A pigeon was a member of any one of several hundred bird species belonging to the genus Columbidae.[1]


Jacob Kowalski's grandfather enjoyed keeping pigeons, a hobby that he apparently passed on to his grandson.[2] Queenie Goldstein learned about his pigeon-keeping while reading Jacob's thoughts in 1926.[2]

In 1927, Newton Scamander and Albus Dumbledore startled a flock of pigeons into flights when they apparated to Trafalgar Square.[3]

Harry Potter once confided to his son Albus Potter that he strongly disliked pigeons, considering them to be "nasty, pecky, dirty things" that gave him the creeps. Later, when he told Albus that he would someday be "some wizard," his son quipped that he was quite excited about going into pigeon racing instead.[4]


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