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Penny Haywood (born c. 1973) was an English half-blood[1] witch who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984 where she was sorted into Hufflepuff House. She was noted as being the most popular girl in her year.


Early life[]

Penny was born in London, United Kingdom in 1972 or 1973, to a Muggle father[10] and a Muggle-born witch mother.[11] She had a younger sister named Beatrice,[1] born four years after her.[12]

In her childhood, Penny was shy and would keep to herself reading books and brewing potions alone before her step-grandmother Winifred Haywood, who started her interest in potions, encouraged her to open up by brewing potions with her and challenging her to games and scavenger hunts.[13] Penny first performed magic while brewing a potion under Winifred's supervision adding the finishing touch to the brew.[2]

Penny's family spent every summer in the countryside, where she also had a Muggle friend called Scarlett Sparks.[1]

At some point in her childhood, her family lived in Wigtown, which lead to Penny becoming a lover of the Quidditch team Wigtown Wanderers. She owned posters of the team before she started attending Hogwarts. Her favourite player was Ethan Parkin.

Her family also owned a garden with red roses, which she tried to change to yellow.[7]

In Herbology lessons, Penny shared that the Hogwarts greenhouses reminded her of Kew Gardens, where her father used to take her visit.[14]

Hogwarts years (1984–1991)[]

First year[]

1984 First Years

The 1984 Sorting ceremony, with Penny standing behind Tulip

In 1984, she began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Hufflepuff. She became popular during her first year at school.

She was known for her impressive academic performance in Potions and her talent in Potion-making.[15] She later befriended Jacob's sibling and helped them create the Sleeping Draught they needed to break into the locked room, where they were looking for the Cursed Vaults.[16]

During the Hallowe'en Feast, she offered to help Jacob's sibling look for Dumbledore. Afterwards, with some convincing from Jacob's sibling, Penny agreed to brew a Wolfsbane Potion for Chiara Lobosca despite her intense fears, and eventually even became close friends with the fellow Hufflepuff, being the only student other than Jacob's sibling to whom Chiara revealed her secret of being a werewolf.[17]

Jacob's sibling selected either Penny or Ben Copper to accompany them to the Locked Room in which there was cursed ice.[18]

Second year[]

Penny would help Jacob's sibling many times in their search for the Cursed Vaults, including potentially joining them and Bill Weasley in breaking into one at the end of their second year.[19]

Penny met Jacob's sibling in the courtyard and helped coming up with the Artefact Room for a haunt of Erling during his stay in Hogwarts. When Erling went on a tour of the castle with the Fat Friar, they met Penny and Jacob's sibling in the Charms Classroom. After the ghosts left, Penny worried about how Erling and Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington planned to have their Deathday parties on the same night. Penny and Jacob's sibling met Nick at the Great Hall to work on the invitations, and discussed how being a ghost would be like. The pair went on to deliver the invitations, one of which was for Myrtle Warren.[20]

During the Teacher Appreciation Celebration Penny was tasked with getting to know Professor Snape and helped Jacob's sibling brainstorm ways for them to get to know Professor McGonagall better.[21]

During the theft of Hogwarts's pets, she contacted Jacob's sibling for help and helped them solve the mystery, then helped organise the celebration party after all the pets had been found.[22]

Third year[]

Penny Haywood facing her Boggart HM31h

Penny encountering a boggart in the Hogwarts greenhouses, in the shape of a werewolf

In a summer before or in 1986, a tragedy happened that would change Penny's life. Penny's family were spending their usual summer in the countryside. One night, at a full-moon, Penny and her friend Scarlett Sparks went exploring outside the house and found a werewolf.

Ignorant of what the beast was, Scarlett was fascinated by it and wanted to follow it to see where it might go. Penny had her wand ready, but when the werewolf finally saw them, she was at first unable to react, and when she finally did, it seemed was too late already. The werewolf appeared to have killed Scarlett, resulting in Penny blaming herself for the death of her friend. In reality, however, Scarlett had actually survived and become a werewolf, though Penny was unaware of it at the time.

From then on, Penny's Boggart would change into a werewolf,[3] and she even went that far as to brew a Forgetfulness Potion in her third year, intending to clear her mind of the guilt and pain she felt over her lost friend.[1]

Penny helped Jacob's sibling train their Crup puppy; she did not get one herself because she could not bring it home, as her father was a Muggle.[23]

Along with her friends, Penny proposed a House points competition to see which House was the best, but when the competition was getting heated she was fearful of losing her friends and stole the House point hourglasses by shrinking them and storing them in the Artefact Room. When she was confronted she confessed, and was forgiven by Albus Dumbledore.[24]

During that year, she was especially excited to learn that Ethan Parkin was coming to visit Hogwarts to watch his daughter Skye play in the Inter-House Quidditch Cup final. She met him briefly when he came to the pre-match party to tell Skye and Jacob's sibling that the match was about to start. She got him to sign her copy of The Wonder of Wigtown Wanderers.[25]

During Hallowe'en, she was visited in her dreams by Pumpkin Johnny and Merula and Ismelda attacked her with the Pumpkin-Head Jinx, causing her to spend some time in the hospital wing.

Fourth year[]

Penny helped to teach Jacob's sibling Beautification Potion to distract a Red Cap in the Forbidden Forest.

