buy his book, and joyfully accepted when Newt asked if he could come back and give her a copy in person.

Newt and Tina in the Records Room

Newt and Tina in the Records Room

Due to his subsequent travel ban, Newt couldn't return to visit Tina and give her the book, so he had corresponded with her by letter, but a series of missteps on Newt's part, namely his accidental denunciation of Aurors as "career-driven hypocrites", had soured the relationship. Their relationship got even colder when Tina read an article in Spellbound, which had reported on the launch party of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and falsely stated that Newt was engaged to Leta Lestrange. The belief that Newt had rekindled his relationship with Leta was too much for Tina, and she broke off contact with Newt and started seeing a fellow Auror named Achilles Tolliver. When he learned that Credence had survived and Grindelwald escaped from MACUSA's prison in order to find him, Newt was ordered by Albus Dumbledore to go to Paris, where Credence was believed to be hiding.

Newt refused, but when he learned from Queenie that Tina was also there to find Credence, he travelled to France without hesitation. Newt was determined to have Tina learn the truth, although she remained cold with him, insisting on calling him "Mr Scamander". Nevertheless, Newt eventually managed to subtly confess his feelings for her, awkwardly stating that she had "eyes like a salamander". The two worked together once again when Grindelwald was summoning his followers.

Newton Scamander and Porpentina Goldstein speak in New York

Newt and tina Goldstein speak in New York

During Jacob and Queenie's wedding, Tina reunited with Newt, where they attended the ceremony with the other guests.

Newt and Tina got married at some point after the 1920s, and had at least one child, likely a son.[54] In the 1990s, Newt and Tina were living together in Dorset with their three pet Kneazles, Hoppy, Milly and Mauler, and had at least one grandson, Rolf Scamander.

Newt and Tina became great-grandparents after Rolf's wife, Luna Lovegood, gave birth to twin boys named Lorcan and Lysander. In 2017, Newt was still living with Tina in Dorset at the age of 118.

Albus Dumbledore

"I can't move against Grindelwald. It has to be you."
— Albus to Newt during they meeting in London[src]
Albus Dumbledore SODM

Albus Dumbledore, his former professor and friend

Newt's relationship with Albus Dumbledore was very close. During Newt's time at Hogwarts, Dumbledore was his Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor and among the very few who didn't look down on him, which started Newt's respect for the great professor. When one of Leta Lestrange's experiments involving a magical beast went too far, endangering the life of another student. Newt did not want to see a friend thrown out of school, so he took the blame for Leta's actions, and was thus sentenced to be expelled from Hogwarts in her place. Newt developed unending trust and loyalty to Dumbledore after he argued strongly against his expulsion. It is unclear whether the expulsion was enforced or not, or if it was temporary or permanent. However, Newt was allowed to keep his wand.

After school Newt probably was in a regular contact with his teacher. Newt respected his mentor enough to do tasks for him. Dumbledore told him where to find one ill-bred Thunderbird and later sent his former student to New York to release this beast, whose natural environment was Arizona. At this time Newt helped capture Gellert Grindelwald, who was trying to convince Obscurial Credence Barebone to join his ranks. Newt was extremely loyal to Dumbledore, because when he appealed to his travel ban, he lied to the committee members that he had gone to the United States on his orders.

Albus newt

Albus Dumbledore and Newt Scamander talking in London

When Grindelwald managed to escape, Albus felt that he would not be able to fight the dark wizard, so he asked Scamander for help. Dumbledore admired him, because he didn't care about power or popularity, something that Newt did not understand as he was not aware of Dumbledore's past that made him realise his initial views was a foolish man's dream and that Dumbledore meant Newt could have become a leader even greater than himself. He sent Newt to Paris to rescue Credence, who survived battle in New York, but Newt was reluctant, nevertheless he was willing to accept the address of a safe-house.

