"You've found some Niffler's Fancy! This plant is very rare and highly sought-after! See the gleaming copper-like leaves which some primitive wizards were known to use instead of coins! Nobody's yet studied its potion-making potential. Gather some — you will make your name as the first to study this extraordinary plant."
Zygmunt Budge[src]

Niffler's Fancy is a rare plant with magical properties. It has gleaming leaves that shine like copper,[1] and are thus named since Nifflers have an affinity for shiny objects.[2]

The shiny leaves of this plant are known to have been used as one of the earliest forms of wizarding currency, by primitive wizards. Perhaps because of this, Niffler's fancy is a rare plant nowadays, and it has not been very studied as to its Potion-making properties; however, it is known that it is a powerfully magical potion ingredient, since it is one of the constituents of the Potion of All Potential.[1]


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