Penelope "Nel" Fawley (née Padgett; b. circa 1982[1]) was a British witch, the wife of Grim Fawley, and an Auror working for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the British Ministry of Magic. In 2015[5], she went missing and the subsequent investigation overseen by the council which Gareth Greengrass was a member, was called off. This decision may have played a role in Grim unleashing the Calamity through the use of the Foundables Spell.[6]


Early life

Penelope Padgett was born somewhere in the British Isles into the wizarding Padgett family around 1982.[1]

She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sometime in the early-to-mid 1990s and was sorted into Slytherin. In her fifth year, she became a prefect.[4]

During the Second Wizarding War, her parents were both outspoken supporters of Lord Voldemort and his Magic is Might Campaign; following the war, her mother was imprisoned in Azkaban for involving herself in the conflict. Before she was imprisoned, the last thing her mother gave her was a Comet 290 broomstick, which Penelope regarded as the only thing she had left to remember her by.[4]

Career and marriage

After her graduation, Penelope joined the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the British Ministry of Magic.[4] She was described as being ambitious, a characteristic trait amongst Slytherins.[7] However, people were suspicious of her due to her parents' past support of Lord Voldemort. In particular, Gethsemane Prickle sent a memo to Harry Potter, the Head of the Auror Office, warning him about Penelope and predicting that she was going to be trouble.[4]

Penelope was given a desk job that left her in frequent contact with Grim Fawley, a research assistant in the department. Eventually, the two fell in love and started dating in 2005. Fearing that discovery of their workplace romance would result in Grim being transferred out of the department, the two decided to keep their relationship secret.[7][8] As a result, the two would often communicate using coded messages.[4]

Penelope excelled in her work and her accomplishments within the Department resulted in her becoming an Auror within two years of having joined the department. She was described by Harry Potter as "one of the finest candidates" he had ever seen. During her career, Penelope was noted to not have been a rule follower, instead preferring to do things her own way. However, this view was common among Aurors and her work was otherwise considered outstanding. She was also noted for being very secretive.[4]

Penelope became friends with Harry and the two frequently talked about quidditch in the office, with her in particular being a huge fan of the Pride of Portree. During field work, Penelope favoured travelling with her broom instead of Apparating, which she attributed to her motion sickness.[4]

Eventually, after having dated for a year, Penelope and Grim revealed their relationship. Although it was considered a bit scandalous, it was ultimately permitted. The two got married in June, 2006, on a Sunday in West Bromwich.[7] At some point over the next nine years, before Penelope's disappearance in 2015, she and Grim would have twins[9] Addison[10] and Melody[11]; Melody would inherit Penelope’s nose and, despite her words to the contrary, Addison would inherit Penelope’s stubbornness.



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