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"As they entered November, the weather turned very cold. The mountains around the school became icy grey and the lake like chilled steel. Every morning the ground was covered in frost."
— Description[src]

November is the eleventh month of the year. It is one of the months of the year with thirty days. This month is the start of the Quidditch season.

Notable events

Date Year Events
1 November 1981
Hagrid delivers Harry.jpg
Rubeus Hagrid rescues baby Harry Potter from the ruins of his parents' cottage after they were murdered by Lord Voldemort. He is then taken to 4 Privet Drive to live with his Muggle relatives. Wizards all over England celebrate the first downfall of Lord Voldemort.

Soon after hearing the news of the Potter's murders, and giving Hagrid his motorcycle, Sirius Black realises who betrayed them. Cornering Peter Pettigrew in a crowded street, Black reaches for his wand. Before he can attack, Pettigrew announces that Black is a traitor, cuts off his finger, and blasts a massive crater into the floor, killing twelve Muggles. Pettigrew transforms into his Animagus form. Black is seeing laughing like a lunatic, and is arrested and sentenced to Azkaban for killing the Muggles, Pettigrew's "murder", and the betrayal of the Potters.

1994 Harry writes to Sirius Black about being chosen as a fourth Triwizard Tournament champion.
3 November 1959 Sirius Black is born to Orion and Walburga Black of the ancient House of Black.
6 November 1993
Dementors in mass.png
The Gryffindor Quidditch team plays the Hufflepuff Quidditch team in a driving rain. Harry falls from his broom under the influence of Dementors, and Cedric Diggory catches the Golden Snitch. Harry's broom is also destroyed by the Whomping Willow. This is also the first Quidditch match which Harry loses.
8 November 1991 Harry discovers that Professor Snape's leg had been injured and surmises that the injury was inflicted by Fluffy.
B2C10M3 petrification discussion in the Hospital Wing.jpg
While Harry is in the Hospital Wing after receiving a Quidditch injury, Colin Creevey is petrified by Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk. Colin is later brought to the Hospital wing as well.
9 November 1991
B1C11M2 Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match.jpg
Harry plays in his first Quidditch match versus Slytherin. He is almost killed when Quirinus Quirrell jinxes his broom and causes him to lose control of it.

Harry and Hermione Granger visit Hogsmeade village. There, Hagrid asks Harry to meet him late that evening. Harry sees the dragons for the First Task. After midnight, he speaks with Sirius via the Floo Network.

22 November Shortly after midnight, Hagrid takes Harry to see the dragons that would be used for the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament. Afterwards, Harry returns to Gryffindor Tower to speak with Sirius Black through the fireplace.
24 November
Horntail – first task.png
The First Task of the  Triwizard Tournament takes place in which the Champions have to pass a dragon. Harry Potter faces a Hungarian Horntail and retrieves his egg in record time.