Place Cachée is a wizarding street, similar to Diagon Alley, accessed through a Magical Bronze Statue. [2] [3]


The Statue to access Place Cachée is located at the juncture of Rue Richer and Rue Girardon. Both streets and Boulevard Voltaire are known to be part of Place Cachée and therefore the location of several wizarding shops and similar.



In 1392 Quidditch shop Gaston McAaron was opened.

In 1485 Monsieur Sanfin Chaudrons shop was opened.


In 1614, the shop selling wands Cosme Acajor was opened.

In 1634 the pub Griffon Buveur opens its doors.


In 1927, the Circus Arcanus moved into the Rue Girardon and displayed various spectacles.[2]

Known locations


"Place Cachée" (lit. "Hidden Place") is the French equivalent of the side road.[4]


Notes and references

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