"The most commonly cited signs [of pure-blood status] were...dislike or fear of pigs and those who tend them (the pig is often considered a particularly non-magical animal and is notoriously difficult to charm)..."
—A description of 18th century works about blood purity[src]

A pig, also known as a swine, is a type of animal in the biological family Suidae.

The pig is considered to be a difficult animal to charm and thus incredibly non-magical. It is for this reason that certain 18th century works considered dislike or fear of pigs to be a sign of pure-blood status.[1]


In Ancient Greece, a woman named Circe turned lost sailors into pigs. For this she had her own Wizard Card.

Historically, an inflated pig's bladder was used as the ball in the broomstick game of Swivenhodge.[2]

Hogwarts gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid is known to have kept pigs during the 1991–1992 and 1992–1993 school years at Hogwarts.

In 1991, he used a spell to give Dudley Dursley a pig's tail. The spell was supposed to have transfigured Dudley into a pig entirely, but Hagrid commented that Dudley was already so much like a pig, there wasn't much left to do.[3]

A bit later that year, Minerva McGonagall transfigured a desk into a pig and back again in front of her first year Transfiguration class as both a demonstration of her power and of the type of magic they would eventually be able to do after many years if they applied themselves.[4]

At some point after the start of the 1991-1992 school year, but before Hallowe'en, the password for Gryffindor Tower was "pig snout."[5]

The Weasleys are also known to have kept a few pigs.

In 1995, while discussing a 10 year old boy that Dudley Dursley beat up, Dudley stated that the boy deserved it, as he had cheeked him. Harry asked if the boy had stated that Dudley looked like a pig that had been taught to walk on its hind legs, telling him "That's not cheek, Dudley. That's true."

In the 1995–1996 school year Severus Snape called James Potter a swine.

"Pig" was also the nickname of Ron Weasley's owl, Pigwidgeon.[6]

The meat of the pig is used to make a number of foods that are popular in both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds, including bacon, pork chops and ham.

The nogtail is a magical creature that resembles a pig. This creature will sneak into a pigsty, and suckle on an ordinary pig, cursing the farm.[7]


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