The rumours of Newton's potential travel to France reached the British Ministry of Magic, and a delegation, including Newt's brother Theseus Scamander, Leta Lestrange and Torquil Travers, was sent to Hogwarts Castle to question Dumbledore. Albus only pretended that he did not know anything about it and said that Newt was not a great follower of orders. During the Battle in Lestrange family Mausoleum, vial of Dumbledore's and Grindelwald's blood pact was stolen from Grindelwald, however, without his knowledge by a Niffler belonging to Newt Scamander. Shortly thereafter Scamander brought it to Dumbledore at Hogwarts. Dumbledore expressed regret at Leta's death in mausoleum. Newt in turn did not ask Dumbledore why he would form a blood pact with Grindelwald but simply asked him to destroy it, showing respect for his privacy. Although it apparently took years, Dumbledore clearly managed to abolish the blood pact, allowing him to finally defeat Grindelwald in a legendary duel.

As the elections for the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards approached, Albus asked Newt to go to China and to find the Qilin, which has to bow to the new Supreme Mugwump at The walk of the Qilin. However, Grindelwald managed to get the second Qilin, which he killed and revived to obey his orders. Dumbledore summoned Newt and Theseus to a meeting at the Hog's Head Inn, where he presented them that he could not destroy the blood pact's pendant and presented them with a plan to defeat Grindelwald. Dumbledore also handed Newt the items to hand over to the rest of the mission.

During the candidates dinner at the German Ministry of Magic, Newt gave Anton Vogel, the current Supreme Mugwump, a message from Dumbledore: "Do what is right, not what is easy." After Theseus was taken to Erkstag prison, Dumbledore head to Berlin, where he gave Newt the documents required to enter the Erkstag.

Dumbledore and Newt speaking at the Eyrie SOD

Dumbledore and Newt speaking at the Eyrie

When Albus, Newt, Theseus, Lally, Jacob and Bunty returned from Berlin to Hogwarts, Dumbledore explained to them that they will travel to Bhutan to attend the ceremony. During the dinner at the Hog's Head Inn, Dumbledore explained to Newt that Credence was in reality Aberforth's son and that he could not be saved. Albus also explained to Scamander that his sister, Ariana, was also an Obscurial and had died as a result of a duel between him, Aberforth and Grindelwald in Godric's Hollow. Newt comforted Dumbledore, but Albus continued to blame himself for his sister's death.

Newt revealed the second Qilin, and Dumbledore had a duel with Grindelwald, during which the blood pact was destroyed. Grindelwald escaped, and Albus explained to Newt that the vial had been destroyed, because the spells of the two wizards had met. Later during the wedding of Jacob and Queenie in New York, Dumbledore thanked Newt for his help, to which Newt replied that he would do it again if Dumbledore would ask him.

Jacob Kowalski

"Hey! Mr English guy! I think your egg is hatching!"
— Jacob to Newt in the bank when Newt lost Occamy's eggshell[src]
Jacob Kowalski SODM

Jacob Kowalski, his good Muggle friend

The friendship between Newt and Jacob was the result of a pure luck encounter, as they both found themselves in the same bank, albeit for different reasons. Jacob was associated with Newt's quest for his lost creatures from the beginning, as he inadvertently took Newt's magical case full of creatures instead of his own, causing the escape of some magical beasts. Newt finally found Jacob, who had been bitten by a Murtlap, and agreed to remain with the No-Maj until he was healed. Over the dinner they had with Tina and Queenie Goldstein, Newt remarked how easy it was for Jacob to be appreciated by people, something Newt had trouble with since most people found him annoying.

Newt and Jacob progressively bonded with each other, and once they successfully recaptured an Erumpent, Newt was told by Jacob to call him by his first name instead of "Mr Kowalski" becoming best friends. In the aftermath of the arrest of Gellert Grindelwald in New York, while Jacob was on the verge of being obliviated, he asked Newt why he had kept him around for so long, to which Newt simply replied that he liked Jacob and considered him a friend.