She was also attacked by a Dementor. Minerva McGonagall found her unconscious; Poppy Pomfrey speculates she may not have survived if not found just in time. At the Hospital Wing, she was visited by Nymphadora Tonks and Jacob's sibling. During the attack, she heard a wolf's howl and a girl's scream from her worst memory: Scarlett's supposed death.[26]

Fifth year[]

Penny and Beatrice Haywood HM51

Penny introduced Jacob's sibling to her younger sister, Beatrice Haywood

Penny excitedly introduced Jacob's sibling to her younger sister, Beatrice Haywood, who has just started her first year, at the Start-of-Term Feast. Penny voiced her concern about young Beatrice being eager to join Jacob's sibling on their adventures, and distracted her by asking her to give them the toy Puffskein she made for them. The Haywoods then left to tour the Hufflepuff common room to let Jacob's sibling catch up with their other friends.[12]

The sisters' happiness together was short-lived, however. When Jacob's sibling was meeting with William Weasley and Merula Snyde to discuss the Cursed Vaults in the Three Broomsticks Inn, Penny burst in in a panic; Beatrice had gone missing. Penny feared she may have went into the Forbidden Forest because of the stories of curse-breaking she told her. The staff was already searching the castle, so the four of them searched the forest in pairs.

Fruitless in their search, they returned to the castle; Bill and Jacob's sibling watched in concern as Penny attempted to invent a potion - which even seventh-year Bill found more complex than anything he knew - that would grant her powerful Legilimency to locate Beatrice wherever she was. However, to her disappointment, it did not work. Jacob's sibling promised her that they would not give up.[27]

Merula Snyde arrived saying she found Beatrice and led them to her - trapped in a painting in the Grand Staircase, leaving Penny devastated. Patricia Rakepick noted that Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick and herself already tried every spell they knew to no effect, and that Beatrice's perception of reality was becoming increasingly distorted. In her last moments of full coherence, Beatrice asked Jacob's sibling to take care of Penny.

Penny spent part of History of Magic class brewing a potion at the back of the classroom, although the subject was considered so dull half the students decided to watch her and chat instead. She may ask Jacob's sibling to pass a note via paper plane to a fast-asleep Nymphadora Tonks. She revealed that her parents were so worried they considered sending her home, and that they were furious that Hogwarts were not doing more to save Beatrice.

Penny's life began to fall apart. Severus Snape, who considered her his best student, noted she was failing academically and had became resigned to being consumed by grief. Alarmed, Jacob's sibling resolved to help her stop becoming self-destructive. Even Merula Snyde reluctantly admitted to being concerned about her.

Jacob's sibling found her next to the portrait where Beatrice was trapped. Penny told them that Beatrice was scared, could not hear her and could only see her sometimes, and regretted letting her out of her sight and messing with the Cursed Vaults. Jacob's sibling reaffirmed their commitment to saving her, despite Penny expressing hopelessness. Penny was grateful for their support and asked them to meet her in the forest.

They found a unicorn horn as Penny believed it would be an ingredient in a potion she needed. They then found a pin cushion in Classroom 1B; Jacob's sibling used Reparifarge to transfigure it back to a porcupine so Penny could pluck its quills while they obtained Moonstone from Jae Kim as a favour, and the latter wondered why they were helping Penny.

In Herbology class, when they were preparing to gather Syrup of Hellebore, Penny asked Jacob's sibling why they were always so nice to her, prompting them to blurt out that they were attracted to her. Penny was shocked and speechless; she was too occupied with her sister's plight. Jacob's sibling understood and said it could wait until she was safe, and Penny promised they would talk after that. She also thanked them profusely for their help.

Penny revealed she planned on brewing a Draught of Peace to calm herself down.

Penny thought the Fat Friar might be of help, although he directed them to Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington instead for their search on Marauder's Map.

Penny was present in the meeting called to discuss the vault portrait. However, when the conversation descended into a chaotic argument, the normally sociable Penny was uncharacteristically the only person out of the group of eleven to remain completely silent throughout.[28] She was absent in a later meeting of Jacob's sibling's friends to catch up, where Rowan attacked the others under the control of the Imperius Curse.[29]

Penny asked Jacob's sibling to meet her at the Grand Staircase and informed them another student was pulled into a portrait, a third-year that they did not know, and that Beatrice could not hear her any more. She stressed the importance of breaking the curse and asked them what to do if she were to find the vault before they did.[30]

Penny possibly joined Jacob's sibling and his friends into the Buried Vault.[31]

While Jacob's sibling was upset that their brother left them again, they were glad Penny and Beatrice were reunited. Penny asked them to meet up at the Courtyard. The sisters were very happy to be together again, and Penny said they spent much time outside after Beatrice was trapped for so long and thanked them. They discussed Beatrice's ordeal, with Penny and Jacob's sibling reassuring her. Penny expressed her pain in being torn apart from her sister, before catching herself and apologising, remembering what happened with Jacob. When Beatrice expressed fear over a professor turning out to be evil and Penny tried to reassure her, Jacob's sibling was reminded of Merula, prompting them to leave to visit her.[32]

Penny attended the party at the Three Broomsticks Inn for Bill's graduation, and appeared concerned when Alastor Moody took Jacob's sibling away with Side-Along Apparition, although she, along with everyone else except Rowan and Rosmerta, had already left when Jacob's sibling returned.[33]

Penny was with Jacob's sibling when they found a crowd in the courtyard; Emily Tyler had stolen Ismelda Murk's diary and reading out loud all about her crush on Barnaby Lee and mocking her. Penny became upset at the scene and asked Jacob's sibling what they should do. Later, she would mention that she told Professor McGonagall about Emily's behaviour.

When Ismelda's confession did not go well on the oblivious Barnaby, she stormed off. Penny and Jacob's sibling found Ismelda and Jae Kim at the Grand Staircase, and realised she planned to use a love potion on Barnaby and Penny speculated whether she should brew an antidote.

Penny and Jacob's sibling confronted Ismelda and Penny pleaded her not to use it as Jae excused himself.

