Pettigrew is the surname of a wizarding[1] family. It is unknown if they are pure-blood or have both Muggle and magical heritage.

Known family members


The surname Pettigrew likely began as a nickname for a short person, from the Old French petit, "small," and cru, "growth."[2] Peter Pettigrew was notable for his short stature, standing only a little taller as a full-grown man than Harry Potter and Hermione Granger did at ages 13 and 14, respectively.[3]

Notes and references

  1. Mrs Pettigrew obtained the Order of Merlin that was awarded to her son after his faked death. Given that Muggles are generally not permitted entry into the wizarding world, it is almost certain that Mrs Pettigrew was a witch. Furthermore, Peter Pettigrew's membership in the Death Eaters makes it highly unlikely that he was Muggle-born.
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