Harry Potter: "Fizzy Pop"
Baron: "Well done, young sir! That's the correct password! Let's see if I can get these old hinges working."
— About the portrait[src]

The Old Posh Baron was a Portrait at Hogwarts Castle, portraying a kind, polite old nobleman.


1991–1992 school year

In the 1991–1992 school year, it hung in a Portrait Room next to the Great Hall, guarding a secret chamber where a Nimbus 2000 was kept. The password to this room, "Fizzy Pop", was traded to Harry Potter for fifty earwax flavour Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans by Fred and George Weasley.[1]

1992–1993 school year

In the 1992–1993 school year, the Portrait Room, where the Baron's portrait hung became an out-of-bounds area, so the portrait was moved to a secret room behind a bookcase, guarding a small chamber with a lever.[2]

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