Newt and Jacob reconnected months later, and Newt immediately sensed that something was wrong with Jacob, who was under the influence of a spell by Queenie. Newt demanded that Jacob was released from the spell in order to freely make his own choices. Newt and Jacob teamed up once again in the former's quest for Credence Barebone, the two of them mentioning how difficult their relationships with the women they loved (Tina and Queenie) could be. Jacob also gave Newt advice on how he should compliment Tina once they would have found her.

Queenie Goldstein

"People are easiest to read when they're hurting."
— Queenie to Newt in Newt's suitcase.[src]
Queenie Goldstein SODM

Queenie Goldstein, a good friend

Queenie met Newt when he, along with Jacob Kowalski, were brought to her apartment by her sister Tina. The man at first a bit reluctantly accepted Queenie's hospitality, but he did not refuse her and put up at their home. Their relationship quickly warmed and the woman joined in helping to catch the beasts that escaped from his suitcase. Queenie helped to transport Newt, Tina and Jacob from MACUSA, and she volunteered to stop the Obscurus threatening the city. When Queenie found out that he missed Leta Lestrange, she consoled him that she could only take, and he deserved someone better. Scamander couldn't fully open himself to Queenie, and the awareness of her magical reading skills in the mind drank him. Nevertheless, they had good relationships and could rely on each other.

Months later, Queenie with Jacob visited Newt in London. Newt was sad seeing that Tina didn't come with them and Queenie informed him that Tina was in Paris to look for Credence Barebone. She stated that her sister is heartbroken and showed him a copy of Spellbound magazine which ran a mistaken cover story on Newt's supposed engagement to Leta Lestrange. Queenie stated that she doesn't talk with her sister and tell magizoologist that she and Jacob were engaged and planned to be married. Newt was put off with Queenie's over-eagerness and Jacob's awkward demeanour, until he realised that Queenie had cast a powerful love charm on Jacob and was planning to illegally marry Jacob.

This quickly made Newt furious with Queenie and seeing through her half-hearted efforts to defend herself, immediately prepared to cast the counter-spell on Jacob, refusing to let Jacob continue to be forced under Queenie's whims and also to prevent Queenie from punishment. Indicating that he would be willing to duel her if necessary, Queenie was intimidated enough to back down and Newt lifted the spell. Jacob refused to marry her, in fear of Queenie would be punished for marriage with him. As a result of this, Queenie felt betrayed by Newt and Jacob, though she may have also been afraid of Newt's clear anger when he realised Queenie really did go that far, so she left London and headed to Paris to find Tina, leaving two men in quest to find both sisters in France. During Grindelwald's rally in Lestrange family Mausoleum, Queenie joined the dark wizard's side, which saddened Newt.

After the events of Bhutan, when Queenie decided to leave Grindelwald and marry Jacob, Newt was one of the guests present at their wedding in Jacob's bakery.

Gellert Grindelwald

"What makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you?"
— Grindelwald (as Percival Graves) to Newt during his interrogation[src]
Gellert Grindelwald SODM 2

Gellert Grindelwald, his mortal enemy

Being the reigning Dark wizard of Newt's time, Newt had heard a lot about Grindelwald and already strongly disapproved, of his views but he did not support the Ministry's act against him. Unbeknownst to him at first, he would meet Grindelwald while he was disguised as Percival Graves in New York. Grindelwald, not impressed by Newt's love for creatures or his magical skills, questioned him on why Dumbledore would be fond of him despite his unique traits, having known of Dumbledore's strong argument on Newt's expulsion, although Newt did not know why himself. Grindelwald seemed to have wanted to continue to talk about Dumbledore.

Newt quickly began to dislike Grindelwald's reminder of his expulsion at Hogwarts and this increased even further when Grindelwald indicated Newt was working for the Greater Good, causing him to outrageously say that he wasn't one of Grindelwald's fanatics, which surprisingly not only didn't offend the Dark wizard but even caused him to be amused, and when Grindelwald slipped up by saying the hostless Obscurus was useless, Newt expressed disgust at what Graves could possibly use it for. Ultimately, this interaction caused Newt to realise that Graves was Grindelwald and that he intended to use him and his friends (Tina, Jacob, and Queenie) as scapegoats for the Obscurus attacks, becoming determined to stop him before it got too far and subsequently engaging in a duel with Grindelwald upon intervening in Grindelwald's plan to acquire Credence Barebone.

