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"Everyone was worried about Penelope Padgett. It wasn't because she was from Slytherin, mind you. Her parents were open supporters of You-Know-Who… Her mum's in Azkaban. There was some reason for a bit of caution."
Ronald Weasley regarding the anxiety surrounding Penelope Fawley[src]

Mrs Padgett was a British witch, the wife of Mr Padgett and the mother of Penelope Fawley (née Padgett).[2]


During the Second Wizarding War, Mr and Mrs Padgett were both outspokenly supportive of Lord Voldemort and his Magic is Might Campaign; following the war, the latter was imprisoned in Azkaban for involving herself in the conflict.[2] Before she was imprisoned, the last thing she gave her daughter was a Comet 290 broomstick, which was regarded as the only thing she was left with to remember her by.[2]

When Penelope came to work in the Auror Office, Gethsemane Prickle was suspicious of her due to her parents' ties to the Death Eaters.[2]


Notes and references

  1. She was an avid supporter of the Death Eaters, meaning she would not have been a Muggle-born.
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