"You're an interesting man, Mr Scamander. Just like your suitcase, I think there's more to you than meets the eye."
Gellert Grindelwald disguised as Percival Graves[src]

Magizoologist Newton Scamander owned a magical suitcase, bewitched with an Undetectable Extension Charm, in which he held a number of beasts while he travelled.[1] He could hide the contents from Muggles by flipping a switch on the case.[2]

This case accompanied him to New York City in 1926. During this time, several beasts escaped and wreaked havoc across the city.


In 1926, Newt Scamander took the case with him to New York City, where he was supposed to briefly stop before a trip to Arizona to release his Thunderbird, Frank, into the wild. Upon arrival, the case was inspected by muggle border control workers. Seeing one of the latches was flicked open (presumably by the Niffler), Scamander ensured the case was set to its 'Muggle-Worthy' setting, which displayed his clothes and goods to the boarding patrol guard rather than the beasts he cared for.

When Scamander stopped in front of a bank to listen to one of Mary Lou Barebone's speeches, the Niffler managed to escape the case and run into the bank, where it attempted to steal from the vaults. The Niffler was swiftly returned to the case.

However, during his attempt at recovering the creature, Newt Scamander crossed paths with a No-Maj named Jacob Kowalski. Once the Niffler was returned to the case, Kowalski accidentally picked up the wrong case (he too carried an old leather case of similar size). The case journeyed with Kowalski to his apartment. After being set upon the bed, one its latch opened again, causing Kowalski to curiously inspect the case, where a Murtlap was able to jump out onto Kowalski's face. Temporarily stunned, Kowalski left the case open, therefore allowing other creatures to escape, namely the Niffler, the Erumpent, Dougal the Demiguise, an Occamy, and at least one Billywig.

When Newt Scamander, aided by ex-Auror Porpentina 'Tina' Goldstein, arrived to retrieve the case, he discovered an injured and confused Kowalski. Helping Kowalski to his feet, Goldstein took the duo to her apartment. After a meal, when Kowalski and Scamander lay in beds provided by Porpentina and her sister, Queenie, Scamander opened the case and invited Kowalski inside, so that he could assess which of his creatures managed to escape.

Inside, the two of them took care of the jobs that needed doing, including feeding the Mooncalves and a Marmite.

Scamander, guided by Kowalski, took the case with him to secure the escaped creatures. At a jewellery store, Scamander captured the Niffler, who was safely returned to the case. Soon afterward the Erumpent was discovered in the Central Park Zoo. This immense beast proved difficult to return to the case, mostly due to its large size and increasing desire to mate with Kowalski (who had accidentally covered himself in Erumpent musk), although it too was safely returned.

Tina, annoyed that Scamander and Kowalski deserted her, tracked them down and captured them inside the case by locking it while they were inside. She swiftly presented the case to Seraphina Picquery, who after hearing that the case contained a detached Obscurial, ordered the arrest of the trio and seizing of the case by Percival Graves (mass-murderer Gellert Grindelwald in disguise). However, Queenie was able to help Kowalski escape imprisonment and steal the case back, which she used to hide Kowalski, her sister, and Scamander during their escape from the ministry.

The case is taken to a department store in order to capture Dougal, the escaped Demiguise, and the baby Occamy that Dougal was babysitting. Dougal let himself be captured easily knowing Newt's harmless intentions and liking life inside the case, but the young Occamy (possibly the one that was hatched at the bank) provided a challenge. After shrinking it inside of a teapot by temptation of a cockroach, Scamander, Kowalski, and the Goldstein sisters head inside of the case where they take care of the creatures (it is presumed that the escaped Billywigs were either captured off-screen, or Newt either forgot about them (at some point he was aware that one had escaped) or simply let them escape, due to them being too fast, small, and safe to cause harm or destruction.

Scamander, attempting to subdue a raging Obscurial named Credence Barebone, hands the case to Tina, who gives it to her sister after chasing after Newt. After Credence is seemingly killed and Graves is captured and revealed to be Grindelwald, Newt is tasked with Obliviating the citizens of New York, who are now aware that wizards exist. Scamander, previously wanting to release Frank - his Thunderbird - in Arizona, sets him free here, where he flies into a brewing storm which he contaminates with diluted Swooping Evil venom. The rain (which now has powerful Obliviatory properties due to the venom) washes away the city's memories of magic.

After saying goodbye to Kowalski, Tina, and Queenie, Scamander boards a boat back to England, taking his case with him.


Newt's suitcase is an old, brown, leather suitcase with Muggle-Worthy switches to hide the contents from Muggles. It was made sometime before 1926.

Inside is a magically-expanded world where Newt houses his creatures. The beasts are often then released back into their natural habitats once Newt deems them fit to survive on their own.


The inside of the case when it is Muggle-Worthy

However, the case holds a switch labelled 'Muggle-Worthy'. When flicked, it transforms back into a regular suitcase. As a regular case, it contained clothes, a tour brochure, a compass, a scarf, gloves, a magnifying glass, a map, and binoculars amongst other things.

