"The phoenix had fluttered to the floor. It was resting its beautiful head against Harry's injured leg, and thick, pearly tears were falling from its eyes onto the wound left by the spider. The pain vanished. The skin mended. His leg was repaired."
—Fawkes' tears healing Harry Potter's injured leg[src]

The tears of phoenixes have immense healing powers, and are the only known antidote for basilisk venom. Capable of reviving a person from any injury, phoenix tears can save person even at the brink of death, similar to drinking unicorn blood, but without a cursed life.


Fawkes produced his tears to heal Harry Potter when the latter was bitten by Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk during the battle in the Chamber of Secrets, which not only sealed the wound, but also cleared the poison out of Harry before he died from it.[1] In 1995, Fawkes also healed the injury to Harry's leg that he received from the Acromantula in the Hedge Maze during the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament.[2]


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