"Harry didn't speak at all as they walked down the road; he didn't even notice how much people were gawking at them on the Underground, laden as they were with all their funny-shaped packages, with the snowy owl asleep in its cage on Harry's lap. Up another escalator, out into Paddington station; Harry only realised where they were when Hagrid tapped him on the shoulder."
Harry Potter travelling with Rubeus Hagrid.[src]

Paddington Station is a busy railway station in central London, similar to King's Cross Station. Rubeus Hagrid sent Harry Potter home from here after they had been shopping at Diagon Alley. Harry then returned to the Dursleys' home in Little Whinging. Harry's choice of a train from Paddington to get home from central London gives an indication of Little Whinging's location within Surrey.[1]


Notes and references

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