Newt with Grindelwald

Newt with Grindelwald

Newt did his best to hold off Grindelwald even as Grindelwald dropped all pretences and viciously attacked him with lightning spells in a fit of rage and eventually managed to capture Grindelwald by use of Swooping Evil and revealed his true identity to MACUSA. Before being carried off, Grindelwald turned to Newt, who glared defiantly back at him, and said mysteriously "Will we die, just a little?", possibly as a message for Dumbledore due to his knowing Newt's closeness to Dumbledore.

Newt did not initially want to oppose Grindelwald, as he did not take sides. Grindelwald encountered Newt once more in Paris, during which Grindelwald's only exchange was asking Newt whether Dumbledore would mourn for him. Newt, however, did survive the battle but Grindelwald's murder of Leta left Newt with a strong hatred for him and he chose to side against him during the Global Wizarding War at last. His act of giving Dumbledore the blood pact would subsequently aid greatly in the defeat of Grindelwald.

Grindelwald's hatred of Newt appeared to come, in part, from his jealousy of Dumbledore's care and admiration of the gifted young man. The Dark wizard's mocking of Dumbledore's affection for him in the Lestrange Mausoleum is a hint at this, indicating the idea of Dumbledore having someone else other than Grindelwald to love infuriated him. Although the two former lovers now operated on two completely different ideologies, Grindelwald still felt that Dumbledore's attention should be on himself alone.

Newt met Grindelwald again during the walk of the Qilin in Bhutan. Grindelwald killed Qilin and revived him to make the animal bow to him, making the Dark wizard the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards. Newt exposed Grindelwald's lie by revealing the second Qilin, which finally bowed to Vicência Santos.

Leta Lestrange

"Newt. You never met a monster you couldn't love."
— Leta to Newt in Lestrange family mausoleum[src]
Leta Profile

Leta Lestrange, Newt's childhood best friend

Due to both of them being outcasts and both of them loving magical creatures, Newt quickly befriended Leta and later fell in love with her, to the extent that he took the blame when Leta's experiments endangered a student and he was expelled. Although this left Newt bitter, he still loved Leta, keeping a picture of her in his suitcase, but was clearly resentful of how Leta never tried to contact him again, to the point of briefly lashing out at Queenie for reading his mind. This bitterness only increased when Leta and Theseus became engaged and he refused to interact with both of them at once.

Newt himself found Leta's efforts to re-establish their close relationship as irritating and while he was not openly hostile, he would made it clear that he had no inclination to follow her firmly and almost coldly. However, it cannot be denied that Newt still loved her deep down despite his growing feelings for Tina, as he still agreed to be the best man at the wedding and defended her from her self-hatred when she revealed her part in Corvus's death, looking solemn when she stated that he had "never met a monster he couldn't love", referring to herself. Her sacrifice devastated Newt and he was inspired to join the Global Wizarding War in her honour.

Eulalie Hicks

Eulalie Hicks SODM

Eulalie Hicks, good friend

Newt and Lally corresponded with themselves for some years before they officially meet during their trip to Berlin. Newt had no doubts for a moment that Lally could convince Jacob to participate in the mission. They got along very well, as they exchanged compliments on the books they had written while travelling by train. Scamander introduced her to the rest of the crew: Theseus, Bunty, and Yusuf. When Theseus was kidnapped by Grindelwald's acolytes at the German Ministry of Magic, Lally was helping Newt find out where his brother had been taken. She later travelled to Bhutan with Newt and the crew, where Newt discovered the Grindelwald's deception.

