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Panacea was a remedy that supposedly would cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely. Its creation was one of the best known goals of the alchemists.[1][3]

According to an alchemical work dating back to the 1550s, the constituents of this perfect medicine were Vinegar, Salt, Urine, Sal Ammoniac and a particular Sulphur Vive.[2][4]

The Elixir of Life may have been considered the achievement of Panacea,[3] as Lord Voldemort sought it out to regain a body after his original one was destroyed via a rebounded Killing Curse,[5] and it can extend life indefinitely as long as it is drunk regularly.[6]

At some point in or before 1990, a Rogue alchemist in Great Britain created and sold a fake panacea that was made of lard and corn starch, which gave the drinker boils instead of immortality.[7]


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