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"Put your hands up in the air!
Like an ogre, who just don't care
Myron Wagtail mentioning ogres in his song[src]

Ogres were magical creatures. Ron and Hermione saw an ogre-like being in the Three Broomsticks, during their first trip to Hogsmeade on 31 October, 1993.[1] The Weird Sisters referenced ogres in the song Do the Hippogriff.

It is possible that they were classified as beings by the Ministry of Magic.


Not much is known about ogres. One possible hint about their appearance was given in the fifty-second edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as ghouls were described as looking like slimy, buck toothed ogres. From this it can be assumed that ogres bore a passing resemblance to ghouls, but without the slimy skin or buck teeth. Presumably they were more intelligent than ghouls as well.


Notes and references

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