Bunty Broadacre

Bunty Broadacre SODM

Bunty Broadacre, his personal assistant

Bunty seemed to have a deep crush on Newt. She admired his work, and at the same time his passion, at the same time trying to match him and proving that magical creatures were as important to her as to Newt. Their relationship, however, was one-sided. Scamander seemed to ignore Bunty's flirtatious glances and showed no affection towards her. However, since she was his assistant, he trusted and liked her strongly, as evidenced by the fact that he had left her access to his own apartment, and when Bunty mentioned on a mission in Berlin that she could not reveal to him the details of her assignment, he understood it. Bunty also helped Newt uncover the truth during the walk of the Qilin election of the highest leader of the International Confederation of Wizards in Bhutan.

Yusuf Kama

Yusuf Kama SOD

Yusuf Kama

At first, Yusuf regarded Newt as a person who could prevent him from carrying out his Unbreakable Vow. For this reason, he locked him in his hideout in the sewers in Paris. After Kama passed out and Newt got out with Jacob and Tina, Scamander transported him to Nicolas Flamel's house. There he was drawn out of his eye by a parasite carried by water dragons. When Newt and Yusuf met again at the Lestrange Mausoleum, Kama told him and others the story about his past. As Grindelwald tried to destroy Paris, Yusuf helped Newt and the others cast an effective counter-spell.

Yusuf travelled with Newt and a team of selected wizards to Berlin, from where he travelled to Nurmengard. He was also present during the walk of the Qilin in Bhutan where Grindelwald's deception was exposed by Newt.


  • Newton is derived from the Old English place name meaning "new town" and was originally a surname. The most eminent historical figure with this surname is Sir Isaac Newton, who, while known largely for his contributions to the fields of mathematics and physics, also wrote many works on alchemy. Some of his writings suggest he was attempting to create a Philosopher's Stone,[55] inspired by the real Nicolas Flamel.
  • Artemis (Ἄρτεμις) was a goddess in Greek mythology, the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She is the goddess of the moon, hunting, the wilderness, and the gift of taming wild animals. In myth, Artemis spends most of her time hunting, which she has in common with Newt, although he seeks wild animals for conservation rather than sport.
  • Fido is of Latin origin, meaning "I trust" or "faithful". The name Fido is most commonly associated with being a common name for pet dogs in many countries.
  • Scamander is very similar to the word salamander, which is a type of real-world amphibian. In the wizarding world, salamanders are small lizards which feed on flames. Newts are also a type of salamander.
  • Scamander (Σκάμανδρος) is a river god in Greek mythology. The Scamander River (now known as the Karamenderes) flows over where the Trojan War was fought, according to Homer's Iliad.
  • Each of his four names are most likely referencing animals, due to his love for them.

