"Wouldn't have known there was a daughter if I hadn't been picking Plangentines by moonlight the winter after they moved in, and saw Kendra leading Ariana out into the back garden."
Bathilda Bagshot, quoted by Rita Skeeter in The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore[src]

A Plangentine is presumably either a magical fruit or a flower. Bathilda Bagshot stated that she first saw Ariana Dumbledore while out gathering Plangentines on a winter's night in Godric's Hollow.[1] 


The term Plangentine is composed by the word plangent meaning resounding, noisy, deafening, thundering, piercing, booming, shrill and vibrant. Besides, this is derived from Latin plangere which means cry, yell, scream plus suffix -ine. It may have been derived from clementine, a type of orange hybrid the name of which is spelled similarly to the Latin clementia, meaning mercy or gentleness.


Notes and references

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