Marcus Flint (Harry thought Flint looked as if he had some troll blood in him.)

Ronald Weasley: "Told them I was Stan Shunpike. First person I could think of."
Harry Potter: "And they believed that?"
Ronald Weasley: "They weren't the brightest. One of them was definitely part troll, the smell of him…"
Ronald Weasley tells Harry Potter and Hermione Granger about his encounter with Snatchers in 1997.[src]

Part-trolls were, apparently, beings with some, but not a total, amount of troll heritage or blood, as well as part human blood.[1][2]

Part-trolls were also, apparently, aggressive individuals[1] with a troll's characteristic foul smell.[2] They were also noted for their strength.[3]

Known part-trolls


A half-troll was an attraction of the Circus Arcanus[3]

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