In a Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Jae wondered if Penny would tell a professor about what he did. After class, Ismelda talked Jacob's sibling and accepted her rejection fairly evenly.[34]

Penny studied for her Ordinary Wizarding Levels this year. Due to Beatrice's situation, Penny found it very difficult to focus on her revision and considered buying cheating equipment from Jae Kim out of desperation. However, Jae had previously mentioned to Jacob's sibling that most cheaters are caught and disqualified, but he did not care; when Penny arrived to meet him, Jacob's sibling firmly told them to not make any transaction, and later helped Penny with her revision instead.

Sixth year[]

At the Start-of-Term Feast in 1989, Penny wondered where Beatrice was.[35]

Penny found Jacob's sibling and Merula blasting dummies after Merula swore revenge on Rakepick, and wondered why they were doing that in the dark. Merula lashed out at Penny for "judging" her and said she hated Penny and everyone. Penny was taken aback, but Jacob's sibling assured Penny that Merula was in a bad mood. Penny wanted to talk about Beatrice; she met with Jacob's sibling at the Three Broomsticks, clearly saddened. While hesitant, with some coaxing, she told Jacob's sibling that Beatrice spent the summer sulking, trying to act older than she was, and becoming distant from her. Beatrice had been avoiding Penny and hanging out with a new crowd. Jacob's sibling promised to talk to Beatrice.

They found Beatrice with Ismelda Murk at the courtyard. When Jacob's sibling approached, Beatrice immediately rolled her eyes and said that Penny had got to them. They argued, and Beatrice was not swayed and told them to let her be.[36]

Jacob's sibling received a message that "Miss Haywood" needed them, incorrectly assuming it was Penny, but it was actually Beatrice who wanted them to witness the first victim of the Statue curse.[36]

Beatrice asked Jacob's sibling to meet them at the Artefact room, where she told them to tell Penny to back off, saying she did not want to talk to her. However, Penny found them and confronted Beatrice about skipping the classes she had to retake due to being trapped for much of her first year, leading to a heated argument. Jacob's sibling attempted to excuse themself, but was stopped by both sisters. They continued to bicker with Jacob's sibling trapped between the saddened and worried Penny and the angry and rebellious Beatrice.

Despite Jacob's sibling asking them not to, they are forced to take a side. Regardless of their choice, they could not stop the argument from escalating until Beatrice yelled at Penny that she wished she was not her sister and that she would "disappear", before storming out of the room, leaving Penny and Jacob's sibling shocked. Realising that it reminded them of Jacob, Penny apologised and attempted to console them, but they were distracted by a missing skull which they deduced may be stolen by Ben.[37]

Bill Weasley teaching DADA HM65

Bill Weasley teaching DADA during Penny's sixth year

When Bill Weasley returned to help the Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Penny said it was great to see him again, but expressed reservations about Ben's new daredevil attitude. Penny was the first to voice support for his extra lessons, to help protect her sister and friends. During the lesson, she wondered how Bill had been since the last vault.[38]

When Jacob's sibling followed a trail to track down Jacob, Penny in the library commented she saw someone looking like him in there.[39]

Penny met Jacob's sibling at the courtyard, where she was eager to introduce them to Cedric Diggory, but she noticed they were upset. Jacob's sibling explained they saw Jacob but he left them again, and his warning that an assassin is after them, to Penny's sympathy and shock. Jacob's sibling changed the subject back; they met Cedric and Penny said he was "cool", talked about among Hufflepuffs, and modest. Penny apologetically declined helping with the investigation as she was to introduce Cedric to the Potions Club.

On the way of their hunt for Sickleworth, Jacob's sibling and Diego Caplan came across Beatrice and Ismelda tossing Puffskeins, and Beatrice accused them of spying on her for Penny, although they denied doing so. While searching, Jacob's sibling complained about Penny not helping them and Diego echoed with his disbelief that Penny would hold such a high opinion of Cedric. When Diego left to practice his duelling, Beatrice volunteered to help to prove to Penny that Hogwarts was unsafe; when they had a hard time finding Sickleworth, Beatrice mentioned how hard it was for her to hide from Penny. They then discussed Jacob and compared their relationships with their older siblings.[40]

When Jacob's sibling was meeting with Jae Kim and Andre Egwu to discuss a gift for a special client, Penny could be heard in the background worried that Beatrice was considering a nose ring.[41] When Tonks jokingly suggested to put Rowan on trial for being too depressing in a History of Magic lecture on the Salem Witch Trials, Penny said it was not Rowan's fault it is so sad.[42]

Jacob's sibling met Penny at the Three Broomsticks. Penny told them that Beatrice was still ignoring her, while Beatrice could be seen hanging out with Merula and Ismelda on the other side of the pub. Jacob's sibling told her of the death threat on one of their friends. Contrary to some others reactions, Penny was firm that the threat would not scare her from being their friend. Jacob's sibling had to convince her to brew a love potion for a deal they made in order to obtain an Invisibility Cloak for their plan to sneak into the Ministry of Magic to retrieve Patricia Rakepick's dark artefacts before the latter could. Penny was very apprehensive about the potion, and may bring up Ismelda's fiasco with attempting to use a love potion on Barnaby last year; she became even more agitated when Jacob's sibling mentioned sneaking into the Ministry, as she feared they would be thrown into Azkaban for the infraction. After finally being convinced, she requested Jacob's sibling to gather the ingredients.

She apparently told Barnaby Lee that Muggle parents put up good grades of their children on fridges, although the latter said his parents were in Azkaban and they did not have a fridge. When Jacob's sibling and Rowan Khanna got reacquainted and reconciled at the Hogsmeade station, the latter mentioned that they knew Jacob's sibling would become popular when Penny befriended them.

