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"So Harry, thinking that he would soon have had enough of the library to last him a lifetime, buried himself once more among the dusty volumes, looking for any spell that might enable a human to survive without oxygen. However, though he, Ron, and Hermione searched through their lunchtimes, evenings, and whole weekends — though Harry asked Professor McGonagall for a note of permission to use the Restricted Section, and even asked the irritable, vulture-like librarian Madam Pince, for help — they found nothing whatsoever that would enable Harry to spend an hour underwater and live to tell the tale."
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Oxygen (chemical symbol: O) is a chemical element with atomic number 8. At the standard conditions for temperature and pressure (STP), oxygen atoms bind to form the diatomic molecule oxygen gas (O2), a pale blue gas with no smell or taste. Oxygen is necessary for most organisms, makes up 21% of the Earth's atmosphere and comprises most of the mass in water.

Humans can not survive without oxygen, and it seems there were no spells capable of enabling humans to do so.[1] The Bubble-Head Charm, however, allowed the users to breathe oxygen underwater, possibly by using the oxygen present in water molecules and allowing carbon dioxide to dissipate into water.[1]

The use of gillyweed allowed one to process oxygen through gills.

When they were investigating the magical creature that had attacked a Muggle landlord in a Welsh lake, Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner found a clipboard with diving calculations on it; Mathilda referred to inscriptions like "O2" and "50m" as "a strange Muggle code".[2]


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