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The Nigerian National Quidditch team was the national Quidditch team of Nigeria. Norway and Nigeria were the two highest ranked teams at the opening of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.[1]


Their mascot was a Sasabonsam.[1]

2014 Quidditch World Cup

On May 14th, Nigeria played against Fiji, winning 400 to 160. The Beaters Aliko Okoye and Mercy Ojukwu did serious damage to the Fijian Chasers, resulting in Nigeria scoring 40 goals in the first hour, while Fiji scored only one. The game ended in the 141st minute when Fijian Seeker Joseph Snuka caught the Snitch despite being more than 150 points behind, losing the match and drawing jeers from the Nigerian fans.[1]

Many were surprised by the result of their match on June 10th, when they were beaten 100 to 270 by Japan. Okoye and Ojukwu again played very well, but Japanese Beater Masaki Hongo smashed the tail off Seeker Samuel Equiano's broom, giving Japanese Seeker Noriko Sato an opportunity to catch the Snitch and win. As all brooms are supposed to withstand and bludger attack, this incident prompted an inquiry into the Thunderbolt VII, which Equiano had been using, and it was rumoured that Nigerian warlocks were soon on their way to the Thunderbolt Headquarters in Manchester.[1]

2014 squad

Nigerian National Quidditch team
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Aliko Okoye Mercy Ojukwu  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Samuel Equiano



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