Jacob's sibling went to the Artefact Room with the ingredients for a love potion, but was surprised by Penny's uncharacteristically flat, stony attitude and asked her what was wrong. Penny told them that due to their request, she had been thinking about the matter of love; contrary to what she previously thought, she had come to the decision that the best way to show Beatrice that she loved her was to give her space. However, during the conversation, Jacob's sibling let slip about resenting their brother for leaving them again. When Andre Egwu came in saying Alistair Fidgen was impatient, Penny bottled up the love potion quickly for the trade.[43]

Jacob's sibling updated Penny and Charlie on the situation of a dark wizard escaping and likely coming after them. Charlie pointed out all their friends and their siblings may also be in danger. Penny, who was busy being worried about Jacob's sibling, did not think of that and started to reconsider her stance on Beatrice and her safety. When Charlie blamed Jacob's sibling for bringing danger to them, an angry Ben used Langlock on him. Penny was shocked and concerned; after Jacob's sibling used the General Counter-Spell to stop it, Charlie and Ben started yelling at each other and Penny begged them not to fight. However, Ben refused her attempts at reconciliation and told them to leave while he wanted to prove himself.[44]

At Poppy Pomfrey's request, Jacob's sibling asked Penny to help brew some Pepperup Potion. They thought Penny looked anxious and offered to do it themselves. While brewing, Penny revealed that she checked on Beatrice because of the threat of the escaped dark wizard, which led to another argument and their relationship becoming even worse than before. They also talked about Jacob, and Jacob's sibling responded with a more positive attitude, which also cheered Penny up.

Snape found the two and told them to go to the Hospital Wing for an emergency. When they rushed in, they found that Pomfrey has been petrified. Cedric was at the scene, but was too shaken to recount his story, until Penny emphasised with him, saying her sister was trapped in a portrait and that Jacob's sibling helped her cope. After his account, Penny said how this curse was the worst of all.[45]

After a DADA tutoring session, Bill asked Jacob's sibling, Ben, Merula, and either Penny or Charlie to stay behind to discuss the Cursed Vaults.[46]

When Beatrice and Jacob's sibling met Jae at detention, Jae was surprised at how "Penny's little sister" looked so different. During detention, Beatrice said Penny would never get into detention. After they finished working, Penny came into the kitchens to give Jacob's sibling a message, and was shocked to see Beatrice there. Depending on their previous choice, either Jae let slip what Jacob's sibling and Beatrice were up to and their encounter with the Wizard in white robes, or Jacob's sibling explained themself. Penny became incredibly worried and upset hearing the story, but Beatrice stormed off and Penny told Jacob's sibling to leave because Talbott Winger needed to see them urgently.[47]

With the students confined in the castle as the Wizard in white robes was spotted nearby with Dementors hunting for him, Penny asked Professor Flitwick to teach her the Patronus Charm, but he refused.[48]

When students and staff gathered to mourn the death of Rowan Khanna, Penny could be seen weeping openly next to Jacob's sibling. If Penny did not go to the Buried Vault, she would say she knew why Rowan was in the forest. After Dumbledore's eulogy, they would meet at the corridor, where Penny may say she could burst into tears any moment. Penny revealed she told what she knew about 'R' and their threat to Rowan, which made the latter resolve to protect Jacob's sibling and thus followed them into the forest, and Penny blamed herself for Rowan's death. However, Jacob's sibling would blame themself or Rakepick.

Penny seemed to have a particularly hard time deal with her grief, not helped by Beatrice still refusing to talk to her. When the rest of their friends decided to go to Hogsmeade, Penny wanted to stay back with Beatrice but the latter told her to go. Beatrice said she wanted to help at the Hospital Wing and Penny should be with her friends; Penny was surprised at and appreciative of her empathy and maturity. Beatrice said she did not need Penny and asked Penny to take care of herself, expressed sympathy to Penny over her friend's death, and then burst into sobs; Penny pulled her into a big hug.

Penny was at Three Broomsticks when Jacob's sibling got everyone's attention and they began to reminiscence over Rowan. Afterwards, Penny and Charlie caught up with Jacob's sibling alone next to the fireplace, and the latter admitted they did not remember the last time they hung out with Rowan. Jae approached them and reminded them of the time they spent at the Hogsmeade Station, which cheered them up a little.[49]

Penny became a founding member of the Circle of Khanna, a group devoted to avenging Rowan Khanna and locating the final cursed vault. It was at the groups first meeting in the Hog's Head Inn that she learned more of the malevolent organisation "R" and its motives to locate the final Cursed Vault before them. Penny and Charlie already knew some of it and convinced others of its threat. Upon Ben revealing the name of the society, Penny began to cry again, saying that she thought she was done crying; Charlie told her it would only be done when 'R' was dealt with.

Beatrice, who was not in the group, was found with Ismelda and Merula talking about the issue. Jacob's sibling may choose to tell Penny of her involvement, or not. Ismelda and Merula were against letting Penny know, but Penny walked in, having learned where Beatrice was from Cedric. Penny said losing Rowan made her realise how easily she could lose someone. She apologised to Beatrice for not understanding her and pleaded her not to push her away this time. Ismelda made a slightly snide comment about Penny being weepy, but Beatrice defended her, and said she wanted Penny to stay.[8]

When Jacob's sibling was meeting Chiara Lobosca in the Great Hall, Penny said it was nice to talk to Beatrice again, and Jae mentioned Penny was teaching Circle of Khanna's concealment and disguises team Polyjuice Potion.[50]

If Jacob's sibling was not sure about being Alanza Alves's guide, they would suggest Penny instead, but Jacob's sibling would agree to be her guide at Dumbledore's insistence.[50]