Behind the scenes

Newt Scamander LEGO Dimensions E3 banner-PM

Newt Scamander as he appears in LEGO Dimensions


Newt Scamander (carrying an Occamy eggshell) as a POP! Vinyl


Newt Scamander as a POP! Vinyl


Newt Scamander as a LEGO mini-figure


Newt Scamander (with Pickett) as a POP! Vinyl


Newt Scamander as a LEGO Brickhead

  • Newt is portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in the Fantastic Beasts film series.
  • Newt Scamander is a playable character in the LEGO Dimensions video game and appears as part of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them themed LEGO Dimensions Story set with Eddie Redmayne reprising his role as the character's voice.[57]
  • In the Harry Potter films, a portrait of Scamander is present in the Headmaster's office, thus implying that he was a past Headmaster of Hogwarts and that he had died at some point in the more ambiguous present day timeline of the films.
  • A wanted poster from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film states that Newt was 6'2", 159 lbs, of red-brown hair and blue eyes,[6] however, his official Ministry of Magic Identification card from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald states that Newt was instead 6'1", 161 lbs, of brown hair and hazel eyes.[5]
  • In 2001, J. K. Rowling published a real version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for Comic Relief, a UK based charity event. The book was written from an in-universe perspective, and Scamander was credited as the "author" of the book. The original book was updated in 2017 after the character appeared as the star character in the film named directly after it.
  • Newt was the first known Hufflepuff introduced in the series, although this information was not revealed until Pottermore clarified his house.
  • When Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was originally translated into German, Newt's name was translated as "Lurch" Scamander. Lurch is a German word for amphibians, a family of animals the newt is also part of. When Fantastic Beasts was translated, his original first name was untranslated instead and Lurch was one of his middle names. This makes his full name in the German version "Newton Artemis Fido Lurch Scamander".
    • Similarly, in the French version of the Harry Potter books, he is named "Norbert Dragonneau" (Dragonneau meaning baby dragon), a possible foreshadowing to Norberta. In the translation of Fantastic Beasts, however, it is said that this is actually a pen name, and the book uses his original name the rest of the time. Even though it's a pen name, the name "Norbert Dragonneau" is used in the French and French Canadian versions of the first film of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
  • While never specifically confirmed to play Quidditch, when Mary Lou Barebone asks him if he is a "seeker of truth," he replies "I'm more of a chaser, really."
  • While using the swooping evil to catch Grindelwald in the film version, the screenplay for the films states that he uses his wand.
  • Originally the visual artists crafted expansive environments for all the creatures in Newt's case; however, J.K. Rowling informed that he wasn't that great of a wizard and they scaled them down to be backdrops creating a sufficient semblance of the creatures' natural habitats.[58]
  • Strangely, despite Newt being shown to be a loyal ally of Dumbledore as well as having played several key roles against Grindelwald, there is no mention of Newt having participated in either the First or Second Wizarding Wars against Lord Voldemort. He does not appear in the photograph of the original Order of the Phoenix and is not mentioned by Alastor Moody when showing the photograph to Harry. There is a chance however that he merely wasn't present for that particular photo and that he simply never encountered Harry.
  • It's possible that Newt attended Dumbledore's funeral in The Half Blood Prince and was unnamed, as it is stated that Harry did not recognise the majority of wizards who attended.
  • When asked by a fan about why Dumbledore would send Newt to take down Grindelwald when experienced aurors couldn't do it J.K. Rowling said that she could write an essay but that it would give away the whole plot of the Fantastic Beasts franchise.[59]
  • When asked by the press if Newt will remain central to the franchise, David Heyman said yes, confirming that Newt was "the key to all this".[60]
    • J.K. Rowling also confirmed Newt would remain the main character.[61]
Murtlap scar

A scar from a Murtlap bite on Newt's left hand

  • Newt has four distinctive scars on his left hand resembling a Murtlap bite. This would explain how Newt knew what a "bad reaction" entailed, since no wizards before Newt dared to go near a Murtlap.
  • Eddie Redmayne has stated that he thinks that Newt is autistic.[62] This would be consistent with Newt's disregard for many social norms, aversion to physical or eye contact, and firm sense of who he is, not to mention his own single-minded focus on his topics of perseverance and penchant for unorthodox solutions to daunting tasks.
  • Although having had been suggested in the novels that if a student is expelled from Hogwarts, their wand would be broken,[13][63] Newt owned and used a wand in his adult years.
    • Anyway, both Hagrid and Harry Potter, whose expulsion was reconsidered by the Ministry, were expelled after Newt. It might be possible that the Ministry introduced this particular law between 1914 circa (date of Newt's expulsion) and 1942/43, as Newt was allowed to keep his wand.[24]
  • When J. K. Rowling was asked about the form of Newt Scamander's Patronus, she said that it would be a spoiler to future films of the Fantastic Beasts film series.[64]
  • Newt was very much like Harry Potter, as they both didn't seek power nor popularity and also was liked by the same person, Albus Dumbledore. They are also both the main character and protagonist of their respective series in the Wizarding World franchise.
  • Newt is the only person known to have received the Order of Merlin Second Class.
  • The author doesn't think that Newt and Kennilworthy Whisp, the author of Quidditch Through the Ages, would be friends.


