Platform Seven and a Half was a wizarding train platform in King's Cross Station. Lying in between Platforms Seven and Eight, Platform Seven and a Half offered a long-distance train, similar to the Muggle Orient Express, off to wizard-only villages in continental Europe.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Given how it was traditional for graduating Hogwarts students to undergo a Grand Tour of the world following the completion of their magical education, it is possible Rowling's decision to have the magical equivalent of the Orient Express go from Platform 7½ was meant to be, if not outright tongue-in-cheek, then at least indicative of said trip often starting on this train, with the name of the platform being symbolic of the traveller officially moving past their seventh and final year at school, with the trip being socially accepted as a rite of passage.


Notes and references

  1. Pottermore background information on the King's Cross hidden platforms (transcription available here)
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