When Jacob's sibling and Alanza Alves arrived at a meeting between Penny, Merula, Ismelda and Beatrice, Penny welcomed her warmly. Penny was not comfortable about the others stealing ingredients, but conceded it was the only way. She was surprised that Alanza recognised they were making Felix Felicis. Beatrice revealed Penny had the idea to use it to gain an advantage over Rakepick. Penny apologised for everyone being on edge and said she wished Alanza came at a better time.[51]

Penny practised duelling against Talbott Winger in the second meeting of the Circle of Khanna, among the other members.[52]

She attended an unusually late Astronomy class where Jacob's sibling, Ben, and Merula discussed the constellation of Cetus, but Penny slept through much of it.[53]

While searching for clues at the Boathouse with Charlie, Jacob's sibling saw a bunch of ropes and joked that Penny got the idea of her braids from them.[54]

When Jacob and Jacob's sibling found Beatrice floating unconscious in the lake, they brought her to the Hospital Wing. When Penny and Jacob's sibling visited her, she said she went to the lake because she had been having nightmares, saw a giant tentacle and dived in to possible find out more about the last cursed vault. When Jacob's sibling and Penny were alone, the former suggested asking Snape to figure out Beatrice's nightmares.[55]

Before the third meeting of the Circle of Khanna, Penny caught up with Beatrice and Jacob's sibling and learned how they are managing to move on together.[56]

Penny, along with Beatrice, Ismelda, Barnaby, and Ben, were asked by Merula to learn the Shield Charm from Jacob's sibling and join them in visiting the Whomping Willow, but they were interrupted by Argus Filch.[57]

Jacob's sibling convinced Penny to brew Polyjuice Potion to infiltrate 'R' and gathered the ingredients with her.[58]

Penny and Jacob's sibling met with Chiara Lobosca and Diego Caplan in the greenhouse to discuss the plan, and both Chiara and Diego had their reservations. Chiara also mentioned fluxweed needed to be picked under a full moon. They gathered knotgrass in the greenhouse together.[59]

Penny met Jacob's sibling in the library and told them Snape prevented her from gathering the powdered Horn of Bicorn, although Jacob's sibling was confident they could get around him. They also needed Moste Potente Potions and Penny mentioned hearing someone tricking Madam Pince to get into the Restricted Section not long ago. When asked, Jacob's sibling may tell the truth, or lie which would be immediately exposed by a nearby student, at which Penny would ask them to be honest with her in the future. Jacob's sibling cast blue sparks and distracted Pince while Penny got the potion recipe, which landed Jacob's sibling in detention again. They later brewed the Polyjuice Potion together.[59]


Penny at the Celestial Ball in her dress robes

Penny, in her Celestial Ball dress robes and hairstyle, served as the model painted by Badeea Ali and Barnaby Lee, standing still on a table on the Training Grounds, although their Polyjuice plan was still on her mind. They were joined by Andre Egwu, Alanza Alves, and Jacob's sibling after Alanza proposed a painting break from their Circle of Khanna business. Afterwards, as Andre, Alanza and Jacob's sibling discussed their further plans, Penny came to observe the paintings with Badeea and Barnaby.[60]

Jacob's sibling arrived at the Artefact Room to pick up the Polyjuice Potion from Penny and go over the plan with her. After the infiltration and the subsequent fight, Jacob's sibling called another meeting at the Hog's Head where Penny praised their courage. Jacob's sibling also revealed to everyone present that there is a mole working for 'R' in Hogwarts.[61]

Penny was among the seven Circle of Khanna members to review the Bubble-Head Charm in preparation for the vault in the lake.[62]

Penny was in the audience at Weird Sisters' concert at the lakeshore intended to appease the Merpeople.[63]

After Jacob's sibling's visit to the Merpeople village, they, along with Penny, Chiara, and Talbott, reviewed the experience and discussed obtaining the items to appease the Merqueen.[64]

Penny was among the Circle of Khanna members at the meeting to announce Patricia Rakepick's defeat and the breaking of the final curse. She was first seen chatting with Liz Tuttle, and later expressing that she was glad she could help with the Polyjuice Potion.[65]

Penny and Alanza Alves joined Jacob's sibling in planning a party to celebrate the breaking of all curses. The three of them helped out at the Three Broomsticks to convince Rosmerta to let them host the party there. She was later seen at the party dancing to Weird Sisters' performance.[66]

Seventh year[]

Jacob's sibling called a meeting with several Circle of Khanna members intending to expose Merula Snyde's apparent treachery. Before they could however, Penny suggested disbanding the Circle due to Rakepick's defeat, and spoke for the group's desire to go back to a more normal school life, discouraging Jacob's sibling from telling them.[67]

Penny witnessed the wandless duel between Merula and Jacob's sibling, which the latter lost despite Penny voicing her confidence in them.[68]

When Jacob's sibling uncovered the plot of Zenith Xeep's memory-erasing potion, they asked Penny for help, and they developed a counter-serum under Snape's instruction.[69] The counter-serum was effective, and as a side effect caused the user's hair to replicate the qualities of whatever hair is put into it.[70]

Career (1991-)[]

After graduating from Hogwarts, Penny obtained a job as a Potioneer at the Apothecary in Diagon Alley, where she would brew potions and gather ingredients every day. She also had a flat in Diagon Alley as well, alongside a flatmate, who she considered "untidy". She spent a lot of time at the Hogwarts Former Student Centre.[4]

After the death of Barnaby Lee's grandmother in 1992, Barnaby boxed up his grandmother's things and put them in the attic. The house was clean, but Barnaby felt lonelier than ever. To him, the house didn't really feel like home, but was just the place where he slept. At the recommendation of Jacob's sibling, he invited several of his former classmates (who also happened to be having issues with their living situation) to take up residence at the house as well to help keep him company. This included Penny, who didn't get along with her untidy flatmate.[71]

Physical description[]

Penny Haywood

Penny Haywood, the quintessential Hufflepuff

Penny had blue eyes, pale white skin and long blonde hair with two thick braids over her shoulders, and a braid on her left side that formed a ponytail, giving her a half up. She often styled her hair differently for special occasions, including a crown braid for Celestial Ball, a French braid for her potential first date with Jacob's sibling, and a side French braid for Valentine's Day and the Romance Festival. She would sometimes use magic to braid her hair when in a hurry.