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Barnaby Lee · Belinda Brown · Bob · Cecil Lee · Cuthbert Mockridge · Dirk Cresswell · Hermione Granger · Amos Diggory · Mathilda Grimblehawk · Mathilda Grimblehawk's partner · Newton Scamander · Walden Macnair · Royden Poke · Liz Tuttle · Elderly Committee member · Bushily whiskered wizard
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Chocolate Frog Cards
Gold cards

Armando Dippet · Albus Dumbledore · Barberus Bragge · Bertie Bott · Carlotta Pinkstone · Dzou Yen · Falco Aesalon · Godric Gryffindor · Harry Potter · Herpo the Foul · Helga Hufflepuff · Montague Knightley · Phillipus von Hohenheim · Rowena Ravenclaw · Salazar Slytherin

Silver cards

Alberic Grunnion · Alberta Toothill · Andros the Invincible · Artemisia Lufkin · Blenheim Stalk · Bowman Wright · Chauncey Oldridge · Circe · Cliodna · Crispin Cronk · Cyprian Youdle · Daisy Dodderidge · Derwent Shimpling · Donaghan Tremlett · Dunbar Oglethorpe · Dymphna Furmage · Elfrida Clagg · Felix Summerbee · Fulbert the Fearful · Gaspard Shingleton · Gideon Crumb · Glenda Chittock · Gondoline Oliphant · Gregory the Smarmy · Gwenog Jones · Honoria Nutcombe · Ignatia Wildsmith · Joscelind Wadcock · Kirley Duke · Laverne de Montmorency · Leopoldina Smethwyck · Maeve · Mirabella Plunkett · Mopsus · Morgan le Fay · Oswald Beamish · Roderick Plumpton · Sacharissa Tugwood · Thaddeus Thurkell · Wendelin the Weird · Xavier Rastrick

Bronze cards

Adalbert Waffling · Almeric Sawbridge · Archibald Alderton · Balfour Blane · Beatrix Bloxam · Beaumont Marjoribanks · Bridget Wenlock · Burdock Muldoon · Cassandra Vablatsky · Celestina Warbeck · Cornelius Agrippa · Devlin Whitehorn · Dorcas Wellbeloved · Edgar Stroulger · Elladora Ketteridge · Ethelred the Ever-Ready · Flavius Belby · Gifford Ollerton · Glanmore Peakes · Glover Hipworth · Greta Catchlove · Grogan Stump · Gulliver Pokeby · Gunhilda de Gorsemoor · Havelock Sweeting · Hengist of Woodcroft · Heathcote Barbary · Herman Wintringham · Hesper Starkey · Jocunda Sykes · Justus Pilliwickle · Merlin · Merton Graves · Merwyn the Malicious · Miranda Goshawk · Mungo Bonham · Musidora Barkwith · Myron Wagtail · Newton Scamander · Norvel Twonk · Orsino Thruston · Perpetua Fancourt · Quong Po · Roland Kegg · Stoddard Withers · Tilly Toke · Uric the Oddball · Yardley Platt

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Blodwyn Bludd · Vlad Drakul · Amarillo Lestoat · Carmilla Sanguina · Herbert Varney

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Babayaga · Malodora Grymm · Old Mother Hubbard · Cordelia Misericordia · Leticia Somnolens

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Bran the Bloodthirsty · Cyclops · Goliath · Morholt · Hengist of Upper Barnton

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Alguff the Awful · Eargit the Ugly · Gringott · Ug the Unreliable · Urg the Unclean

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Common Welsh Green · Hebridean Black · Hungarian Horntail · Norwegian Ridgeback · Romanian Longhorn

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Billywig · Bowtruckle · Doxy · Double-ended Newt · Giant Purple Toad · Giant Squid · Gnome · Gytrash · Imp · Kelpie · Manticore · Mountain troll · Streeler · Phoenix · Unicorn