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This charm (incantation unknown) could be used to animate a paper bird and make it fly like a real bird.[1][2]


In 1993, Draco Malfoy used this charm during Severus Snape's Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson on werewolves, in which he sent a flying paper bird to Harry Potter which contained a cruel and crude animated drawing of him being struck by lightning whilst playing Quidditch.[1]

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In 1995, Padma Patil performed this charm at the beginning of one of Dolores Umbridge's Defence Against the Dark Arts classes, but the paper bird was magically burned and destroyed by the new mean-spirited Professor as soon as she entered the classroom.[2]

On 1 September, 2017, a flying paper bird could be seen at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, before students departed on the Hogwarts Express. Lily L. Potter tried chasing after the enchanted paper bird.[3]

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