Penny adorned different garments to special occasions (including her white and yellow dress robes at the Celestial Ball). True to her house's colours, those outfits always featured yellow prominently (with the sole exception of the Valentine's Day Ball)[72], which was also her favourite colour. However, she otherwise almost never wore anything other than her plain robes, as the standard Hogwarts uniform that is not modified or accessorised in any way, even outside class.

This was in contrast to many of her schoolmates, including her dormitory mates Nymphadora Tonks and Chiara Lobosca, who almost never wore the school robes outside of school. Similarly, although she would eventually gift Jacob's sibling with a potion belt when they became very close friends, she was never seen wearing it, unlike Chiara's necklace or Rowan Khanna's glasses. In her seventh year she began wearing a casual outfit with a white shirt, blue denim jacket, yellow skirt and boots.

Penny was often considered attractive, whether by a friend like Jacob's sibling or the usually mean-spirited Ismelda Murk. Nymphadora Tonks claimed that Penny was pretty enough to repel a Red Cap without the need of a Beautification Potion. It has also been hinted that she had been asked out for dates by her schoolmates many times by some point in her fourth year.[73]

Penny had a somewhat shrill voice, and was prone to shrieks when startled or very excited. Multiple people mistook her screaming as that from a banshee.[74]

Personality and traits[]

"Penny is like Snape if Snape is nothing like Snape."
Nymphadora Tonks[src]

Penny was sociable, approachable, and pleasant; regarded as the most popular girl in her year while attending Hogwarts. As a result of her social standing and vast network of friends, she was also very well-informed about the happenings at Hogwarts. Penny was often excitable, eager to hang out and help friends, and sometimes easily distracted.


Penny's cheerful demeanour

She was known to value bravery and compassion greatly, thanking Jacob's sibling for having the courage to stand up to the school bully Merula Snyde. She even befriended Jacob's sibling shortly thereafter due to, in part, their kindness towards Ben Copper and their shared love for potions. She was very empathetic and often expressed sympathy at the plight of others, even to shunned and bullied students, and often attempted to mediate arguments. She was also good friends with Liz Tuttle and Talbott Winger, who were both considered outcasts, showing that despite her popularity, she was still humble, decent and treated others very respectfully.

She also befriended Chiara Lobosca and helped her manage her condition, despite Penny's crippling fear of werewolves. She was empathetic even to the frequently antagonistic Merula Snyde and Ismelda Murk, willing to help them out of serious trouble.[75][76] This stood in direct contrast to Gryffindor Emily Tyler, who called Penny "too nice"; Emily's popularity depended largely on her bullying and teasing of students she didn't like, and others only hung out with her so she wouldn't bully them. Other Hufflepuffs in her year liked Penny a lot and even said that if someone was Penny's friend, they were their friend. Some of them pretended to do poorly at Herbology just so that Penny would help them.

Apart from her incredible popularity and kindness, Penny was also very intelligent and magically gifted, as proven by her talents in potion-making, which was rivalled by very few of her fellow students, and was also competent with charm-work. While sweet-natured, she could also be a fierce and fearless protector of her friends and especially her younger sister, whom she dearly loved.

She was an avid fan of Quidditch, especially the Wigtown Wanderers, her adopted hometown team, to the point that she would paint her face to the same House colour as Skye Parkin, the new Quidditch Chaser from the fabled Parkin Family. Although she would never use Felix Felicis to cheat, she liked to recite the potion's ingredients as her way of wishing for luck, and ate horseradish for a week before a big Quidditch match because it was one of them.[77] In sharp contrast to her usually pacifistic demeanour, Penny was an advocate of rough play in Quidditch, to the point Jacob's sibling described her as "bloodthirsty".[74]

"What I'm trying to say is... I'm sorry. I should've been more understanding, Bea. You can yell at me, accuse me of smothering you, or even hate me if you want. But, for now, at least, please let me stay by your side. Please don't push me away. I lost Rowan. I can't lose you too."
— Penny Haywood, before bursting into tears[src]

A classic Hufflepuff, Penny was dedicated, loyal, and hardworking; however, she did exhibit darker aspects of her personality. She reacted very poorly to Merula Snyde stealing her credit, was sometimes prone to reckless potion-taking in stress or grief, and she could be stubborn and resistant to change. Her strong attachment to those close to her could cause her to be overprotective, excessively dedicated to the detriment of herself, or becoming an emotional wreck from loss.

Penny could be talkative and gossipy, occasionally saying things she did not mean to. She let slip about Andre's grandmother being ill, and told Jacob's sibling they don't understand how she felt about Beatrice being trapped in a painting, despite their brother having been missing for years. However, she almost immediately realised that it was insensitive and apologised. While usually one to revel in the spotlight, she did occasionally feel the social pressure of her popularity and could be insecure about how she looked.

In her earlier years, she found it exciting that Jacob's sibling would invite her to dangerous adventures while others only invite her to parties; the tragic murders of two of her close friends and her sister's imprisonment and subsequent falling out affected her deeply. She suffered from chronic nightmares, and dipped into depression and occasional fearfulness (possibly exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder). Despite all this, with the help of her friends, her good nature always ultimately pulled through.

