Norway is a country located in the Northern part of of Europe. Its capital is Oslo. Norway borders two other Nordic countries, Sweden and Finland, as well as Russia.[4]

The country had its own Ministry of Magic. The country was perhaps best known for the correspondence between Goodwin Kneen and a wizard named Olaf (a Norwegian) in regards to Quidditch, and its learning in Norway.[1]

Norway is a constitutional monarchy.[4]

Magical education

Norwegian wizards and witches have the option to attend Durmstrang Institute since said school is likely located in the extreme north of Norway, possibly in Svalbard.

Magical games and sports

Norway had only one team in the European Quidditch Cup, the Karasjok Kites. It also had its own National Quidditch team.[3]

Magical government

Norway was governed by its own Ministry of Magic.[3]

Magical creatures

Native to Norway


The following creatures were found throughout Scandinavia:


The following creatures were found in certain regions of Europe that Norway falls under:

North Sea

The following creatures were found throughout the North Sea:

Atlantic Ocean

The following creatures were found throughout the Atlantic Ocean:


The following creatures were all found worldwide:


Sometime after starting his work with the Department of International Magical Co-operation in 1994, Percy Weasley received some dragon dung in his in-tray, which he excused during a dinner at The Burrow as having been a "sample of fertiliser from Norway" and "nothing personal." Fred Weasley secretly advised Harry Potter that it had been personal, as he and his brother George were the ones that had sent it.[6]

Known residents


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