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The Nordic National Quidditch team was the team that sometimes represented Norway, Sweden, and Denmark for international Quidditch tournaments.[1] At the 2014 Quidditch World Cup however, Norway fielded their own national team.[2]

Team special move

Peter Hansen with the Quaffle

The Nordic's team special move was a fairly complicated manoeuvre known as The Björn Blizzard (20 points), and played out as follows: the 3 chasers and the 2 beaters did flips in the air, making streams of icy fog. The opposing team's chasers were forced to close their eyes (and freezing the opposing keeper) while Gustaffson scored. Gustaffson went behind the goal, then passed the ball back to Hansen who scored.[1]


The team's emblem consisted of three Quidditch goalposts with a snowflake in front of them and the sun shining behind a glacier in the background.[1]


Nordic Stadium

The Nordic Quidditch Stadium was located in Scandinavia. The stadium was set in a massive glacier crevasse, where small stands were located. The goalposts were greenish-blue, as was the outline of the pitch.[1]


Nordic National Team
Olaf Andersen Lorre Gustafson Peter Hansen
  Asgard Pettersson Asgeir Knutsen  
Keeper Seeker
Martin Helstrom Tina Lundstrom


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