Magical abilities and skills[]

Penny Haywood making a potion HM52

Penny making an experimental potion in the Potions Classroom

  • Potions: Penny had proven herself to be very skilful in this branch of magic, as she achieved impressive results in Potions class and often enjoyed brewing experimental mixtures in her free time. She successfully brewed the Sleeping Draught[16] and the Strengthening Solution in her first year, and the Forgetfulness Potion in her third year,[1] as early examples of her talent in potion-making. She was also capable of brewing the advanced Draught of Peace in her fifth year with the help of Jacob's sibling, which she did with success, showing her considerable proficiency in this subtle magical art and science. Other potions she made or claimed to make included Wolfsbane Potion, Polyjuice Potion and the Animagus potion, all of which were highly advanced and further testament to her skill in this field. Indeed, Severus Snape himself openly acknowledged Penny to be his most gifted student in the subject, and deemed her the only one eligible to receive a private lesson from him on the highly advanced field of Alchemy. She took the subject at N.E.W.T.-level, showing she must have earned a high O.W.L. in Potions.[78] She was also skilled enough to invent potions of her own, even if by accident, creating a potion which sent the food within one's stomach to another person's stomach.[79]
  • Charms: Penny was rather good with charm-work, as she was capable of successfully casting the Fire-Making Spell,[80] Colour Change Charm along with the Knockback Jinx, showing she was skilled with the casting of such charms.
  • Social networking: Due to her remarkably pleasant and affable nature, Penny was able to easily befriend most people at Hogwarts and swiftly establish a rapport with them, which quickly earned her a long-standing reputation for being the most popular girl in her year, to the point that she is known for knowing all the gossip travelling at Hogwarts. This was notable through her awareness of the reason behind Merula Snyde's antics, Ben Copper's cowardice, Jacob's sibling's public scrutiny, and Albus Dumbledore's school departures. Despite being frequently well-informed and thus being renowned for knowing everybody at Hogwarts, however, Penny's network and social contacts were not always a perfect source of information, as she was unfamiliar with abrasive Quidditch player Erika Rath, and had never heard of famed Curse-Breaker Patricia Rakepick up until the latter's arrival at Hogwarts.
  • Duelling: Penny was a proficient duellist and would sometimes duel Jacob's sibling.
  • Healing magic: Penny had some skill in the field of healing, as she was able to successfully cast the Episkey healing spell.
  • Dark Arts: Penny was shown to be possess a degree of skill in the Dark Arts, being able to successfully cast dark charms such as the Knockback Jinx, the Full Body-Bind Curse, and the Ear-Shrivelling Curse.
  • Herbology: Penny was skilled in Herbology, as she was able to achieve an O.W.L. in the subject and study it further at N.E.W.T.-level, thus showing aptitude in the subject.[81]
  • Astronomy: Penny was skilled in Astronomy, as she was able to achieve an O.W.L. in the subject and study it further at N.E.W.T.-level, thus showing aptitude in the subject.[53]
  • History of Magic: Penny was skilled in History of Magic, as she was able to achieve an O.W.L. in the subject and study it further at N.E.W.T.-level, thus showing aptitude in the subject.
  • Transfiguration: Penny eventually learned how to ably cast the Lovebird to Love Note spell in her fifth year, and was also able to cast both the transforming spell Vera Verto and the Feather Duster to Ferret switching spell successfully in her O.W.L exam.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: Penny was skilled in Defence Against the Dark Arts, as she was to achieve an O.W.L. in the subject and study it further at N.E.W.T.-level, thus showing aptitude in the subject.
  • Flying: Penny had some skill in flying as she constantly took flying lessons with Jacob's sibling, although she had a fear of heights.
  • Apparition: Penny was able to Apparate at will.[82]



Penny is an English diminutive of the Greek name Penelope, from πηνέλοψ (pēnélops), meaning "particolored duck". The name is most commonly associated with a character from Odyssey, by the ancient Greek author and poet Homer.

Haywood is a habitational name from any of various places, for example in Herefordshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire, so-called from Old English (ge)hæg "enclosure" + wudu "wood". It was a common practice in the Middle Ages for areas of woodland to be fenced off as hunting grounds for the nobility.

Behind the scenes[]

"Pleasant and popular Penny Haywood knows all the latest gossip around Hogwarts. She can use her potion skills to get you out of tricky situations."
— Penny's character description[src]
Penny Haywood and Jacob's sibling HM BackToHogwarts Trailer