Magical Interior

The suitcase contains its own magically expanded world with many different Atmospheric Charms in place to sustain a number of different habitats for each creature. It also contains a shed for Newt.[3] Newt's shed has a picture of Leta Lestrange, his notebooks, Beast codes, a copy of Bestiarium Magicum, plants, Beak Balm, Shell Shiner, and other Magizoology books.

There are many habitats within the case specially constructed for each of the various creatures that Scamander keeps inside:

  • Bamboo Forest Habitat - An area with tall trees that hold nests for birds. A nest made of curled bamboo lies on the floor that several young Occamies reside in. At least one tree is designated to a group of Bowtruckles. A hollowed ball made of stone hangs from a tree, home to a single Demiguise. Just outside of the bamboo forest lies a series of stone constructions created by the Giant Dung Beetles. It is possible that they live here.
  • Earthen Habitat - A large floating earthen area with a thick tree on top. The area is hollowed out with golden light coming from inside. Roots hang down from underneath and touch the floor. This area overlooks the floating tree habitat, the bamboo forest, and Newt's shed. It is possible that this is the habitat of the Niffler, as the gold could be riches that the Niffler has previously collected, and as it appeared to be empty when Scamander was showing Jacob Kowalski around the case (a time in which the Niffler had escaped). Furthermore, Nifflers often live in lairs underground.
  • Floating Tree Habitat - A smaller floating piece of earth covered in golden leaves. A cluster of small trees sprouts upwards. This habitat is positioned just below the bamboo forest. It is unknown what creature lives here.
  • Chinese Pagoda - At first glance a small Chinese Pagoda, upon entering it transforms into a magically-expanded cave, using a charm much like the suitcase's own. Inside are several smaller cave tunnels, as well as dozens of stalactites and stalagmites. In a deleted scene, two Runespoors - an infant and one much larger - were shown in this area.
  • Erumpent Habitat - A grassland area reminiscent of the African Savannah. It is a dry area with pale grass and wide-brimmed trees offering shade from the sun. One of the enclosure's walls is broken. This is where the Erumpent lives.
  • Graphorn Habitat - A flat, grey area that leads into a tall rock formation. The Graphorns live here. This habitat is positioned behind the bamboo forest and Newt's shed. Just outside of this habitat is a perch for a Fwooper, although as it is a single perch and more than one Fwooper lives inside of the case, it can be assumed that the Fwooper habitat is not the same as the Graphorns'.
  • Nundu Habitat - A rainforest area where the Nundu resides. As well as many trees, this place also holds a large rocky outcrop that the Nundu walks on. This area leads into the Mooncalf habitat.
  • Thunderbird Habitat - A large rock formation surrounded by desert reminiscent of the Arizona desert designated to the Thunderbird.
  • Mooncalf Habitat - A small rocky mountain with grass and trees growing upon it, where the Moocalves reside.
  • Grindylow Habitat - A large square of water that the Grindylows inhabit. The creatures are able to float around outside of the water in large bubbles of water. This habitat is between the Nundu Habitat and the Mooncalf Habitat. It is possible that the Marmite lives here too.
  • Lightbulb Habitat - Floating above the other environments, Newt keeps several empty lightbulbs that younger Glow Worms inhabit. Occasionally, Newt will use these for lighting. As a huge cluster of butterfly-like creatures were shown flying up to these, it can be assumed that upon reaching adulthood, the Worms enter a stage of metamorphosis and transform into these creatures.
  • Zouwu Habitat - After Newt rescues the rampaging Zouwu from the streets of Paris, he places it in its own habitat inside of the case that appears similar to the bamboo forest. However, it is possible that said forest was expanded to fit the much-larger Zouwu alongside its previous residents.
  • Snowy Habitat - A blank, snowy habitat where a floating Obscurus is, separated from its owner who was killed during the process. This habitat is supposed to be hard to discover as it is contained by large curtains. However, these curtains can blow to the side and reveal the habitat. However, it is possible that this habitat can also be used for magical creatures - it can be assumed that this habitat was empty when Scamander discovered the Obscurial, or that he cleared this area out for it. This area is to the side of the Mooncalf habitat.
  • Possible Water Habitat - In several behind the scenes videos showcasing Newt's case, there is a wooden rowing boat. Although one was never seen, it is possible that a river, lake, or oceanic habitat exists. However, there is a chance that Newt can add and remove habitats when he wants, so it is possible that he only occasionally needs the boat. Furthermore, there may be more water behind the Grindylow habitat that we have not yet seen.
  • Possible Ashwinder Habitat - As Newt had a frozen Ashwinder egg, it is presumed that he either had a habitat for it to belong to once hatched, or he would simply store it in an already-constructed environment. Although Newt sometimes keeps the Swooping Evil in his shed, it is unlikely that he would do the same for the Ashwinder as it has the ability to burn structures, especially wooden ones.

Creatures contained in the suitcase

This is a list of creatures known to have been contained within the suitcase at one point or another:


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