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Place Cachée was the wizarding section of Paris, France. It was accessed through a Magical Bronze Statue in the Montmartre district of the city.[2][3]


The statue to access Place Cachée was located at the juncture of Rue Richer and Rue Girardon. Both streets and Boulevard Voltaire were known to be part of Place Cachée and therefore the location of several wizarding shops and similar.


In 1927, the Circus Arcanus toured the Rue Girardon and displayed various spectacles.[2]

Known locations

Name Established since Note
Baguettes Magiques de Cosme Acajor 1614 Wand shop
Bonnetvolant Chapellerie[4] Before or in 1927 Headwear shop
Breuvages Magiques[citation needed]
Café Abringer Before or in 1927 Café
Confiserie Enchantée de K. Rammelle Before or in 1927 Confectionery shop
Le Corbeau Mystique[5] Before or in 1927 Pet shop
Dr. Aziz Branchiflore Before or in 1927 Apothecary
Gaston McAaron Équipement Quidditch[5] 1392 Quidditch shop
Griffon Buveur 1634 Pub
Hotel De Ginestou[citation needed]
Luna et Aurore Jumelle Before or in 1927 Astronomy shop
Magillard: Plumes et Tome[6] Before or in 1927 Bookstore
Maison Capenoir Before or in 1927 Clothes shop
Monsieur Sanfin Chaudrons 1485 Cauldron shop


"Place Cachée" (lit. "Hidden Place") is the French equivalent of the side road.[7]


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