Penny and Jacob's sibling in the "Back To Hogwarts" trailer

Potion Belt

Penny's potion belt

  • In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Penny is unlocked as a friend upon the completion of Chapter 7 of Year 1.
    • Upon reaching maximum friendship at level 10 with Penny, a unique clothing item is gifted to the player: A T-shirt with a potions belt on. Note that the belt is permanently attached to the shirt and cannot be removed.
  • In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the player controls the friendship between Jacob's sibling and Penny, including how to interact with her and what they share with her. They may decide whether to invite Penny with them to the locked room she helped create the Sleeping Draught for.[16]
  • In Howling Hallowe'en, if the player accepts Penny offer to help them look for Dumbledore, they run into Fenrir Greyback and two other werewolves. Although obviously terrified, she refuses to leave Jacob's sibling's side until they begged her to run. Jacob's sibling is then saved by Dumbledore's arrival.
  • If Penny is selected to enter the locked room in chapter 9 of year 1, she demonstrates her skill with potions, by taking a Strengthening Solution in order to break off the cursed ice which blocked the exit to the locked room. When Merula is found trapped in the cursed ice, and--if Jacob's sibling refuses to free her--Penny frees her with the Knockback Jinx.
  • In chapter 2 of year five, Jacob's sibling can choose Penny to go with them to search Red Cap's hole, and the Acromantula lair, where she threatens to burn down the whole lair if the spiders harm her sister.
  • In year 5, if Jacob's sibling has a very close friendship with Penny, they may confess that they fancy Penny and that they had never told anyone. Jae advises them to tell her about their feelings. Also, after she mentions the Draught of Peace, Jacob's sibling may choose to allow her to drink it, unwilling to see her in so much pain, or stop her, worried it may sicken her if brewed incorrectly. They may also refer to the incident with the Forgetfulness Potion in their third year.
  • When the time comes to enter the Buried Vault in year 5, Jacob's sibling must choose either Charles Weasley or Penny Haywood to join the team. If Charlie is chosen, Merula will complain they should have asked Penny instead. If Penny is chosen, she must be convinced at Hog's Head Inn to join; she then goes to see Beatrice one more time before going with the others. Jacob's sibling may express discontent with recruiting their friends who were less prepared for the dangers.[86]
  • In the "Crushed" side quest in year 5, Jacob's sibling may ask Penny to help Ismelda confess to Barnaby. Penny gave Ismelda various advice, and finished with telling her to be herself, although she hastily added "minus the death threats" after Ismelda's response. Later during the quest, she will not stop them if Jacob's sibling encourages Ismelda to use the love potion; Penny will watch in shock as the scheme goes wrong and Barnaby becomes infatuated with Jacob's sibling instead, and leads Barnaby away to get an antidote. If Jacob's sibling convinces Ismelda not to use the love potion, Penny will say she made the right choice, and leaves to dispose of the love potion-infused sandwich.
  • After more other students are trapped in paintings, Penny may tell Jacob's sibling that Beatrice is getting weaker in chapter 28 of year five. If Jacob's sibling used Legilimency on Penny, they would find that she was reliving the moment of her finding Beatrice trapped over and over.[87]
  • In chapter 15 of year 6, if Penny did not visit the Buried Vault in chapter 30 of year 5, she would still want to stay but relented when Bill said it is best only talked about between those who had been there. If Penny stayed, she would be told along with the others about Bill thinking the last vault is underwater and they should research where exactly it could be, and also stop Ben and Merula fighting. When Jacob's sibling and Beatrice snuck out to the Great Lake, Beatrice asked them whether they would tell Penny. She would be angry or relieved, but either way, she did not want to talk about Penny further.[46]
  • In chapter 7 of year 6, If Jacob's sibling chooses to welcome Cedric, Penny will say she knew they would get along; if they chose to challenge him, they would insult his 'perfect but humble' image as an attention-seeking act, which would start a brief argument with Penny, but in both cases they were interrupted by Sickleworth running by.
  • If Penny's hair is used in the Counter-serum for Xeep's Luscious Locks Solution in chapter 15 of year 7, Ollivander will remark that his hair feels "absolutely amazing".[70]
Penny Haywood Concept Art

Original concept art of Penny Haywood

    • By year 4, the player is able to express romantic interest in Penny (regardless of Jacob's sibling's gender), causing Penny to promise to the player that they will discuss their feelings for each other after Beatrice is rescued. While a large variety of characters are possible dates in side quests, this occurred prior to their releases and is so far the only such moment in the main story, making Penny the closest thing to a canonical love interest for Jacob's sibling.
    • Penny is one of the four characters (along with Merula Snyde, Andre Egwu, and Barnaby Lee) available as romance options for all dating side quests: Celestial Ball, First Date, Valentine's Day, Festival Fun, Valentine's Day Ball, and An Enchanted Kiss. While all romance options gain unique outfits and occasionally other appearance changes, Penny is the only one whose hairstyle changes noticeably in every dating side quest (except An Enchanted Kiss where none have unique outfits). In 2021 she was remodelled with a casual outfit which composed of a shirt with a denim jacket and a skirt.
  • Penny's Celestial Ball appearance varied prior to release, with concept art showing her dress to be entirely yellow, and leaked model showing her wearing what appears to be a golden laurel wreath.
  • In her fifth year, Snape's criticism of her handling of Beatrice's situation echoed his remarks towards then-fifth year Harry Potter on the principles of Occlumency, considering them weak for being openly emotional and wallowing in their grief. However, given that Snape's loyalties ultimately lay with the protagonists, this could be seen as having been for their own good; after hearing that, Harry did understand the importance of and eventually succeeded in blocking his connection with Voldemort, and Jacob's sibling was spurred to support Penny and prevent her from a path of self-destruction.
  • Jacob's sibling may choose Penny to accompany them in their search for the Vault of Ice; if she is chosen, she will use a Strengthening Solution to allow herself to tear open a frozen door.
  • Starting from her first Valentine's Day model (including all later dating sidequests and her casual wear), Penny's eye colour changes from a dark periwinkle to a noticeably lighter Robin's egg blue.
  • In her Hippogriff Club quiz encounter, the correct answer to "What plant is kelp related to?" is "Seaweed." In real life, kelp is a type of seaweed, and neither are plants; they are algae, a group of organisms that have existed for hundreds of millions of years before land plants appeared.
  • Penny has appeared in various advertisements of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery with various levels of canon adherence. Most notably, she is one of the three Hogwarts students to have featured in multiple cinematic trailers (Back to Hogwarts, Valentine's, 3rd Anniversary) along with Barnaby Lee and Emma (a brown-skinned, dark short-haired female version of Jacob's sibling).
  • Penny will comment in chapter 37 of year 7 that she is taking N.E.W.T.-level Potions, if the player tells her they are most excited to take their N.E.W.T.s.[78] However, Penny is not shown in any Potions classes in year 6 or 7, considering all classmates in Potions lessons in all years are shown to be in Slytherin.
  • Penny's copy of Advanced Potion-Making is similar Severus Snape's copy of the book, given how it was full of her own annotations.


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