"Zis is nothing. At ze Palace of Beauxbatons, we 'ave ice sculptures all around ze dining chamber at Chreestmas. Zey do not melt, of course...zey are like 'uge statues of diamond, glittering around ze place. And ze food is superb. And we 'ave choirs of wood nymphs, 'oo serenade us as we eat. We 'ave none of zis ugly armour in ze 'alls, and eef a poltergeist ever entaired into Beauxbatons, 'e would be expelled like zat."
Fleur Delacour criticising the Hogwarts decorations in the Great Hall to Roger Davies at the Yule Ball[src]

The Palace of Beauxbatons is a small palace with four floors[2] located in the Pyrenees[1] in the south of France. It is home to the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and for that reason its whereabouts are kept hidden and protected so as not to reveal the academy's secrets to other schools. The palace's location is presumably entrusted to the Headmaster or Headmistress, which was Madame Olympe Maxime during the 1990s.


The Palace of Beauxbatons was built over seven-hundred years ago in the south of France, in the Pyrenees. It is surrounded by formal gardens and lawns created out of the mountainous landscape by magic.[1] At Christmas time, the Dining Chamber is adorned and decorated with huge, beautiful ice-sculptures which do not melt, and the students eating in the hall are serenaded by choirs of wood nymphs. The palace is also under the protection of Unplottability, which protects it from MNon-magiques and rival schools.

In the Beauxbatons park stands the Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel Fountain, which is believed to hold healing and beautifying powers. It was built to honour Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel, who part-funded the castle and grounds.


Beaux supporters

Beauxbatons students at the Triwizard Tournament

Students in their sixth year of study take their first set of examinations, which are, presumably, equivalent to the British Ordinary Wizarding Level, which is taken in fifth year. In December, the dining hall (possibly the equivalent of the Great Hall) is decorated with huge ice sculptures, which do not melt. The Academy also took part in the Triwizard Tournament, which took place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They travelled there by powder blue carriages, carried by Abraxan horses.[3]


Beauxbatons students, and possibly teachers, eat their meals in the dining chamber. As they eat, they are serenaded by choirs of Wood Nymphs, who sing and dance around the hall. The food served there is lighter than the food served at Hogwarts, according to Fleur Delacour, and one known meal served at the palace is bouillabaisse, a fish soup.


In place of Broomsticks, the Palace seem to prefer the use of trained winged horses as means of personal transport. During the 1994 Triwizard Tournament, at least a dozen giant winged horses were used to pull the Beauxbatons Carriage that transported Madame Olympe Maxime along with the delegation from her Academy.

Behind the scenes

  • J. K. Rowling had previously stated that Beauxbatons was located near the city of Cannes.[4] Pottermore, however, retcons this, instead placing its location in the Pyrenees.


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