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A part elf was, presumably, an individual with both human and house-elf ancestry.


Before 1901, a part-elf named Irma Dugard worked for the Lestrange family as a housekeeper. In 1901, the ship she was travelling to America on sank. Dugard managed to escape with her charges, Leta Lestrange and a baby she presumed to be Corvus Lestrange. After escaping, she gave "Corvus" to be adopted, unaware that Leta had switched her half-brother with another infant for her own reasons. Dugard eventually returned to her native France, living in Paris at the time of her death in 1927.[1]

In 1927, the Circus Arcanus featured several part-elf performers.[2]

In the 1990s, some Ravenclaw students, including Robert Hilliard, speculated that Filius Flitwick was part elf because of his stature, although they never asked him about it, believing it would be rude.[3] In fact, he was part-goblin.[4]

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  • It is also unknown if they inherited the special form of elf magic from their non-human ancestor. Irma Dugard possessed a weak form of magic, though it is unclear if it was of the human or house-elf kind.
  • It is likely interbreeding between humans and erklings or yumboes is possible as well, as both species are described as "elvish" (and thus presumably closely related to normal elves). Moreover, it would also be possible that humans could cross-breed with Red Caps, Leprechauns and Imps, as all three, while not explicitly stated to be related to elves, are markedly similar to them. However, given the nature of some of these creatures, this is highly unlikely to ever be tested.
  • Students confusing Flitwick for a part-elf may have been inspired by J. K. Rowling's earlier comment that she thought the early movies' version of Flitwick "looked like an elf" (and thus far more non-human than she initially intended).


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